The Moon is in watery, emotional, secretive, loyal, and home loving Cardinal Cancer all day; it goes void-of-course at 11:05pm PT with oppositions to Pluto in Capricorn and square to Jupiter in Libra. Tension, angst, anticipation and a little drama abound. Information is revealed. Energies are high powered and fast moving. However the Sun entered spectacular and magnificent Fixed Fire Leo at 8:16am PT. Mars already entered the sign of the Noble Lion on Thursday, giving direction and determination to the Martial Planet’s energies . Now the stage is set for a tough yet ultimately spectacular New Moon at   0° 44′  of Leo. The Sun’s entrance in fiery, magnanimous, gracious, powerful, self centered, dramatic, creative, and imperious Leo arrives not a moment to soon. AVE LEO ! , or Hail Leo !  Summer swings into high gear in the Northern Hemisphere and we move towards a Meteor Shower, two spectacular Eclipses AND a second Leo New Moon in @30 days. This is going to be a very busy month, with lots of twists and turns, but ultimately an incredible harbinger of positive and long lasting Change. 2017 in its second half can bring redemption and resurrection. Hallelujah.

         The new moon of July 23 ,2017 is highly influenced by the planet Mars now in the sign of its best friend  Leo. We”ll see that this new moon is all about dynamics, optimism, high energy, Direct action, relationships, friendly or sexual, physical movement, strategies, government shenanigans, sports, rage, anger and war. A powerful and ancillary influence come from the planet Uranus , opposer of Leo in fiery Aries, best friend , again to Leo! A tense aspect to this planet of revolution, upheaval, surprise, shock, earthquakes, overthrow of the status quo, personal or Transpersonal rebellion, sweeping change and downright excitement makes Mars more explosive, unpredictable, violent , determined and dangerous. Expect the unexpected. So buckle your seat belts.

         The early am tomorrow morning new moon will test your resolve , forbearance, and patience. The energies may test , tax, annoy, or outrage. BREATHE AND COUNT TO TEN AS ANY annoying little things that people do will BOTHER THE HECK OUT OF YOU AND THE TRICK IS NOT TO REACT, BUT TO RESOLVE .Please do not piss people off or give in to having your own buttons pushed. Think things through. You will have to take extra care hot to tread on people’s toes or to rub the wrong people the wrong way.Remember to be forewarned is to be forearmed. There is an increased danger of  murders, assassinations, revolutions, military assaults and war. Serious. 

    Therefore channel the over abundance of Uranian and Arian energies toward healthy outlets; a little gambling, a little partying, some exercise, consensual sex, outdoor activities, get togethers, and otherwise simple pleasures. The trick here is to navigate potentially dangerous waters with perspicacity and discernment. The influences of this weekend follow us to the August 21ST SOLAR ECLIPSE. KEEP THINGS FUN, BUT LIGHT, LOOK FOR HEALTHY EXPRESSIONS OF ALL THIS LEO MOJO! More later. Namaste


     The Moon was full at  17° 09 ‘ of Capricorn at 9:07pm PT last night ….and at 12:07am this Morning for the East Coast and Beyond. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is : A REPRESSED WOMAN FINDS A PSYCHOLOGICAL RELEASE IN NUDISM. This denotes a release of inhibition, stricture or societal constraint; a  break from convention, a liberation from harsh rules or suffocating parameters  imposed upon us by the Status Quo. This degree permits escape from bondage or attachment to  social mores and inhibitions , allowing a realization upon the inherent natural  wisdom of  our bodies. A major Epiphany, or  Revelation is at Hand.

          This is the dour, depressing, overly practical, solid Earth Summer Moon in Cardinal no nonsense Capricorn. It’s polarity is that it occurs with the Sun in emotional, intuitive, psychic, attached and watery Cancer . Mercury in Cancer, as well as Mars also in deep  cookie Cancer, bring withheld  emotions to the surface. We feel an almost manic pull or tug on our feelings and heartstrings. This is not an easy Lunation. Mars also opposes Pluto in Capricorn . This extremely tense aspect is one of power and passion. The push to succeeed at all costs is strong….whether or not you tread all over others to do so is the danger. Violence, Anger, Revenge, Warfare, and personal as well as World Stage confrontations can occur. Mars in Cancer is seething, steeped in water creating steam that can move mountains or burn something up in anger. Pluto planet of Transformation, sex and secrets in unrelenting and unforgiving Capricorn can cause shattering experiences… or earthquakes both emotional and seismic . These aspects can cause some seriously tense encounters in the next 36 hours. Please utilize ” Pause when agitated” and Think before you react to triggers or resentments.

      The July 9th 2017 Full Moon at 17°09′ Capricorn is one degree away from Lord of the Underworld Pluto. This dark planet of power, intensity , and  death as well as rebirth will transform through complete destruction followed by renewal. This is as powerful a full moon as it can get. Emotions, feelings, intuitions or paranoia  are already running high during a full moon . We now see that they can become all-powerful, all-consuming, all- or -nothing.  Moon in Capricorn is harsh , unyielding, ” weak” in emotion…the exact opposite of deeply emotive Cancer. Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn brings such deep and intense feelings to the surface that it can become dangerous. These powerful energies can blindside or overwhelm .Obsession, Frustration, and drowning in feelings may make it hard to focus on anything else.  Deja vu, Inspiration, Visitations, Clairvoyance, Dreams, Nightmares, Visions, Psychic Occurences, Intuitive  impressions , or  Profound insights now may have an enormous effect on your mood or actions/reactions . The Sun conjoining Mars can align heart and mind, drive with intellect. This can counter Sun opposing Pluto which brings power plays, control dramas, manipulation and hidden agendas to the surface.

          In brief please be aware, be conscious now of intense emotion, others agendas, and avoid temper outburst or being baited or manipulated into showdowns. Arguing is ill advised as ego and self righteousness can get in the way. By responding to provocation or  intimidation with like behaviors, threats, rage  or ultimatums….you  will only inflame or exacerbate any problems. Fights and conflicts in unstable, weak, or unhealthy relationships can turn ugly. Be leery or steer clear now of  agendas that involve power and control.  On the Transpersonal or World Stage we may see threats, violence, partisan shenanigans, seismic, volcanic, and weather instabilities. Any displays of  military power, threat of invasions, or threats of war are very dangerous at this Time. However, the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in loving and Unconditional Cancer permits healing and solutions to seemingly dead end problems. There  is a real chance of compromise and peace between governments or opposing  factions or nations. Relationships between friends and lovers can see compromise and resolution rather than break up or separation. The Choice is ours if we so desire . 

 At this midpoint of 2017 we turn a corner, but we don’t have to clip or jump the curb. Things progress upwards toward Solution rather than Problem /Reaction…if we allow it…if we want some Change. We can move toward the Spectacular and Life Altering Eclipses soon to Be experienced Worldwide in August. We can realize some long overdue dreams or aspirations this Summer. Let this Full Moon pull more up and out of us so we travel a little lighter, a little wiser…but no longer sadder. Namaste




       Today is the first full day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and conversely the beginning of Winter for our friends in the Southern Climes. Sun entered Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer at @9:24pm PT last night and at 12:24am ET this morn. The Moon went Void-of-Course promptly at 9:25pm and stays that way until it enters airy , clever,  and mercurial Gemini at 3:44pm PT.  Some important aspects that occurred were Venus in Taurus  sextiled Neptune in Pisces, Mercury in Gemini  Sextiled Uranus in Aries , and the Moon in Taurus also  sextiled Neptune and Mars. Mercury also entered Cancer at 2:58 this morning on our West Coast thereby aligning Sun with Mercury to give some direction to Purpose. In brief this was a magickal Solstice filled with dreams, promises of  good times, camaraderie, mystical notes, practical application and a benevolent start to Summer…or Winter..wherever you may be. We are in a period of Relative Stability that should last until early August Eclipse time.

Today is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. We see now that the Sun enters emotional, sensitive, intuitive, sympathetic, touchy feely , security conscious, real estate ruling, protective, nurturing, family loving, loyal, save- for -a -rainy -day , kind and resourceful Cancer. On the Other hand the sign of the Crab also proffers moodiness, restlessness, clinginess, secretive natures, passive aggressive behaviors, stubbornness , and difficulty in forgiving or forgetting . Mercury also into Cancer makes this an important time to get to the bottom of deep seated issues and emotional concerns…..without pushing too hard into something…or away from it in order to avoid a confrontation leading to resolution. This is not the time to dig yourself into a hole or to stick your head in the sand. You can uncover Truths now with less effort as the watery , impressionable , psychic, yet astute Cancerian nature can feel out or dig up a mystery with its Crab Claws !! Pay attention to Signs and Signals, messages overt or covert, body language and stop to read  in between the lines of what is said…or left unsaid. Flashes of Inspiration and a “Knowing” replace fear and paranoid thoughts..if you operate without fear, anger, or acrimony…..More is Revealed.

This is the run up to a wonderful New Moon  in Cancer this Friday. Powerful Communication or Messages of Importance are at Hand. Pay Attention to the World Stage as well as your personal Sphere. The energy of this week is all about communication, inspiration, and revelation. We can problem solve a bit easier now in areas of Finance or Romance with Cancerian Intuition guiding our Hearts and Minds. Now with Sun in Cardinal …soon to be Moon as well , Cancer the Crab..we can plan or build something lasting; Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, or Spiritually . More soon. Namaste and a Happy Midsummer’s Eve!!


Today the New Moon occurs at  4° 46′ of Gemini at 12:44pm Pacific Time. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “HOLLY AND MISTLETOE REAWAKEN OLD MEMORIES OF CHRISTMAS”. This powerful degree denotes nostalgia, melancholy, rumination, and longing for the Past , Happier times , even a pre-intellectual state , or a  more simplified form of  Existence. The intellectualism and Duality of the Gemini air element yearns for one, yet runs away toward another …..Today is a turning point. 

    Venus and Mercury are not only Direct after months and months of shape shifting and disappointments, but also completely out of their”Shadow Zones ” which began in late January. Jupiter Rx in Libra will turn Direct on June 9th and we can truly resume business, expansive projects, goals, plans, and a realization of Dreams. For now we have a New Moon… that although is in Gemini …..because of the Precession of the Equinoxes ..has backed up almost Fully into the Constellation of Taurus the Bull ….specifically the face of the Bull in the Brilliant star Cluster of the Hyades. These stars are known as the Stars of Tears” and although they are ultimately fortuitous …first we must pass through our own VALLIS LACRIMARUM ( Vale of Tears) in order to stop doing the same thing over and over and over again…yet expecting a Different Result.

Powerful storms, seismic events, a Cosmic Storm occurring as I write , or  tempests and rain events( like out of season light rain predicted here in SoCal today!) are associated with these Stars. Upsets, Dramas, reversals of fortune, breakups or makeups are all aspected. Cool and Calm are Keywords.  If you are angered, hurt or betrayed, please address it quickly so that resentment and anger do not fester or cause health issues…particular with A Solar Coronal Mass Ejection or CME  on the Way tomorrow. However something will pop up or broad side us,  Financial or relationship dramas are to be expected .Remember although  action, or correction must be taken…please remain in the intellectual mind ( Gemini) NOT the reactive one ( Taurus) so that peace is the ultimate outcome. Note that after the Storm passes within two weeks of this New Moon…calmer seas prevail and a New Direction becomes Clear.

      For now we see that there are certain behaviors, attitudes, mindsets or paradigms that no longer serve us. Be Honest enough , Willing enough, and Openminded enough to look for a different way, an easier solution or healing  for those things which do often lie too Deep For Tears.  Namaste.


      The New Moon at 6°27′ Taurus occurred at 5:16am PT . Although a very powerful lunation , it makes no planetary aspects…none  at all! The Sabian Symbol for  6° 27′ Taurus is ” THE WOMAN OF SAMARIA AT THE ANCESTRAL WELL.” This denotes a confluence of the traditional past and a powerful signpost pointing to the future. Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well and revealed Himself to her…an outcast . Metaphysical, Spiritual, Occult Truths are Brought to Light while Hidden Agendas are exposed.

     There are two fixed stars in transit before the  New Moon that have a dark and sinister Effect. There is also a very strong planetary alignment occurring now that can transmute negative to positive, loss to gain, despair to hope, and can even lift lower realm energies, demons, up into the realm of Devas and Angels.

       Fixed star Hamal at 7°53′ and fixed star Schedir at 8°00′ Taurus are both associated with strong, protective leaders. Russia, North Korea, France, Israel,Turkey,  Iran, and the USA come to Mind.  A perversity, narcissism, sociopathy or other pathologies bring a lust for power to the fore. This can make for cruel and violent strongmen or dictators. Although stubborn, taciturn, headstrong or aggressive, they can hide much of their agenda while plotting or scheming for Power and Control. Then they slowly work their way to the top  through determination cunning and great patience. Inside a seeming benevolent man, even from a well heeled, noble, generous and loving family ….we can see  a ruthless killer instinct. This combination unleashes    demonic powers. Evil associates, egomania, War Drums, aggression, overindulgence , secret trysts or agreements, and love affairs can all lead to trouble, loss, being found out….and an ultimate fall from power or Grace. Heavy Stuff with Mercury in its toughest Retrograde stance before it turns Direct on May 3rd !

       Today the New Moon alignment with two nasty fixed Stars brings up the dark or nasty side in many. However the  major planetary configuration this year, Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries  is activated by the Retrograde Messenger Mercury. We get some relief, a window into Truth. This brings stunning revelation, like the Sabian Symbol , insights , liberating information, and a deeper understanding which ultimately leads to a positive transformation. More will be revealed. 

       Dealing with baggage, trauma, resentment , and  your inner demons can  be very very liberating. A Shining light appears and it can illuminate….ultimately repair or dispel dark or sinister energies . It will weaken the opposing Forces on the Personal or World Stage that wish to die power, control, and ultimately destroy Light.  Discovering and accepting your limitations, dark side, or fears leads to a rapid and  rejuvenating transformation. This airing out of negative samsaric patterns or karma will relieve you of guilt, shame, self loathing , self punishment, low self esteem, sorrows, and  lower realm negative emotions. Be apprised. Namaste. 


    Today Venus went Direct at  26° 55 minutes of Pisces  at 3:15am PT. It  will not move forward into Aries until April 28th nor leave its “Shadow Zone ” until May 18th. However the back and forth of the the last 42 days is 95% OVER!!! We can begin to see which areas of our romantic or financial arenas are solid, which are ” finis” or must be discarded…and we can begin to repair holes in our  financial portfolios and to actually move forward in matters of income. The money spigot is no longer trickling. Relationship matters settle down. Now  we can resume matters of the heart ..even  return to a ” normalcy” ( whatever that is ..) in all of our personal matters…albeit with a lot of Stones turned over the last 6 weeks.. Therefore it won’t be business as usual; Maybe something Better. Venus can now get back to her gentle loving self and World Stage matters can hopefully follow her Lead.

Mercury is however ferociously Retrograde in Taurus..and so matters of finance are not completely fixed. This is not the time to buy or to sign. Please watch your cars and electronics …all communications and contracts must be fact checked and fine tuned. These pesky influences do not leave until May 4th. It will be a time to Uncover, Discover, and to Discard any or all that do not contribute to stability, security, or longevity. We must look at how we promote, sustain or undermine ours or Others’ Status Quo. Look now to simple ways to put one foot in front of the other and hold off on major changes to living or working arrangements. One more month and we are out of the woods. The odd surprise or setback is here but nothing like 2016. Mercury Rx in Taurus is in the part of the Zodiac that rules monies, self worth, food, beauty, sensuality , sense   and sensibility, and all forms of loyalty as well as Physical Pleasure. Remember that Personal Interest takes precedence so take a look at some of these subjects and how they’re playing out…or not …in your life.

Tomorrow is Easter and we are in the midst of Passover. I wish all of you Peace, Light, And Love. May we all Meditate on the Protection of our Worlds. Sorry for not writing. This has been an inordinate time of challenge to me with so many planets in Pisces/Aries and Taurus..All in the nexus of the Retrogrades !!! I got hit with two sledgehammers. Now it is time to regroup and to reformat. Namaste.


      The Moon is full at 7:54am this morning PT  in 22°  13 min of Virgo . Sun in fey, watery, and ethereal Pisces opposes Moon in practical, earthy, and particular Virgo.  We’ve set the clocks ahead in the Northern Hemisphere and although the days lengthen from here on in , for now  we go to bed with a tenseness , a slight angst, a stress from this powerful Lunation. The Sabian Symbol for  22° of Virgo is ” A ROYAL COAT OF ARMS ENRICHED WITH PRECIOUS STONES.” This denotes the need to step up to a higher place, a more powerful or causal  role , the acceptance of ones status or station in life and the need to acknowledge our roots, our forebears, our lineage as a marker or index for  spiritual growth, transformation, and ultimate transcendence or ascension 

      The Full Moon today, Sunday March 12, 2017 is reveals  a crescendo  in recent World Stage or political tensions. Personal dramas,  relationships issues , and struggles between partners come to the fore. We will see a flurry of accusations, pointed questions, and mental activity in a desperate search for resolution. Virgo seeks perfection and Pisces is all about acceptance of imperfection so the polarity is powerful, the dichotomy difficult.  Full Moon brings problems to the surface, no longer buried or suppressed. They can only be unconvered, discovered, and ultimately discarded by facing them head on ( Virgo) …not by running away or falling prey to all forms of escapism ( Pisces). This Full Moon forces us to take a deep look at the multifaceted and complex issues at hand. These can be very involved , Even past lifetime cconnected , therefore  not easily recognizable or disentangled . Intense emotions, deep fated encounters and introspection along with psychological analysis lead to solutions if cooler heads are maintained. Now positive transformation is possible. The window  to peace , illumination, and harmony Opens. 

       Jupiter is still opposing Uranus . This Underscores an overwhelming  push for personal liberation , release from restriction, and the Will to go our own way. Rapid Change and excitement are Watchwords . We may  feel strong urges, now compelled to move toward  freedom….unrestricted or unhampered  license to do whatever we must to break free of limiting or constraining relationships or situations. A sudden epiphany or event can release built up frustration or tension leading to a big shift in the Status Quo.  The more held back or impeded you have felt, the more radical or upsetting the change. A tendency toward renewal or even to pick up, move on and start anew is strong. However, be apprised that the greater the Change…the greater the need to adapt to the New playing field.  This is especially so if partners, coworkers, or intimate relations  has been binding you, or holding you back. Please be forewarned of any financial ramifications or upset due to any big changes with Venus planet of finance in Retrograde motion through April 15th. Remember to err on th did of caution before taking any major Financial Risks. 

    Wounded Healer asteroid  Chiron, asteroid Pallas Athena, dwarf planet Eris and the Fixed Star DENEBOLA all figure into the mix. Fixed star Denebola, Beta Leonis, is a blue star in the tail of the Lion, Leo constellation. The name Denebola comes from the Arabic Deneb Alased, meaning Tail of the Lion.Denebola can convey windfall, sudden positive Events aand  is of the nature of serious Saturn and  also financial Venus. It is said to proffer swift and accurate intuition or  judgment. It’s negative affects are tendency to  depression, despair, regret, and the threat of fall from grace or public figure disgrace. The most disturbing association is that of  catastrophic events from nature…. this is a very potent SEISMIC WINDOW with DENEBOLA CONJOINED TO EARTHQUAKE ASSOCIATED VIRGO  here on the West Coast.

         In brief the Full Moon indicates unexpected events, dramas, tensions, or further exacerbation / aggravation of  long standing concerns that seem stalemated  or  blocked. The stressful energy is made worse by stubbornness, self righteous attitudes , religious, dogmatic, or political extremism, and the polarities of opposite belief paradigms or operating systems that seem irreconcilable or  incompatible. Only cooler heads should prevail.  Please resist any aggressive or confrontational actions. Use logic instead of emotion and utilize perceptive or intuitive ideas, dynamic energies, proactive stance skills, leadership , and a sensitivity to Others needs or opinions. The solution  to  problems that rear their ugly heads now are handled best by a desire to grow and a  will  to reconcile inner and outer differences through positive transformation.Namaste.