Neptune goes Retrograde 2018  on June 18th , 2018 at 16°29′ Pisces  at 5:27pm Mountain Daylight Time. It will turn Direct  on November 24th at 13°41′ Pisces.  Neptune Rx will form a very fortunate Astrological aspect  known as a Grand Trine ( or Triangle) This pattern demonstrates talent, imagination, creativity, and gives great potential for Spiritual growth and/ or Change. Mercury inow in Cardinal Cancer and Jupiter in deep fixed watery Scorpio are the other planets involved in this Triangular aspect in the Heavens . We can experience Hope, and a beneficial effect  of  compassionate, ethereal, loving, psychic, and transcendent energies due to Neptune this year.

       The few days before the ego dissolving  higher Octave of Loving and romantic planet Venus  turns backwards can be a confusing, self deluded, foggy, groggy, and strangely enervating or tiring period. I have had a headache all day…and a vague melancholy that harkens back to my childhood. Neptune in Pisces is like that. It can dredge up stuff we’d long forgotten…or wish that we had…Pisces bring other realities to the Fore. Beware of deception or perceptions that are askew. Mistaken Views of Reality are common now. Our Dreams can be  powerful ; even Prophetic. Moon will be in opposite sign of Practical, grounded, work and perfection oriented Virgo as of 2:40am MDT. Earthy, loyal, sensible Virgo is a strong Metaphysical Sign :Combined with Pisces,   Healing of  old Wounds or mending of broken relationships (along with solving other problems)  is a real possibility.

      The Sabian Symbol for  16° of Pisces is : IN THE QUIET OF HIS STUDY A CREATIVE INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCES A FLOW OF INSPIRATION. This symbol denotes a reliance upon one’s inner source of inspiration or guidance. We must confirm and have faith in our own subjective feelings, intuitions, hunches, and  messages. This brings a physical strength to the intangible gifts and energies of  mutable Pisces. This astrological Symbol underscores a truly profound and significant creative process. As it is Above..So Shall it Be Below.  The Source is above and beyond, but also all around the individual as an integral part of our Creator. This is Divine inspiration and Assistance. Neptune brings Illumination  as much as it can bring deception..so be astute. 

      Neptune retrograde is the ideal time for spiritual growth, looking inward for answers, redefining and reawakening our Connection to the Divine, and an acceptance of  a Higher Power at Work in in our Lives. We can look at our fears, our shortcomings, our paranoid or delusional behaviors, self destructive actions, and drugs or alcohol as forms of escapism. Now instead of giving into our nightmares or neuroses we can look toward self-development and self improvement.  Phobias, hypochondria , vague fears, strange occurrences, aliens, ghosts, paranormal phenomena and paranoia may manifest or become more noticeable during a Neptune Retrograde . Conversely these subjects are less tinfoil hat or taboo , therefore easier to acknowledge or to discuss. The world may see some interesting events or “conspiracy theories “ may be brought to light at this time. Remember no contempt prior to investigation are Watchwords .  Sometimes, however, intuitions or suspicions may in fact, be based on realistic if somewhat non ordinary or even “psychic impressions”. In the case of all health matters be APPRISED  it is DEFINITELY worth seeking a second medical opinion in the case of any misdiagnosis , lack of clarity, or any misinterpretation of tests, or results.

       The Water Grand Trine and  Three powerful fixed stars make this Neptune Retrograde especially good for undertaking spiritual journeys, or a Vision Quest so to speak in order to seek Truth. Keywords are : UNCOVER/ DISCOVER/ DISCARD.  Brilliant Fixed Star Sirius ( said to be home to planets that harbor intelligent life that supposedly seeded Ancient Civilization here on earth) , brings enormous good fortune, Benefit and Bliss. Jupiter in Scorpio will conjoin Fixed star Alphecca . Fixed star Alphecca, in Alpha Coronae Borealis Constellation  is a 2.2 magnitude star in the Northern Crown.  It is a brilliant white binary star located at the base of the Crown. Alphecca is positioned at 12°18′ Scorpio and can bestow Honor and Dignity, creative or artistic abilities, and  benefit through spiritual or ecclesiastical matters. It is very favorable for material gain. Finally fixed star Achernar or “ The Mouth of the River” in  Alpha Eridani , another Constellation said to harbor intelligent life is conjunct Neptune in Pisces..at Home for the First time since the 1850s. This is said to give success in Office, Beneficence , and Great Happiness. We can Only Hope…!

       As Retrogrades tend to internalize focus or energies we can look toward the next five months as a period when we turn inward in  order to clean house, Trust G-D ( whatever that may Be) and work with ourselves and Others to build a Better Piscean Version of  Earth filled with Peace*Light* and Love. The Idealistic and Transpersonal nature of Neptune in Pisces promises to dissolve Falsities and Inauthenticities in order to bring the False Ego talked about in the Holy Scriptures of India into alignment with The Superego , the Cosmic Mind, the Oneness of All, a Unified Field for Heaven and Earth, A Universal Connection …..Heady stuff, but Remember Neptune is all about Dreams…and now in its own sign of  Unconditional Pisces…maybe some good dreams  can come True..they can Happen to You..Namaste 




The New Moon today, Wednesday June 13, 2018 is at 22° 44mins of Gemini. It will be exact at 1:43pm Mountain Daylight time ….and then the Moon goes Void-of-Course in mutable air sign Gemini until just after midnight tomorrow. . Mercury just entered homey security loving and Intuitive Cancer yesterday…Venus enters  sexy, powerful and romantic Leo at 3:54pm. It will be an interesting day! This is a very beneficial New Moon with positive news for most all . It’s not marred by  any real negative planetary aspects . It is , however heavily influenced by eight fixed stars. The New Moon in glib, clever, talkative, curious, outspoken, and independent Gemini falls in the busiest part of the Celestial Realm . There are a plentitude of  major fixed stars . The Gemini moon is smack dab in the Middle of it!  In fact it is between two of the most fortunate stars in the Heavens. They are separated by only 0°20′ of a degree. 

       The Sabian Symbol for the June 2018  New Moon Is :DANCING COUPLES IN A HARVEST FESTIVAL. This denotes the wholesome enjoyment of nature, the simple pleasures of Life, and our deep emotional drives. It reinforces  the value of  organic, rhythmic, and healthful activities in natural settings. We can see that this leads to a much needed process of BIOENERGETIC RENEWAL. A RECHARGING OF OUR LIFE FORCE. The New Moon occurs eight days before the Longest day of the Year in our Northern Hemisphere…The Summer Solstice. This heralds a Celebration of Light triumphant over Darkness. We can only Hope and Pray…

  The Mental energy and air intellect of the Gemini lunation brings good fortune and lasting happiness. It provides  protection for you , your loved ones, and your plans , desires, and dreams. This New Moon is a particularly good time to set new goals,  and realistic objectives. Business, career projects, new directions, ideas, and goals are powerfully favored and Highlighted. It is probably of no coincidence that  President Trump communed with the North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un now as this New Moon falls on The President’s Birth Chart. This Is a Harbinger of Enormous Change…and we can be hopeful for Something Better. The fixed stars on this New Moon are Bellatrix in the Constellation Orion at 21°11′ Gemini , Capella in Auriga at 22°06′ Gemini , Phact in Columba at 22°24′ Gemini , Mintaka At 22°39′ Gemini  in Orion’s Belt , the New Moon on  22°44′ Gemini , El Nath in Taurus Constellation at 22°49′ Gemini , Ensis at  23°13′ Gemini in The Belt of Orion, Alnilam at 23°42′ Gemini also in Orion’s Belt, and at 25°01′ Gemini ..fixed star Al Hecka in the Constellation of the Bull Taurus.

       All of the Activity in Orion’s Belt, the Fixed Stars Mintaka, and El Nath, along with Brilliant Capella ( on President Trump’s Natal Chart) the Sixth brightest star in the Northern Night Skies portend something of major importance about to happen. How uncanny, and fitting , that the summit between the two leaders took place at the Capella Hotel in Singapore…. Fixed Star Mintaka in the Belt of Orion bestows benefit and good fortune . It brings protection to us  and to our loved ones. According to Robson, the Sun and Moon with Mintaka portends enormous  fortune, lasting happiness and notoriety. It bodes well for treaties, agreements, mending fences and Business. In addition, Orion’s Belt gives profound strength, high energy, industriousness, powerful organizing and leadership abilities, a sharp mind and a quick wit. Fixed Star El Nath brings great fortune, windfall and Eminence. The Constellation Taurus heralds success , and new beginnings of large social or political undertakings, especially with Uranus now in Taurus as well. New Moon conjunct  brilliant fixed star Capella in the Charioteer Constellation  is an unusual multiple star configuration and is an omen of the Highest Benefit and Bliss…of Good Fortune, Happiness, lasting Joy, honor, renown, great wealth and Trust. This is very very promising at a time of such great  suffering and Distress in this New Dark Age in which we Live..Although Al Hecka and Bellatrix are not as fortunate, they are far enough in distance as to not affect the overall positive  influence of this New Moon. Mr. Trump’s Birth Chart is Conjunct ALL of these Stars …This is No Coincidence. We hope for the Best. Gemini brings optimism, excitement, new beginnings, curiosities, mental expansion, and strong communication. Let us see how this all plays out as we move toward Mars Retrograde in 14 Days…Make Hay while the Sun Shines..so please formulate and implement plans, ideas, and projects. The Green Light Shines. NAMASTE. 





      Moon is in practical, business minded, astute, and ambitious Capricorn all day.  Mercury in Gemini trined Mars in Aquarius at 8:13am and Venus in Cancer trined  Jupiter in Scorpio today at 8:28am , all times Mountain. This brings powerful and important communications, clarity of thought process, alignment of goals with desires, it brings good cheer, optimism and plenty of opportunities for love! This Venus Trine is one of the most looked forward to of transits in the Astrological Realm. A combination of Venus in loving and nurturing Cancer the Crab hooked up with Lucky Jupiter in deep and passionate Scorpio is the cat’s meow of love transits!!  It not only makes us seem more appealing and attractive but permits a  relaxed and more natural expression  of  any affectionate , loving, relationship oriented facets of our beings. This is a very, very positive transit! 

          Mercury and Mars bestow increased mental energies, concentration, determination and a sharper intellect.Today is a good day to focus on plans, projects, homework or assignments, studies of any kind, and to wrap up business at hand. Quick thinking and decisive action favor positive results when taking a risk or thinking outside the box. Just Remember that Moon is in conservative, steadfast, and security conscious Capricorn so no pie in the sky ideas or harebrained schemes !! You are more persuasive now and can get your ideas across, or defend them against attack or criticism . Moon in Cardinal earth Capricorn favors the status quo, step by step action, and getting ahead based on solid groundwork. This is a no nonsense strong BS meter moon. 

       The exceptional Venus Trine is obviously good for romance, dating, or sex, but all forms of social interaction are favored. Positive energies favor amusements, get togethers, one on one interaction, group activity, and it’s a good day to begin a vacation or break from Work. Overall it’s a stress free day bolstered by the dependable, loyal, protective, financially savvy nature of Capricorn. Do remember that it is not the day for selfish or self seeking endeavors.  Shopping and buying for value are favored . Your monies should be in order ……finances should be good now. You possess a good eye for fashion , style, and lasting value. Furniture, household goods, beauty items, or cosmetics, jewelry, fine art , accessories and anything esthetic needed to decorate home or office are favored . You may come across some real bargains or a good buy. Venus rules money and love and Jupiter rules wealth. This is also a very good time for investments . They can definitely benefit your portfolio or can increase your wealth.Good Luck! Namaste. 


       The Full Moon occurs this morning at 8:19am Mountain Time.  It falls at  8° 10mins of Sagittarius. The Full Moon astrology creates some tension, discord, apprehension, and a competitive business or personal environment for the next couple of  weeks. The Gemini Sun/ Sagittarius Moon opposition indicate a lot of “push me pull you “  energies . There may be some serious shenanigans on the World Stage. We can can expect strong opposition to The powers That Be ( TPTB) and you may face stiff competition at work or in your social milieu at this time. However if you gamble, enter a lottery, sweepstakes, or contest , the Lucky Sagittarius nature of this lunation may just pay off ! 

          This full moon sits astride  the most important natural axis in the Firmament, or Vault of Heaven. The Heart of the Scorpion Constellation is now opposite The Eye of the Bull of Taurus. This polarity is extremely powerful and underscores the desire for security vs. the Need for Sweeping Change. The Moon in Mutable fire, optimistic, long winded, friendly, freedom loving, and cheerfully insincere Sagittarius will conjoin the Giant fixed Red Star Antares ( the Rival of Aries or Mars) , AKA Alpha Scorpii. One of the Four Ancient Persian Royal Stars or the Four Archangel Stars, ANTARES IS CONSIDERED ONE OF THE MOST MALEVOLENT STARS. This Red Dying Sun can bring destructiveness, extreme liberality, closed or broad-mindedness, a harbinger of evil , and danger of fatality while making those born under its influence …..rash, ravenous, headstrong and destructive to themselves or to Others. Meanwhile the Sun in airy, mutable Gemini is conjunct the fixed star Aldebaran, AKA alpha Tauri.

            Fixed star Aldebaran has been considered  extremely benevolent and fortunate. This bright red star portends riches and honor . Along with Antares , Fomalhaut,  and Regulus , it was one of the four Royal Stars, or Guardians of the Sky, of Persia, during the time of Zoroaster over 5000 years ago. Aldebaran  marked the Vernal Equinox …” No Ruz” in Ancient Iran, still celebrated today, indelibly etched into the psyche of  Persia, and not able to be erased by Islam. It is said to bestow great honor, intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, integrity, popularity, courage, ferocity, a tendency to sedition against government , obtaining a responsible position, power , public honors and gain Via position of authority or by wealth through others. It’s benefits may not however, be long  lasting unless other factors are at work. With Antares there is also danger of violence and sickness. Aldebaran is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars . Its image is considered to be in the likeness of G-D . This is some serious heavy stuff. We can expect some Transpersonal and seismic shakeups in the next two weeks. Aldebaran and Antares signal activation of the World militant axis . Remember whatever transpires generally means the Victor takes all….and Heaven help the vanquished.

       Today’s full moon activates the most striking polarity in the Heavens. Aldebaran opposes Antares by only 0°01′ . This is an extremely potent Opposition. At 10°02′ Gemini in the Left Eye of the Bull Constellation. Aldebaran which is Arabic for “the Follower” because it is following the Pleiades or Seven Sisters,indicates  we can expect something Big . The Moon lies with Antares and the Sun with Aldebaran so there will be two sides to every story, every tale, every dilemma, or every lie….

         Each star gives an incredible amount of energy and activity. They also cause great ups and down in life. Don’t fret because after a fall , these aspects give the fortitude and tenacity , the power, the determination to recover , and to strive even harder  to reach the top again. Both stars are red colored and very Martian ( or Martial ) type stars . Unfortunately they are therefore a sign of war, or rumors of war. The activation of this fixed star axis in the sky has deeply important ramifications for global politics, unrest , and aggressive actions by individuals or nation  States. 

              In Summary these militant fixed Royal stars along with Mars in radical, Revolutionary, and unpredictable, almost perverse Aquarius will urge you to go on the offensive . It will make us want what we want and be willing to take what we  want…..regardless of the consequences. So it is important to listen to the wisdom of  calmer heads and wiser minds. Please respect yourself but but learn from your mistakes and do not repeat on the personal stage the mistakes of the past EVEN if it seems that our “ Leaders” are Hell Bent on doing just that…The polarity in this full moon means  you can expect strong opposition if you go up against anyone or anything at this time. Winner may take all but Losers  will pay a high price. If you are determined to compete, or to fight ….be forewarned. Although you should be confident with Moon in Sagittarius…remember to be fully self-reliant and realistic about your chances of success against powerful odds both personally or professionally. Within Two weeks the Dust settles and everything and everyone will be more Stable. Peace , and Namaste. 

SUN IN GEMINI..MAY 20th , 2018

  We are enjoying the last hours of placid , loyal, and stable Taurus . It will go Void-of – Course at 9:30pm tonight and remain there until tomorrow Night!  Sun will move into clever, talkative, curious, mentally stimulating, and mercurial Gemini at 8:15pm MT. Before this Mercury in Taurus squares Moon in Fiery , noble, and proud Leo at 1:31pm MT. Be aware of your words, and any potential miscommunications or crossed wires . Remember that as emotions can color your thinking or responses. Other than that this is a pretty easy day. Sun in Gemini after tonight will bring a fast paced exciting energy…but not negative or stressful…just a higher revolution or Vibe. Gemini likes to explore, try the new and untried, push the envelope, take  a risk, and generally enjoy people, places and things ( preferably new!) Sun in Gemini will put an edgier, more interesting spin on things. Do be aware though that now Mars is Transiting the Twins’ friend in Aquarius . Avoid gossip, superficiality, and insincerity like the plague; lest you suffer it’s blowback. Keep things Simple, honest and Real. Remember “ if you tell the truth, you don’t have to have a good memory” ! Namaste.



      Well the shift has begun. Uranus into Taurus, New Moon in Taurus, and Mars into Aquarius. The aspect of note today occurred at @1 am MT. Mars in Aquarius squared Uranus in Taurus. Transiting Mars square Uranus gives us a strong pull, an urge to break free from restriction. We rebel against convention and  authority. TPTB bother us and we push the envelope as far as we are able. Uranus hates Restrictions, Mars does Also. There can be a tendency to act hastily, or rashly without regard for consequence Now. This can lead to great disruption, upheaval or  even violence in your life. The Desire to throw the baby out with the Bathwater May be too strong to forfend… An Awareness and Acceptance of this forceful, aggressive, and dynamic energy can permit it to be channeled into  positive , instead of negative avenues . It could lead to inventive and creative breakthroughs …”AHA” moments which can breathe life into stagnant or stalemated situations.

         Utilize the electric Uranian energy along with proactive Mars to break free  of ruts, unhealthy situations, toxic relationships, dead end jobs or workplaces , and to think outside the box in order to shake up operating systems or outworn paradigms. Watchwords are Innovation, Opportunities , and Non -Conformity. Do be aware of operating electronics, machinery, automobiles, or working with cutlery now , as carelessness or thoughtless actions could prove dangerous. You must find something , some part of your life in which you don’t have to play by the rules, or better yet , tear up the rules , let your hair down, and have some real fun. Any attempt to block, resist, deny , contain, or to restrain  the unpredictable, unorthodox, radical and erratic Uranian energies now in stability craving Taurus squaring aggressive, bellicose, and warlike Mars in pixilated Aquarius can lead to chaos, explosions or accidents..Personal or Transpersonal . It is critical to vent your crazy, rebellious, creative or inventive side . Please do so in a safe environment! Structured approaches may need to be replaced by Spontaneity and whimsy …Just for a Today. Healthy outlets are Best. Namaste. 




   An enormous Shift occurs today as the The New Moon occurs on 24° 36 mins. of Taurus at 5:48am MT. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: AN INDIAN WARRIOR RIDING FIERCELY, HUMAN SCALPS HANGING FROM HIS BELT. This denotes the ferocity and aggression of human instinct when fighting for their convictions,  their home, or their perception of Right vs Wrong, Good vs.Bad Violence used for Survival is a Theme… This New Moon is also influenced by  Two Fixed  stars in the Perseus Constellation. Algol and Capulus bring extreme malevolence , great misfortune, violence and upheaval …but can also bring great fortune, positive influence and benevolence. Karmic Merit is the Key so it is a toss of the dice as to how this plays out on the World or Personal Stages. ..This can affect large segments of the Planet .

        The Great Revolutionary Uranus also winds down its Eight year transit of Fiery Aries , and it will Enter Earth sign Taurus at 9:23am. Innovative Uranus is  the planet of revolution, high  technology , invention, and rebellion. As it moves today from firebrand Aries into more conservative Taurus, for the first time since 1942, we can expect some Seismic Shifts . Unconventional Uranus demands Change,  radical evolution , and futuristic  progress, while sensual, loyal , and nostalgic Taurus is grounded or rooted in stable, time honored convention or tradition. Taurus resists change at every turn.Taurus deals with monies, work, all material acquisitions , solid objects, security, farming,  our  food supply, arts and music. Watch as all of these areas are radically revamped as we experience and must learn to cope with this new cosmic  experience made real for Planet Earth.

         Hold on to your horses…it will foment a radical shift that begins today and will last for the next Eight years. Uranus in Taurus promises life altering Change regarding Business, Finance, Currencies, Real Estate, Employability, The Food Supply, Wall Street, Governance, Taxation, Warmongering, and much more . It heralds a radical reorganization of the Status Quo here on Planet Earth.  Peaceful , Placid Taurus is not entirely comfortable with Electric , Revolutionary and Futuristic  Uranus. It will get real interesting as Change attempts to bring Stability. Furthermore Mars wraps up its transit in powerful and  strategic Capricorn for unorthodox, unusual, cool, stubborn, and shocking Aquarius at 10:55pm tonight. There will be a major square  of Mars and Uranus Tomorrow …For Now Faith, Hope, and Compassion are Keywords as we begin a Cosmic Rollercoaster ride that will reshape Earth as we Know it into something potentially more Sustainable and Livable. It won’t be without some serious and dangerous Bumps..but we have to grow, to Ascend if we are to Survive on this Beautiful blue- green Planet. I will write more soon as to what can be expected..or unexpected about Uranus in Taurus. The Shift Begins. Be safe , Namaste.