The New Moon at  26° 9’ of Scorpio occurred at 3:42 AM Pacific time. This is a very powerful new moon in the deep dark mysterious sign of watery Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is :AMERICAN INDIANS MAKING CAMP AFTER MOVING INTO A NEW TERRITORY. This degree denotes an ability to adapt, or to rapidly adjust to new situations by being in tune with the natural order of Things. Western Man is out of synch with this communion of Earth and Spirit and almost completely destroyed the Old Order of the New World . Now a New World Order is further separating and divorcing  humankind from our very Natural and Organic Roots . This Sabian Symbol encourages us to be flexible in our abilities to roll with the punches in a rapidly changing World whilst being open to incorporate more humanistic and  Life affirming  solutions to the Status Quo. Scorpio stops at nothing to uncover, discover, and then to discard in its desire to Transform itself or Other. This New Moon is therefore a turning point in the  growth or development of a new operating system in the working pattern of our lives.

      Saturn in Sagittarius made its last trine to Uranus in Aries on the 11th. Today’s New Moon is one of the last activating points of this Transit. New methodologies, new platforms or technologies, and a shift in the way we perceive and perform is at Hand . Thus now is the time to do something about heretofore perceived blocks, barriers and  stalemates ;No more dead ends.  Scorpio requires us To dig deep , pay attention to hunches, intuition and follow your feelings …do not deny them. By being more proactive and and taking the lead in given situations you uncover practical and workable ways to utilize  your energy and to make money. New Moon in Scorpio powerfully affects finances along with a deep desire to merge physically with Other. Saturn trine Uranus gives the abilities to manage well in the face of Change . You’ll maintain a calm , patient perseverance. Use this powerful and profound lunation as a directed weapon of positive energy . It can bestow  Goodness , Kindness and Compassion in the face of dilemma or adversity.  We remain steadfast and determined  in this time of  World Stage Instability . Orden ab Chaos ( Order Out of Chaos)  can be Realized. Namaste. 



  The moon is full tonight in Taurus  with Sun in deep and determined Scorpio . This is a very magical /mystical energy expressed through practical ,sensual and wonderful Taurus the bull . We see this lunation full at 10:23pm PT  at 11° 59 minutes of the sign of Taurus. It will wax full after Midnight , at 1:23am on November 4th , on the Eastern Coast of North America. A wonderful bright Beaver Moon it is …..with a spectacular Sun in Scorpio Trine Neptune in  Pisces aspect today , and a Venus in Libra Opposition  to Uranus in Aries a little bit before the Moon is Full ( 10:01pm PT) . The Moon is the culmination of the positive NOT negative effects from the October 19th New Moon in Libra. . These aspects accentuate, support and enhance the benefit and bliss of the last new moon . We are FINALLY  turning a corner  in important personal or professional spheres .You will see a resurgence or renewal  of friendship, love and romance, or new associates, love partners,or friends to soon appear on the Stage. The Keywords here are Patience, Perseverance, and dedication. Being open-minded ,honest , and  flexible score Browne Points as well.

      Earthy Venus ruled Taurus now takes on a more ethereal and magical quality . It can profoundly stimulate or unleash imagination , intuition , even prophesy because of the positive aspect psychic, compassionate, spiritual , transcendent, Neptune. The are no major fixed stars within  tight orb or connection to the full moon . However the Sun in Sexy Scorpio aligns with the main fixed star Acrux in the Southern Cross Constellation or the “Tres Marias” for my Friends in Argentina. A mystical star linked to watery Neptune bestows an otherworldly and very strong spiritual influence to the November 2017 full moon.

   Tonight’s  full moon complements the October 19 New Moon at 26°35′ Libra. If you may recall that new moon conjoined two very auspicious fixed  stars. At this Full Moon brilliant Venus , ruler of Romance and Finance now is in the same place. Venus in Libra gives an even stronger link, aspect, connection , even a little deja vu, with remembrances of the events of the last two weeks. We see this especially with regard to relations of a loving kind and some positive financial fallout . It is about time !

            Fixed star Acrux at 12°06′ Scorpio in the Southern Cross makes for conscious awareness of spiritual influences and energies. Acrux is said to bestow intuition, a grasp for the inner nature of one’s fellow man, interest in the metaphysical or occult , an ability to dig deep for answers, success in uncovering arcane or hidden meanings of things, facile or sharp mind, and a deeply spiritual or religious affinity. We now see a desire to soften the sharp Scorpian edge with some loving Taurean comforts. The October 19th New Moon at 26°35′ Libra provided opportunities for wealth, honor and enormous success. This all  because of alignment with extreme Beneficial  fixed stars Spica (24°04′ Libra) and Arcturus (24°28′ Libra). We also reprise aspects  to Saturn in Sagittarius in its ongoing trine to Uranus in Aries . We are advised to remain steadfast yet patient, honest , open-minded , and willing. Versatility and flexibility are watchwords. We now reap the positive effects of last month’s new moon.

          The full moon has Venus placed at 25°55′ Libra . It is even closer to the fixed stars. Therefore the following weeks are profoundly affected by this rare spiritual moon . It can bring new friendship, love , sexual trysts, and evermore romance . In existing relationships they are now supported and strengthened by the wisdom and perspicacity of the last few months …..and what a roller coaster it as been . All the incredible Changes  can now bring some Peace and Stability , supported by Venus and Mars in loving Libra.  Venus now opposite Uranus is exact at about 20 minutes before the moon waxes Full. This usually signifies a major change in your love life. If you are already in a relationship or have a partner, you may receive a surprise or experience an unexpected event. This may immediately cause tension. Remember that  this passes quickly and by remaining level headed and cool, calm, and collected, you will weather any storm  or bump in the road. A healthy relationship will endure and separation is not to be feared. If however the relationship Is shaky, inauthentic, imbalanced, or a lustful clandestine affair ……it will likely lead to a rapid parting of the ways. No Fear…new prospects abound at this time, so keep your eyes and your

       To wrap this up we have a combined influence of a very unusual, and spiritual Full Moon in sensual and  loving Taurus along with an extremely fortuitous Venus/ Fixed Star  aspect . This confers an ability to connect  , to achieve rapprochement, to experience some magic in the Bedroom and in the a Heart. Tonight’s Moon is a loving energy on a deeply spiritual level . You can have a catharsis or an Epiphany with partners and loved ones. This  romantic full moon gives  perfect timing and a chance to fall in love again, or to find that for  which so many yearn…a true soul mate. Make a Wish upon a Star. It can come to be…Namaste


Today the Moon leaves watery, fey, otherworldly , psychic, compassionate, escapist, martyr/victim, hard to pin down, fearful, loving, alcoholic/drug addicted, illuminated, delusion, and Transcendant Pisces for boisterous, no nonsense, pioneering, aggressive, courageous , obnoxious, freedom loving, brutally honest, self centered, and pushy Aries. What a Shift! The Moon will go Void-of-Course in Pisces for much of Halloween, at 2:08pm PT to be exact.The day may seem disconnected or interrupted, slow, yet with a little anxious feeling around the edge. Moon in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn, bringing non ordinary Realities to the fore. Intuition, hunched, aha moments all co e into play. Pay attention to your Sixth Sense  .

            We will not really feel a change until close to the Hobgoblin or witching Hour! It does not enter Mars ruled Aries until almost midnight tonight on the West Coast.herefore the nebulous energies of the Netherworlds in 12th House medium Pisces are wide open. Ghosts, Goblins, Witches, Wiccans, Entities, Spirits, UFOs ,inter dimensional overlap , portents and portals, and simple trick or treaters are in for some mystery and magic tonight. This is an important time to feel, uncover, not deny, communicate clearly but with compassion. We are beginning to feel the pull towards the Very Powerful Beaver Moon ( or Frosty Moon) which is Full on November 3/4 . For now the day swirls about in the Ethers bringing magickal merriment as we see and feel the Spirits unleashed upon the Earth Plane. Make a wish, light a Candle…Jupiter in Scorpio can manifest Miraculous Energies into Existence from Higher Realms…as well as Mischievous Energies from the Lower….you Choose…Trick or Treat? Happy Halloween!


The Sun’s entrance into deep, dark, profound, no nonsense, point of no return , transformative Scorpio augurs well for some serious movement and change for the better on the Personal as well as the Transpersonal fronts. It will shift at 10:27pm Pacific Time. This is not a moment to soon to make up for the disruptive and unstable first part of October. Sun in Scorpio brings passion, direction and purpose to the lackluster state of recent affairs. We now have four weeks of action not reaction and an ability to sort the wheat from the chaff of our lives. Scorpio is laser excision and anything that is an albatross or dead weight around our necks may be cut free so that we Move On…as Forgetting or Letting Go are NOT options for people with planets or points in dear deeper than deep , secretive, and For Ever Scorpian! Scorpio is fixed Water…still but like the Ocean depths . True to conviction and ruled by Mars and Pluto, karmic associate to Aries, it rules intensity and desire, that which is hidden, and those things which do often lie too deep for tears. Purposeful, imaginative, often at war with itself..Scorpio must go to the Burning Ground of Experience to Transform, or Die…and even sometimes to Transform BY dying. Enormous psychic and healing energies are now unleashed as intuition OR suspicion come into play. What you truly wish to achieve is now coming into Reality as Scorpio can move the Himalayas to achieve a goal or to protect its loved ones or interests .Self Contained, self centered yet sexy, Scorpio gives us the Focus and the ability to overcome enormous obstacles on our way to actualization , realization and Ultimate Liberation from self or other imposed Shackles. Now the push to experience Life on all its facets..good or bad comes to the Fore. Vacillation or wish washiness be damned. Truth will set us Free ….

       Meanwhile back on Earth today:Moon entered optimistic, truthseeking, expansive, fun loving , and honest Sagittarius at 4:57am PT. Mars , planet of war, outgoing energy, desire, creation, internal or external struggles, assertive behaviors, honesty, our animal essence, courage, initiative , executive abilities, recklessness , resistance, self-will, adventure and sexual love entered relationship oriented and other involved Libra, its detriment at 11:30am , also PT. Mars into Libra through December 9th will bring the focus back onto personal relations, and Interractions with coworkers and associates. This is not a power position for alpha male Mars. Instead it becomes more Libran in its expression; passive, compromising, approbation, loving, peaceful, and more balanced….decidedly less Martial !!!! But for now try to play and to work well with others. We must avoid power plays and aggressive self centered behaviors as we strive for more harmony and cooperation. This COULD help on the World Stage. Now that sun is in Scorpio as is Jupiter as well we will see some positive life altering shifts , a few dramas, and a potential Healing in some important areas of of lives. Time to get to work. Namaste.



      The New Moon today October 19th 2017 is at 26 degrees 35 mins of Libra.  It occurs at 12:12pm PT and will align with two of the most fortunate and blessed stars used by Classic Astrologers….Spica and Arcturus . These Magnificent  Bright and Beneficial Stars have always foretold wealth, honor and success…..bestowed goodness, kindness, and loving energies. There is however the critical and upsetting, disturbing and unpredictable  aspect of Sun/ Uranus which brings unexpected or radical change . It is a last Jolt  of the ongoing Jupiter/ Uranus opposition we have been dealing with for a year and a half. Therefore Be open-minded , ready to think on your feet, and  flexible in order to deal with whatever comes your way . Please know that the two fixed stars ameliorate the tense or shocking Uranian energies and allow us to avail ourselves of rare or heretofore nonexistent  opportunities for increased riches,stability , safety, direction, recognition and honor. Keyword is Patience and Watchwords are slow and steady improvement after so much attrition and perception of Loss . Success is at Hand as long as we sidestep the many detours or distractions in our way .

      The Sabian Symbol for  26° Of Libra is : AN EAGLE AND A LARGE WHITE DOVE CHANGE INTO EACH OTHER. This denotes the interaction of the Spirit or Higher Will and of the principle of Unconditional Love when times are Critical or Life Altering Events Occur. With Libra coming to a close and Jupiter and Mercury now into Scorpio we sought  fulfillment of  a higher or more Ideal Relationship. The interplay has been positive/ negative, Yin/ Yang , or Karmic Give and Take. When the never ending circle of Life rotates rapidly, the opposing forms of eagle and dove…war and love appear to shape shift or to transmogrify into each other. Our Higher Consciousness operates beyond  any perception of duality. The True energies of the Soul and it’s Purpose (or spirit). Free Will and Unconditional Love, though ever distinct, unify with a pure purpose.

     Uranus opposition the New Moon brings unexpected change , tenseness, anxiety, some fearfulness , and a potentially perverse or rebellious streak . This brings events seemingly out of left field and could upset any area of your life. A steady , and stabilizing aspect to Saturn lends a helping hand. It provides patience , perseverance, clear headedness, and common sense to maintain practicum and to avoid potentially risky or impulsive actions. It provides opportunities for you to make any unexpected changes ultimately  work for your best interest and permit new doors to open even as old ones may close. Expect the unexpected but be open to new opportunities that bring long term practical results.

      The fixed stars Spica ( Alpha Virginia one of the brightest and most important heavenly bodies ) and Arcturus conjoining today’s New Moon is an incredible good luck omen for the next month or so. This  New Moon is ultimately incredibly fortunate and has the potential to bring you long lasting wealth, honor , happiness and success. To best utilize the magic and the Wish Fulfilling Gemlike natures of Spica and Arcturus you must first deal with unanticipated or unexpected change and the danger of rash or impulsive people, places, and Things. Avoid running off  helter  skelter  or acting or operating cars or machinery in a reckless manner. Earthquakes too…… To sum it up the Sun in Libra conjunct Moon in Libra and Arcturus bestows  success only “through slow and patient plodding.” Therefore please please be diligent and determined to Walk through a New Door to a New Life that you have achieved through hard work and much Blood , Sweat , and Tears. Now you Merit something easier and softer after so much harshness and  heartache.

      Giant Blue Star Spica is such a wondrous and positive shines as bright in our hearts as it does in the night sky noted by humans for thousands of years. The 15th brightest star in the Heavens shines as do the 4 Archangel Stars and conveys fame  and fortune. One of the 15 great “ Behenian “ Stars it is the ear of grain in the Virgo Constellation and represents a Harvest well deserved …IF the seeds have been planted in good fashion watered by integrity and Faith. A star of great Faith and Spiritual power , it’s influence along with Arcturus the Herdsman on this New Moon CANNOT be overstated. A Miracle may be just around the Corner. Namaste.


   Well there have been some game changing shifts on the Celestial Stage these last few days. Mars now in workaholic, practical, and loyal Virgo squared  Saturn in open, expansive, and hyperbolic Sagittarius on Wednesday. Sun in Libra squared  dark Pluto in status quo conscious Capricorn on Monday. Re: anger , frustrated desires, and depression. Venus entered its Home sign of Libra today at 3:11am PT, bringing finance and romance to the fore. The BIG ENCHILADA however , was Jupiter leaving the Sign of Libra after @13months ….and Finally moving into Scorpio on Tuesday the 10th at 6:20am PT.

This shift from light hearted and relationship oriented as well as peace loving but potentially warmongering Libra into the depths of Scorpian the Transformation King is no small change. Jupiter now transiting the sign of Big Cash/Big Prizes until next Year’s November is Direction, nea Life Altering. 

By now the dust is settling from the attenuated  Jupiter Uranus Opposition which wreaked havoc in so many areas of our Lives this last year and a half. We’ve experience two magnificent but shattering Eclipses( the effects of the 8-21-17 one STILL causing problems in North America due to the path of Totality) which brought irrevocable change in more than Twenty years from the August 7th Aquarius Full Moon ….and continuing changes and upsets from the Leo New Moon of August 21st…America’s Eclipse…..

Most recently the Harvest Moon of October 5th brought intense damage, a rush to damage control, and more damage. Now almost ten days later , things are beginning to return to a New  Normal. Some Doors Closed..NEVER to reopen, with no amount of prayer or begging, borrowing , or stealing to rebuild or repair that which is Gone. We desperately need some New Doors to Open , we await a Miracle….

Expansive , optimistic, freedom loving and Extremely lucky Jupiter , the “Greater Benefic” is now moved into deep, transformative, powerful, no nonsense , brutally real but salvation is possible Scorpio. We will see things in a clearer light. We will work hard but it will pay off. We will reap rewards and Karmic Merit..IF WE REMEMBER.. no whining, no crying, no lying. Compassion is not Scorpio’s Forte….But Healing and profound Love are.. In the run up to a Spectacular New Moon in Libra hit hard by Uranus in Aries but  bolstered  by incredibly beautiful and Lucky  Fixed Stars Spica and Arcturus….Something Good and Decent is At Hand.

I’ll go into more detail about what to expect in the coming months as Saturn moves into Capricorn and Jupiter will Trine Neptune in Pisces. For now the storm has abated , we can clear and dispose of debris, let the past Leave, turn toward a new Future, and go back to Work . A True sense of whatever has not killed us has made us Stronger remains as a New Ground a slightly wiser maybe sadder but immensely more powerful foundation for a New Working Pattern in our Lives. Namaste 





  The moon waxes full today at 11:40am On the West Coast of the USA. It falls on  12° 43 minutes of Aries. The astrology of this Harvest Moon in the Northern Climes has a strong connection to messenger & communication planet Mercury.  Therefore reason vs  feelings are major themes in the upcoming weeks. Venus conjunct  Mars in Virgo a few hours before at 9:53am PT  brings emotion, angst, love , anger, passion and great intensity on the Personal as well as Transpersonal Stage. This full moon can bring incredible opportunity or incredible danger. There is a confluence of Karma and Destiny along with Free Will and Fate.  The determining factor in just how good or bad this Lunation plays out is a Toss of the Dice . Ask the Pleiadians , as Everything  is permitted in a Free Will Universe. One thing is certain; MAJOR CHANGE OF CIRCUMSTANCE IS AT HAND. How you perceive it or roll with it is not yet clear.

    The Sabian Symbol for this Degree is : A TRIANGULARLY SHAPED FLIGHT OF WILD GEESE. This denotes an ideal ….or overly idealistic reliance upon a mental image of the Universal Order. The wild goose is the mystical bird,or the  Hamsa, of Ancient Vedic  Lore. The V formation represents the perfect geometry of the Physical Plane whilst the Hamsa or goose is representative of the Transcendent Soul. As it flies across the Firmament it bridges the Here and Now with the Hereafter. The symbol  refers to the  greater awareness of our Souls as perceived by an ascended or celestial oriented mind……in other words …we gaze toward the Heavens awaiting Answers from Above. Incarnation or Immolation ? The Choice may not be immediately all within your power or purview. 

      Fixed star Alpheratz at 14°33′ Aries confers independence , sudden  freedom, love relationships and financial gifts or riches. Closely aligned to the Full Moon in particular, Alpheratz also known as Alpha Andromedae is the brightest star in the Head of the Princess Andromeda  97 light years from Earth. It bestows positive  energy, great wealth, good and loyal friends along with  business success. Conversely Fixed star Algorab at 13°41′ Libra is within orb of both Sun and Mercury, also in Libra  This star in Constellation Corvus the Crow is said to cause destruction, terror attacks, manipulation, deceit, and betrayal. The crow also is a scavenger of the living and the dead; a harbinger of Evil. Mercury was rising on this “kill or be killed” star when the first plane struck the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001. Be apprised of the paradoxical opposites involved in this Harvest Moon. We can experience unlimited joys and Undreamed of Opportunity….or disaster , complete defeat or destruction. I can tell you that this Moon degree sits on my Ascendant. I am experiencing nothing less than a fracturing and devastating shattering of the Working Pattern of my Life …yet a beckoning , a promise of a New Life glimmers Hope. More Will Be Revealed.

      The  Jupiter Uranus  Opposition of 206-17 can shed light on the outcome of this incredibly volatile and  unstable Moon. If you keep cool, and remain clear headed despite the hardballs out of left  will take advantage of   opportunities and options while sidestepping  the danger or potential pitfalls.  The next two weeks in the run up to New Moon in Libra on the 19th can  and will eventually see the fulfillment of your Heart’s Desires ..IF YOU STAY TRUE TO SELF,  AND DO NOT DEVIATE FROM YOUR GOALS. THE PROBLEM IS THAT WITH SO MUCH IN THE MIX YOU MAY BE UNCLEAR ABOUT JUST WHAT IT IS YOU TRULY WANT.  Avoid lower realm energies or entities at all costs. Keep it real and keep it clean by eschewing gossip, spite, vengeance, greed, disingenuous  or deceitful behaviors. Obsessive or Compulsive Feelings , neurotic or paranoid  fears may surface.  Rather , put your energies into pressing forward with cherished goals or ambitions utilizing your allies and steering clear of your enemies with the Sun in Partnership -oriented Libra. 

One Final Note: this moon sits directly on top of North Korea’s Chart…so let us hope that in this instance, after the horrible storms, earthquakes and mass murder of late , that Free Will Trumps ( pardon me) Fate. Kismet , and Karma are secondary to Love. Please Pray for Peace. Namaste