The new moon today, Tuesday , September 19th , 2017  occurs at 10:30pm PT on 27 degrees 27 ‘ of earthy, practical, and loyal Virgo. It will be exact at 1:30am on the East Coast of the United States .The Sabian Symbol for this degree is : A GROUP OF ARISTOCRATIC LADIES MEET CEREMONIALLY AT A COURT’S FUNCTION. This degree confers ability to meet and to sustain time honored , revered , personal, or Transpersonal obligations in order  to carry on tradition …..or to preserve culture, norms and values. This denotes a desire for perfectionism in our jobs, our standards and our duties to self and/ or society. 

       Today no less than 5 Planets will be in Virgo at the time of Tonight’s New Moon! The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus( at 6:15pm PT) and Mars all  busy themselves with Virgoan energies. The sign of the Virgin confers adaptability,  practicality, with a love of freedom . Virgo is usually non possessive, communicative, meticulous, analytical, discriminating, modest, and orderly. Don’t forget that they are  excellent lovers! Loyal and hardworking, they will assimilate, pay attention to details, and organize their and their loved one’s lives… Assets to any organization, these natives can spot the weak link in any chain while saving the day and not looking for accolades . Humility is a wonderful Virgo trait. Do beware of Virgoan Pitfalls: Worry, being overly fastidious, criticism, carping, sloth due to low self esteem, judgmentalism, too vanilla, and fear of  loss of control. The Highest Order of this wonderful Healing Nature is Metaphysical rather than Physical. Messenger of the gods Mercury ruled Virgo is the practical Bridge to the Metaphysical or Spiritual Realms. With so much mutable Earth energy abounding we can FINALLY get some things on track, moving forward, and  towards completion!!! 

       Back to the New Moon. Mercury leaves its shadow zone( the point at which it first turned Retrograde on August 12th after it started ” slowing down “on July 28th. . Mercury at 11°38 ‘ of Virgo brings the possibility that not all problems we experienced during the deleterious Rx last month , over finance/ romance, reversal of fortunes, mistrust , lies, and  betrayal have been solved. If you still have concern , a little paranoia or doubts ….these can be exacerbated as Mercury and Mars are still together in Critical Virgo. Mercury is also back on negative and depressing fixed star Zosma . Mercury in Virgo opposite Neptune Rx in Watery and emotional Pisces has been reliving, and rehashing painful memories and heartaches caused by lies, deceit ,disloyalty, and perception of loss or abandonment …touched by August 21st Eclipse degrees …with a Vengeance. Not in over 20 years have we seen or felt some of theses melancholy and malefic energies. 

      Keywords are Change Leading to Stability. Remember the theme that began with the total solar eclipse on August 21. Now today it will feel more like minor glitches or a simple need for adjustments , rather than being blindsided or having the rug pulled out from under you. Remember VIRGO PROMOTES HEALING. We can begin to see the real possibility of actualizing long term goals and plans. It will become much easier to see how to get to where you want to go…. or more importantly…Why ?

        One of dreadful factors of the run up to this New Moon were the unmistakable reminders and memories of the most painful wounds you may have suffered in this Lifetime…or in Others . Wounded Healer asteroid Chiron has been close to Neptune also in Pisces stirring up the Well of Sorrows. Mercifully we are ready after Uncovering, Discovering…and Hopefully Discarding to move in a New Direction, onto a more Stable and Streamlined Path. Virgo likes to clean out the closets, the gutters, the cobwebs of our lives. Please use the energies of this New Moon to move forward . By  focusing on getting into positive action rather than drowning in negative thinking…we are able to grow and to adapt to unexpected change in plans, or to make practical revisions in the working patterns of our Lives. NO FEAR. We see with a renewed clarity that  our longer term hopes , wishes and dreams are  practical and can be made Real.

       There are a plethora of Fixed Stars associated with this Virgo New Moon ! Fixed star Zavijava or Beta Virginia , the 5th brightest star in Virgo Constellation is at 27°24′ Virgo . This bestows strength of purpose or character and the ability to create and to handle Change. It is a star of consolation after profound perception of Loss.  Eta Ursae Majoris or  Alkaid , is the Brilliant White Star on the tail of The Great Bear at 27°10′ Virgo. This celestial body is associated with death ,  mourning , and events or accidents on the World  Stage. Weather anomalies ( 3 Hurricanes ? ) or seismic disturbances are all aspected . Magnificent Delta Crateris or Labrum at 26°55′ Virgo in the Constellation Crater …known as the “Lip of the Cup” of the Holy Grail confers intuition, discernment,  psychic powers, great intelligence, and bestows honors, riches, sometimes received  in disgrace yet purified to Salvation. Heavy ….  Kappa Vela (in the Sail Constellation known as Argo Navis) AKA  Markeb IS at 29°07′ Virgo , A FATED OR KARMIC DEGREE. It turns this New Moon into a more evolved, higher realm, and ascended spiritual matter. Devotion and True service to others are Watchwords. Lastly Royal Star Regulus now at 00°04′ Virgo is being reactivated by the August 21st Leo Solar Eclipse . Venus now enters the mix @ 6pm PT . Venus conjunct Regulus gives US THE ABILITY TO RECOGNIZE AND TO HEAL A BROKEN HEART

         The New Moon of  September 2017  will bring great and operant change to your life . Although some it may seem “unexpected ” or out of left field, in your heart of hearts you can feel and now see the deep and unmistakable necessity for revision and growth in your Life. Sun opposing Chiron can  makes you painfully aware of  the deepest wounds Yet in order to realize and to actualize cherished and possibly set aside or even forgotten long term goals  you will need to wake up and smell the coffee. By facing fears real or long held , even imagined , we can build anew …on a cleaner and more substantial slate. This New Moon makes it critical to deal with undelivered communications or unrealized expectations.  Please use the precious Virgoan Healing Energy to help Make Aright all of our Wrongs . Namaste.



    The Moon waxed Full in Pisces tonight. It’s a watery rollercoaster ride into realms that are  ethereal,  impressionable, psychic, imaginative, intangible, otherworldly, compassionate, unconditional and sometimes substance abusing, escapist, unstable, delusional, self destructive, martyr/ victim, past lifetime connected, depressed, profound  and Spiritual all rolled into One. The shapeshifting , chameleon-like nature of foggy, oftentimes inscrutable and fey, compelling and maddening mutable Sign of the Fish is our Late Summer Moon. The Moon in Pisces opposed Sun in Virgo  today at 12:03am PT at 13° 53′ of  Pisces. This very powerful Full Moon in The last sign of the Zodiac portends a Completion, Ending,  Finality, a Turning Point, and a farewell to something or someone that no longer belongs in your life. This melancholy moon brings  confusion, sorrow, ennui, disillusionment, deception, emotional weakness and will have an impact on your hopes , aspirations, plans, and  dreams . It also strongly impacts your love life …ultimately for the Best.

             This Full Moon is doubly strong due to its connection to Neptune, Pisces’ ruler…also transiting Pisces. This Lunation falls on the same degree as Neptune’s Retrograde Station last June 16th. Both transits also see the Moon conjunct Neptune on the same degree of the Zodiac! This is highly unusual, rare, and very strange: Textbook Pisces. The other anomaly  involves Mercury just now Direct after weeks of a very disturbing and damaging Retrograde stationing direct on the September 6th  Full Moon on the SAME  degree as the August 21 Solar Eclipse in Leo….so impactful  to the United States of America.

          The September 6th Full Moon at 13°53′ Pisces is influenced  by Neptune Rx  at 12°49′ Pisces. Keywords for this timeframe are Spirituality, Idealism, Ascension, Dreams, Miracles, and Healing. The flip side of these energies can also dredge up Illusion, Delusion, Resentment, Deception, Manipulation, Weakness, Mental Confusion , Deep Sorrows from the Past…or even Past Lifetimes, and a vagueness that is ineffable, melancholy, and yet undeniable.  How will the Moon/Neptune connection influence your wellbeing or affect your close relationships? Please count to ten and wait two to three days before throwing the baby out with the bath water or engaging in self defeating or damaging behaviors .

   Moon conjunct Neptune can increase emotions, reactions, and lends a sensitivity to the atmosphere. Storms, volcanic events, and seismic windows opening are all part and parcel of this Effect.  It is linked to  Hurricane Irma barreling down on the US VIRGIN ISLANDS, PUERTO RICO, AND FLORIDA …all related  to the August 21st Eclipse… The Piscean nature can Sense  thoughts, feelings , motives and agendas of others . This can make you feel very angstvoll, uneasy or even weakened and physically ill. Be apprised and safeguard your health at this time. Mistaken Views of Reality abound.  Cross purposes, loneliness, deep disappointment or disheartening interactions with associates, friends or loved ones can further isolate or depress . You are vulnerable , impressionable and can be susceptible to deception, gossip, betrayal, or even scandal.  Your Dreams are powerful messages now but may be hard to fathom or decipher. Our fantasies come alive and strange behaviors can become the norm for a  few days. Suspicion , paranoia, and victimization are to be noted and avoided like the Plague… lest they grow into escapism, denial, and even alcoholic, or other self-destructive habits , such as drug abuse, eating disorders, sex addiction or sado masochism. Yes some heavy stuff but remember that Pisces is a deep deep cookie and Neptune dissolves everything into one Universal Higher..or Lower Consciousness. Pay Attention to Signs and Signals. Don’t rule out Ufos, Paranormal Phenomena, or Visitations from Other Realms. 

      Full Moon of  September 2017 is An Eye Opener. Denial will not suffice and the harsh realities of Life are exposed by the reflected Light of our satellite . Consciousness raising activity is Beneficial. Meditation, prayer and exercise are favored. A heightened sense of self -awareness can ground you during this period of emotional quicksand and will help you sift the good from the bad . Cut out the voices, old tapes, negative engrams, or self pitying and self defeating behaviors. Please note that some psychic impressions may mislead or be off target. However Compassion, Unconditional Displays of Love, and True Service to Others without self seeking or expectation of Return can uplift  and protect during this fragile Time. You can be of great Benefit to the downtrodden, disenfranchised, the victimized , or the outsider and loner. Your emotional comfort anspd succor will move the Himalayas and can heal division and  deep pain. 

        The old maxim “Cleanliness is next to G-dliness ” will be very important because this full moon is associated with, susceptibility or  weakness and fragility or illness. Please be  advised that the effects of drugs, alcohol and even sedatives or anesthesia  are  heightened…possibly dangerous as our judgment can be impaired.  An increased risk of exposure to poisons , chemicals, infectious agents …and radioactivity exists. 

        Neptune stationed retrograde conjunct the Moon last June 16th at 14°15′ Pisces. Today the Full Moon is conjunct Neptune retrograde at 13°53′ Pisces. I don’t believe in coincidence so the fated or Karmic nature of this  synchronicity is not to be dismissed.  High Strangeness, unusual events, prophetic dreams, premonitions, clairvoyance,  deja vu,  ESP, paranormal occurrences and non ordinary Reality are the New Normal.  The Fixed star Achernar is now at 15°34′ Pisces. This celestial influence is not very powerful but it will  shine a more positive influence on this Lunation. Achernar is in  Alpha Eridani. This 0.5 magnitude blue-white star located in the Mouth in the River, Eridanus Constellation is named for the Arabic phrase آخر النهر (ākhir an-nahr) which means “The End of the River”  We are , indeed, at the End of  THOSE THINGS THAT DO OFTEN LIE TOO DEEP FOR TEARS. The Mouth in the River acts like the great benefic planet Jupiter. It  bestows kindness, altruism , charity, True happiness, success ,  upstanding morals, a faithful adherence to religious beliefs, spiritual beliefs , or devotion to a Path or Philosophy. People in Senior Government positions , Spiritual Leaders, or members of the Clergy are affected by this transit as well. 

            Moon/Neptune in Pusces opposing Sun in Virgo can creates tensions at home, work…or on the World Stage. We may see a more confrontational environment with the USA , Korea and China . Sun opposing the Moon focuses energies on the Pisces/ Virgo Axis. It  brings attention to close relationships and how they are influenced , made by openness  and honesty or  broken by confusion and deception. Others may try to  pull you in different directions, attack your integrity or honesty, your spiritual path, motives or even your private life. The next two weeks are affected strongly by this moon phase . This will be an especially sensitive time on the Personal  and Transpersonal Stage leading up to the New Moon in Virgo on September 19th. This date is also the end of the Mercury Retrograde Shadow. Again there is no coincidence. This fortnight highlights  emotional and romantic concerns so you may be feeling spread thin, leery or suspicious of others’ motives and vulnerable.

           Sun opposing Neptune adds to an  already high level of mental confusion, deception, insecurity , dejection, or discouragement. You’ll see that denial or escapist tendencies will not permit you to avoid facing or dealing with the matters at hands, pressing concerns or otherwise harsh realities of life……Now you will need to protect yourself, insulate yourself from attack or take some precautions to avoid more loss and disappointment. Weakened or fragile boundaries and defenses will attract unsavory characters, psychic vampires, and  odd bedfellows. Manipulative, self serving, fake, phony or dishonest people  may appear and try to take advantage of you. Resist buying anything uneccesary; rather sell off things you don’t really need. Beware of castles in the sky , get rich quick schemes , empty promises and  snake oil salesmen. If something sounds too good to be true then it probably is not worth the while.

           Utilize this transit to restablish clarity  after the debilitating and disturbing Mercury Retrograde we just suffered. Be very clear to yourself and to others . Keep your intention above board. If you tell the Truth, you don’t have to have a good memory!  There can be no gray areas, only black or white, yes  or no. By way of deception,thou shalt do war  may work for the Mossad but any underhanded or nefarious behaviors ,  tactics , or agendas are detrimental now. You will be exposed by Piscean intuition and Virgoan analysis. So keep it Real, Keep it Clean. If you do face more disappointment, disillusionment  and discouragement, PLEASE RESIST  temptation to escape to the Netherworlds. I know that the  harshness of facing  some  difficult truths makes escapism , especially through mind altering substances,  very attractive to Some. But Beware ! Pisces rules poison or poisoning and Virgo rules Hospitsks. . Remember, you will be more susceptible to alcohol, addiction and overdose, as well as being lied to or ripped off now. 

    To tie this together the August 21st Solar Eclipse made sweeping Change inevitable . Now bold, confident moves are necessary  for long term prosperity and success. This Full Moon is the Last Hurrah of anything that stands in the way  of our idealism, dreams, hopes and wishes. It dredges up illusion, deception, spiritual and physical weakness mixed with much confusion. You may lose faith in your talents or lose your way temporarily on the Oatg to realizing your Cherished goals and dreams for a better, happier Future. This is very serious stuff and is compounded by self delusion and deception . You experience palpable fear that you may lose something you have or not get what you so deeply desire. The Full Moon may risk your long-term success and advancement . Relationship problems, physical illness are pitfalls as are financial strains and perceptions of loss. You may feel weak , ineffectual, or invisible. This can be fought with unconditional  loving kindness, and true Compassion without attachment or aversion. I know this forecast is quite heavy and disturbing but it is the Last Hurdle, the Last Hoop, The Last Transit that impedes but does not Block a new way, a new path, a Newer and Happuer Life . If emotions or problems start to overtake or subsume you, if you feel disconnected , alone, overwhelmed, saddened , frightened, and if you do begin to lose hope, remember this full moon is Pisces……and is warping, distorting , your view of reality. It is A Bizarro Moon at its Worst. Things are NOT  as they seem. Fight back by remaining Focused and Undeterred. Faith Moves Mountains , so pray For a Miracle. Steady thinking dispels the Piscean nebulousness, and the fog will dissipate like it foes under the Light of  a Piwerful Sun. Use this transit to reveal Truths, expose shenanigans and lies. Remember the old saying that we are as sick as our  secrets. Uncovering, Discovering , and Discarding are Watchwords. Although we may experience painful Truths…we are set free by them.  Excitement, optimism,passion , and renewed purpose will resurface in a few days or weeks and will replace mistrust , sorrows and disappointments. Determination, and not wavering, or faltering in sustained effort brings Remarkable results aided by last Month’s Eclipse by the third week of this Month. Hold on and DON’T GIVE UP.  

  May the hearts of all beings be filled with happiness and peace ,free from suffering and distress. May all beings be safe and secure ,free from fear and harm. May all beings be healthy and prosperous ,free from pain, illness, and  lack. May all beings live joyfully and with ease, free from struggle and  conflict.





    Mars enters Earthy , work loving Virgo at 2:35am PT and FINALLY Mercury Stations Direct Today on 28°25′ Leo at 4:30 am PT. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is : MANY LITTLE BIRDS ON A LIMB OF A BIG TREE.  We now experience a wide array of, albeit confusing perhaps, new options, opportunities, possibilities, or multiplicities.  WE CAN BE  OVERWHELMED WITH CHOICES . However we are strongly urged to Embrace Change and to enjoy the unbearable lightness of being this Shift  WILL bring after a long long period, perhaps many days, months or even years of frustration , despair or darkness. Inspiration is a Keyword.

         Mercury stations direct on the same degree as the August 21 , New Moon/ Solar Eclipse. This Underscores the whole Mercury retrograde August 2017 as a turning point , not only its direct station. The Solar Eclipse is opening doors, and bringing powerful, life altering yet positive  changes . These lead  to longterm stability and success. Determination, perseverance, and maintaining and sustaining efforts guarantees growth , both Physical and Spiritual . Ultimately it can manifest the happiness we so profoundly Want and Need .

         This second shadow period lasts for two weeks until Mercury returns to the degree at which it first went retrograde. This occurs on September 19. We will see some Resolution to relationship, finance or romance problems . Issues with love and money can now be solved.  You can work hard with Sun transiting Virgo ,  Mercury in fiery Leo as Mars which just entered the Sign of the practical, loyal, and dedicated Virgin as well. This bestows directed  energies and sharp mental processes. Our thinking and communications clear up ..FINALLY . However, BE AWARE OF THIE EXTREMELY powerful Full Moon in Pisces tomorrow which can delude or clarify, frustrate or disappoint. Pitfalls to avoid are aggressive behaviors and nasty words, self defeatist attitudes, and victimization or irrational thoughts. tWe wish to avoid altercations and arguments. Temper outbursts or hasty and impulsive actions will cause big problems. You will not have the patience for BS, excuses, bad behaviors, lies and gossip. This is not the time to suffer fools gladly ! 

               The Royal Fixed Star Regulus in the Heart of the Lion Constellation which figured so prominently in the Last Eclipse is now at 0°04′ Virgo . This degree gives a push, ambition , opportunity and adventure. This regal star has the ability to make Mercury , Virgo’s Ruler , fair, accountable, honorable and just. This Conjunction favors great generosity of spirit as well as materiel. Beware of being taken advantage of by Others or having your own Altruism trod upon .Remember, kindness is NOT weakness.

       Mercury direct trine Uranus in Aries opens up new possibilities. Open mindedness is a Keyword. There may be some exciting occurrences , and unexpected news. Unusual, offbeat, people walk onto the stage. Flashes of  Intuition, an almost prophetic insight , new and original ideas lead to growth and positive change. During this two week shadow period you will not settle for the status quo . Now there will be precious  little  patience with ongoing problems in your love life or finances. A renewed sense of purpose and direction brings rapid beneficial Change. Deception ( self or other) , Mistrust , Defeatist Attitudes, Dejection or Disappointment are to be replaced with Optimism, Excitement , Passion, and Confidence. Mercury finally Leaves its Shadow Zone on September 19th at 11°38′ Virgo

         Two Cautions: Be apprised that not ALL problems involving deceptive energies/entities, mistrust , manipulation and deceit will be solved before the end of the year.  In fact, if you have any lingering doubts or concerns about the events of the last three or four weeks…they may be exacerbated by Mercury close to Mars fueling the fires . Mercury also goes Direct back on the negative and depressing fixed star Zosma . It opposes  Neptune Retrograde in Pisces which causes memories of earlier heartache, abandonment, loss, separation due  to betrayal, lies, deceit , gossip and disloyalty. Finally Full Moon in Pisces will dredge up the Best ..and the Worst in us All late Tuesday Night on the West Coast. This will be a very very powerful Lunation fraught with everything pulled up from the deep and dark Realms of the Last Sign of the Zodiac. We aren’t out of the Woods, just yet…but please please don’t lose Faith or Heart as There Is A Light (in the distance)  That NEVER Goes Out. Namaste.



    Moon is in fair and balanced Libra the Cardinal intellect air sign , all day today. Moon in Libra enjoys peace, harmony, relationships, approbation, and compromise. We are pleasant and Other oriented for the most part. However big news today four days after a game changing Eclipse is that Saturn, Karmic Planet of Time and Lessons went Direct  on  21° 11 minutes of Sagittarius At 5:09am PT. Saturn has been in Retrograde motion since April 6th , 2017. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is :  A CHILD AND A DOG WEARING BORROWED EYEGLASSES.  Here an innocent child and humankinds’ Best Friend we can see the use of  whimsy, fantasy, or imagination and make-believe in anticipation of or moving toward higher stages of conscious development. A rather odd symbol ; it may signify that a canine imitating human attributes is representative of that which belongs to a level of growth, realization or consciousness as of today unobtainable or unreachable in our lives. Dogs naturally look up to their human Masters. We strive for the unconditional nature  of dogs and they are taught by us to utilize their brains  . Our intellectual and Spiritual Growth is be furthered by mimicing others and by wearing the mask of  intellectualism as we work toward growing into our new path , or life. Keywords are Hope, Faith, And Imagination. Now we must Trust in the Process.

     Venus planet of Finance and Romance enters fiery, noble, and romantic Leo at 9:30pm PT. We see the powerful energies of The Leo Eclipse along with Mars in Leo and Uranus in Aries joined by a Now Direct Saturn in Sagittarius and Venus in the mix to soften and refine all this firepower. Today has been a day of more surprise, Reversal of Fortune( not necessarily bad) , change in Venue, Direction, Emotion,  Mercury Retrograde  Shenanigans and more fallout from the Eclipse. This does not really settle down until the second week of September. For now we can already see what happens to the best laid plans of mice and men . Don’t fret it is all part of the very big shakeup of Summer 2017…with Aquarius and Leo Eclipses …it was never supposed to be dull. More will settle or be removed as the the Working Patterns  of our Lives Change irrevocably and for the Highest and Best Good of all involved. We cannot hold onto that which must go..and part of the fear or uncertainty is because WE DON’T KNOW JUST YET…WHAT STAYS AND WHAT GOES AWAY…. My Best suggestion is to treat everyone and everything as a loan or gift…you never really know when it will be called, or needs to be re-gifted. Namaste


     Well it looks like we survived the Eclipse. Although we have a few weeks left  of ” fallout ” to process.  The energies that were released were unstoppable and ultimately Life Altering. It was not to be a day unscathed for me however. I knew something was going to happen to me but had no idea what. I ended up slipping on a wet floor …..out of control and falling so hard that I thought for sure I was headed to the hospital..or the morgue. I flew through the air  and yet missed smashing all the furniture and glass in my path. I am completely beaten up and bruised internally…but miraculously no cuts or broken bones…. Mars and Uranus in the Mix no doubt.Wow.

         Today is the last day of Sun in Leo. Mars trined Saturn at 6:20am on the West Coast of the United States. A Transiting Mars trine Saturn conveys strength, power, initiative , drive , chutzpah, and the dedication along with perseverance to tackle onerous or difficult tasks and to see them through to completion. Ambition is strong now. If working on a timeline , or budget…even with Mercury still Rx, you will manage and triumph to perfection in the tasks at hand.  You utilize logical, practical and efficient ways to get a job done. Please exercise  patience , self-discipline , and devotion to goals, especially as we are still in the Waning Shadow of Yesterday’s Eclipse. Therefore keeping busy will prevent  dissolution, distraction, or  frustration leading to discouragement. This transit opens the door to follow through on something you really care for, need a lot, or have decided to pursue. Mars in Leo Trine Saturn in Sagittarius paves a way for you to achieve something you have longed for or desired for some time . You can now see with clarity that it is substantive, of intrinsic value, and can be made to last…if you are willing to do whatever it takes to ethically and legally make it happen. Remember Mars is Drive and Saturn is Power. You may also feel an increase in Sexual energies from this…so go enjoy yourself responsibly! New or existing relationships profit from this transit. Keywords are Loyalty, Dedication, and Directed Purpose. Lasting Success in Personal and Professional endeavors is possible in the coming months. Legal concerns are also favored. Please make Hay while the Sun Shines.

Sun will enter mutable, practical, loyal, hardworking, critical, technically perfect, metaphysical, health oriented, nitpicking, discerning, and loving Earthy Virgo at 3:21pm PT. Now it’s back to school and back to work time. Saturn will go Direct on Friday and business / financial matters can ease up. Even though Virgo’s Month of September is traditionally a roller coaster downwards for Financial Markets, the Eclipse we just experienced will strengthen money markets for now. Mercury turning Direct on the degree of the Eclipse  we just had will shake things up….however Virgo needs order, clarity , and structure so that it can create Stability. Therefore things should calm down over the next three weeks as ” Business as Usual ” attempts to take charge.

          Virgo Sun encourages us to take care of health or diet concerns. This is a great time for exercise regimens, cutting toxic people or energies out of our lives and striving for perfection in an otherwise imperfect World! Virgo governs digestion so take a good look at what has been difficult to swallow; mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually. Now will be a good time for a realistic look at issues or concerns and utilizing a practical and logical platform toward solution . Virgo is a wonderful problem solver . Remember that Virgo rules Metaphysics as well as Medicine so a Holistic approach to concerns may do as well as a Medical one. Only you can know that with be Open to all Possibilities. No closed minds need apply. Virgo truly attempts to better the Planet one practical step at a time. HEALING IS A WATCHWORD .Namaste .




    Well Eclipse 2017 is fully underway and we could even see it here in Coastal Southern California through our littoral overcast. At 63% coverage it was still impressive as the sky darkened as if for rain…Powerful New Moon in Leo made 10x stronger by the Solar Eclipse . Moon is now V/C until 1:25 pm PT. The day had a very quiet and almost surreal cast to it as I’m sure millions of Americans are watching this USA centered Phenomenon.  Right now the Totality is passing  through our heartland of Missouri , over Kansas City, Jefferson City, and St. Louis on its way to Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and points Beyond. Here on the West Coast everything got quiet and even Southern California’s Hallmark relentless sound of construction and home improvement took a short break! How Refreshing.

      This is the Second Leo New Moon within thirty days…quite rare. With an Aquarian Lunar Eclipse sandwiched in between on August 7. Today’s eclipse effects will last  for at least  6 months , and more than likely for over 2 years.  We may not see the results immediately but Something Big is Coming. The results will materialize and our lives may be inconvenienced or impacted in the short term , but  Illuminated and Uplifted by Leo’s magnificent Loving energies as a Culmination . This Heavenly or Celestial occurrence is a piece of salient and unavoidable advice……..America, wake up and smell the Coffee ! People of The USA AND OF THE WORLD TAKE HEED. It is the we the American People, the citizens, the populace not our government , our politicians, or  TPTB  that really call all the shots. YOU HAVE FREE WILL and the artificial power structures that we have allowed or ignored ultimately answer to Us. This Leo Solar Eclipse is a call to action, not reaction, to Love not Hatred, and to truly Think Globally BUT ACT Locally . Achieving comfortability in our own skins goes a long way to achieving a more balanced and beneficial Transpersonal Equanimity.

           This eclipse falls  on one of the four ancient ‘royal’ stars , the most notable is Regulus, the King on the heart of the Lion. This star at the heart of the constellation of Leo is a portent, a harbinger, an omen that cannot be overstated.  Regulus is a very bright star  in tropical Leo for thousands of Years. Yet at the Time of the horrific Grand Cardinal Cross ( remember that?) in 2012, it moved by precession into the earthy and loyal Constellation of Virgo. The Mythological Virgin still represents the King,but now adds ” Goddess or Divine Mother Energies to the mix. This is no longer a one Man Show . Now the overall influence of potential violence or upheaval is tempered by Divine Love as Virgo govern Metaphysics and Healing.

          Remember that Eclipses signify powerful Change, abrupt reversals of fortune ( good or bad) , complete shifts of purpose or direction, completion, Finality, no going back as doors close….so that new ones can open. From this ” ending” we move away from dead ends to new starts, a ne beginning, a new Life. Be particular aware, pay attention to events these next two weeks, especially on or around September 3rd, with Mercury about to go Direct and fiery Mars will reach the degree of this eclipse . Also, Mercury Retrograde will station on the degree of this Eclipse which is  28° 53 minutes of Leo on September 5th. You will get an idea of where this is all going, some hint of new beginnings.  It will be ” interesting ” to say the Least….! The Sabian  Symbol for the Sun AND  Moon at  29° of Leo is: “A MERMAID EMERGES FROM THE OCEAN WAVES READY FOR REBIRTH IN HUMAN FORM”.  Mermaids are mythological and magical beings , swimming in the depths of the oceans of our planet And our Psyches. They navigate the depths of our Transpersonal superconsiousness and yet affect us deeply , spiritually throughout our history in their interactions with Humankind. All civilizations have their stories and legends of Mermaids and even mermen . This  now represents a longing for a different, a better Life. Let’s see what Unfolds.

               FROM    Antipholus of Syracruse:

O, train me not, sweet mermaid, with thy note,
To drown me in thy sister’s flood of tears.
Sing, siren, for thyself, and I will dote;
Spread o’er the silver waves thy golden hairs,
And as a bed I’ll take them and there lie,
And in that glorious supposition think
He gains by death that hath such means to die;
Let Love, being light, be drowned if she sink!
(Comedy of Errors )


     We will experience a New Moon / Total Solar Eclipse at  28° 53 minutes of Leo at 11:30 AM tomorrow on the West Coast of  the United States. The moon then promptly  goes Void – of – Course and  enters Virgo at 1:25 PM PT .  Mercury is Retrograde  and this may ameliorate some of the Events that come to pass…but it won’t stop them. This is the humdinger of Eclipses. Not since 1918 at the height of WW1 and the Great Influenza pandemic, the standardization of times zones, and the complete destruction of Europe and its ancient monarchies have we experienced an Eclipse like this one. The Path of Totality crosses the Entire United States of America from Oregon to South Carolina and no less than five state capitals. Partial totality covers much of the Country even into Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. We can say with certitude that the USA feels the brunt of this Eclipse’s energy, potential  damage, and ultimate Healing. This Eclipse falls on the Royal Fixed  Star Regulus, the Star of Kings, in the very heart of the Lion Constellation. Rapidly moving into Virgo further cements an exacting and powerful push for Honesty, Integrity , and Change leading to Long lasting Stability. There is no going Back to The Way We Were. Regulus sits on President Trump’s Ascendant and Mars, both in Leo..and he was born at a lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius . It opposes Kim Jong Un’s Mars and further pits these two unstable World Leaders against each other with their respective citizens held hostage or captive . The Middle East also feels the power of this Event, as does Brazil and Europe, China and Korea. 

  We are experiencing a Shift as New Agers like to sugarcoat or spin as a great ” Consciousness” raiser….but make no mistake about it ,in mundane Realities  we are in a Life-As-We-Know-It altering phase in Humankind’s Path. Things will either Improve because of this or we have a Great Struggle at Hand. Even Nostradamus arguably wrote about this. To paraphrase him: a great Leader reviled and hated by many would appear, bringing great turmoil and threats of destruction and war. The ” New City” would burn and the Great City of Theaters would be shaken to the Ground. ( NYC and LA). Vesuvius and other Volcanoes ( Mammoth, Katla, Yellowstone, Sinabung) would reawaken . A False Prophet  would arise in Russia and the Antichrist would appear out of the East. Whether or not you consider this balderdash or not we are at a pivotal period in Earth History. This  is a make or Break aspect for President Trump. He will now sink or swim .  To say that danger lays in wait all around him would be an Understatement. But remember this affects us ALL regardless of your political bent or sympathies. 

   The Fixed Star Regulus conveys enormous determination and Power. It can make or break governments , bestow incredible wealth and wisdom or great destruction or even death by murder or war. This is heavy sh-t .  Fixed star Regulus is very  independant, proud, noble, driven,  confident, frank, brave, fearless, and bellicose, militant, potentially brash and violent. Although the Heart of the Lion is usually honest,  open minded , tolerant and generous, it can turn on a dime if it feels crossed or betrayed . Regulus wants to conquer and to rule in undisputed manner.  This star of Royalty wishes to make its  mark and to achieve success at all costs ….leaving  no challengers to claim “the throne” . A Leo Solar Eclipse with Regulus And Mars in Leo can bestow enormous  success, power, authority, influence, honor , even riches and wealth. However, poisonous jealousies, subterfuge , scheming,  manipulation, envy , vengeance, and hatred from Hidden or a Open  enemies can lead to  violence and downfall.

    On the brighter side ( which this New Moon in Loving Leo will Bring)   Sun  trine Uranus makes this an exciting  roller coaster of an eclipse! The energy, ambition , drive, and initiative of Regulus guarantees success in new plans, projects , career or creative venues or positive ventures. Just wait til Mercury Goes Direct on September 5th BEFORE initiating or signing . You now manifest power and confidence to make sweeping changes in the working pattern of your life. You can change jobs, careers, residence, relationships, even life paths as the Solar Eclipse rejuvenates the Anima or Life Force needed to embrace, actualize, and adapt to Change. Unexpected events, the need to think on your feet, financial bumps or requirements , minor legal concerns may pop up, but will pale against the Shining Optimism and  Benevolence that this Eclipse truly Promises after the dust settles a few weeks into September. However the positive effects of this Eclipse will be felt for a few years To come.
Higher Consciousness, self awareness, psychic intuition , remembering that which we have buried or forgotten out of pain and sorrows will bring flashes of inspiration and insight leading to much needed solutions to longstanding roadblocks to progress and healing of deep personal concerns. Breakthrough is now At Hand. Revelation and Liberation are Keywords.  Solar eclipse occurring at the Karmic degree of Leo washes away the Mistakes and the  Sins of the Past…if you are open to the Potential Happiness and Joy of the Future. August 21 ,  2017 will motivate, inspire and energize you to complete cherished , but laid aside and almost forgotten dreams and goals . We will be able to raise the Bar as Leo is the Heart and Soul of our Solar System, our Life Giving Star. You can plan ambitious and yet realistic, new personal and professional goals.

      This is an excellent solar eclipse in the long run as it can permanently alter or repair anti life, negative, outworn, unproductive, destructive or even outdated mindsets, World views and behaviors . Racism, divisiveness , judgment, prejudice, misogyny, homophobia, war hysteria, mind control, environmental destruction, corporatism , war , and addiction have no place in our 21st century Paradigms. A strong desire to succeed  along with fomenting change via education, love, and Compassion can bring incredible Results. We can turn a corner with this Eclipse…it doesn’t have to lead to a dead end…rather a Shining Path to a better Tomorrow. Remember Leo governs the Heart Chakra, so follow your Heart and your Mind will catch up. Uranus in Aries may throw some Bumps…or Trumps into the mix…but more will definitely be revealed if our Eyes Along with hearts are opened. Extraordinary options and Opportunities will arise from this Solar Eclipse. Nostradamus said if we can make it through 2017 and 2018 we could even Realize a Golden Age .  PLEASE  Pay attention this week….I will write more tomorrow as this Unfolds. PEACE*LIGHT*LOVE