Venus,  planet of  Finance and Romance went Retrograde yesterday morning (after slowing down in its “Shadow Zone” since late January)  at 1:08am PT on  13° of Aries  . The Sabian Symbol for this degree is  ”   AN UNEXPLODED BOMB REVEALS AN UNSUCCESSFUL SOCIAL PROTEST.”  It represent the possibility of suddenly overthrowing the status quo. Yet with he Retrograde or backward motion of Venus , Violent or immature responses to TPTB can fall flat on their faces . The Deep State so often thwarts , defuses, or coopts any attempt to transform or replace  the Existing Power Structure. Venus can bring treachery and deceit whilst Retrograde ..yet can also bring a push for peace and harmony. The masses want more than bread and circuses. The symbol denotes a negative response, something out of synch with the desire to reconcile a transpersonal  goal or ideal with the mundane. Retrogrades can and will offset timing and bring a fated unavoidable quality to events . Something is Brewing. 

             This retrograde is not all negative. On a different note this is Adam and Eve, temptation, yet caution, looking beneath the surface for validation or emotional truths ;the polar opposites of male/ female, yin/yang, positive/negative . We see physical love versus unconditional love. Bizarrely it is in tandem with a potentially violent expression of the need for Change. This is not so  perverse or incompatible as it is Symbolic of  Venus’ tendency to bring out the Best ..or Worst  in us All. Venus is not just sex but a marker for transformation, evolution, and Ascension. Spiritual unconditional love is part and parcel of this Retrograde …even more so than frustrated, deceptive, or unrequited amor

      During a Venus retrograde period, which is rare and very powerful as it only occurs approximately every 18 or 19 months , we have a chance to review, revisit, , reevaluate, rethink, and rework our relationships..both financial and romantic. We see people as they really are without romanticizing or deluding ourselves. Our ways of emoting or of relating to others come to the Fore. Because Venus , ruled by Libra and Taurus is also associated with the myth of Narcissus. We may see more selfish, self absorbed , or self aggrandizing attitudes surface. We can look at the ups and downs of the Love Game. We may be dealing with past loves, relationships or eat someone new and exciting . We now move into into the relationship mix head first. Venus in Aries is determined so the search for love figures prominently during this period.   Aries is the polar opposite of Libra so we can Anticipate some fire and  feistiness in the first part one Retrograde in close personal arenas. 

     Venus retrograde 2017 is  6 weeks or 40 days and nights  regarding themes of love and money. Longstanding relationship issues can be resolved, or parting of the ways become permanent. Instant attraction, Whirlwind romance,and  karmic encounters are possible. The key to handling  this Venus retrograde is to choose your goals or battles carefully. Decisions  based on self serving or mercenary  motives can fall apart once Venus Goes Direct on April 15th.  You CAN  find true love  during Venus retrograde  but please wait til after it goes Direct to make final decisions. Be apprised that some hardship , disappointment or delay may arise as timing is a bit askew. Remember that perceptions may not be on target so Expect some bumps in communication or in feelings and emotion. We may feel on fire or strangely ccool or distant .  Unrequited Love rears its head as well.  Self awareness, unconditional love, serious patience and a push toward timing will increase chances of finding or repairing a loving and lasting relationship. Use the Venus retrograde to improve self esteem by doing estimable things. Reevaluate what really brings you contentment and pleasure. Now we can get to the core issues , the crux of problems in past or current relationships. Old lovers and beaus can  reappear. This actually can help you clear away the past . It may be time to make way for newer , healthier relationships. Even romanticizing, or reminiscing about past partners will uncover ways to move forward in our emotional lives. Venus Rx asks us to clean out the Past, to liberate ourselves from  karmic baggage and negative repetitive and damaging relationship choices. We lighten up and are relieved from heartache or frustration .

  Taurus, Libra and Aries people are particularly affected now. Be patient with loved ones and don’t be hasty in your desire to get what you want . Know that it is different from what you need.  As a side note please refrain from Cosmetic procedures, redecoration of home or office, a makeover, purchasing  clothes or a new wardrobe,  fashion accessories, tattoos, playing the market, investing or spending unnecessarily and buying g luxury items. Venus taints our perceptions of form, color, and esthetics while Retrograde. Be aware of food preparation as well as food borne illness spikes while the Planet of love and beauty Retrogrades. For now resist impulses to overspend or to sleep with the first person coming down the Pike!  More will be revealed and I will write again as the Retrograde strengthens. Namaste .


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