The Moon is full at 7:54am this morning PT  in 22°  13 min of Virgo . Sun in fey, watery, and ethereal Pisces opposes Moon in practical, earthy, and particular Virgo.  We’ve set the clocks ahead in the Northern Hemisphere and although the days lengthen from here on in , for now  we go to bed with a tenseness , a slight angst, a stress from this powerful Lunation. The Sabian Symbol for  22° of Virgo is ” A ROYAL COAT OF ARMS ENRICHED WITH PRECIOUS STONES.” This denotes the need to step up to a higher place, a more powerful or causal  role , the acceptance of ones status or station in life and the need to acknowledge our roots, our forebears, our lineage as a marker or index for  spiritual growth, transformation, and ultimate transcendence or ascension 

      The Full Moon today, Sunday March 12, 2017 is reveals  a crescendo  in recent World Stage or political tensions. Personal dramas,  relationships issues , and struggles between partners come to the fore. We will see a flurry of accusations, pointed questions, and mental activity in a desperate search for resolution. Virgo seeks perfection and Pisces is all about acceptance of imperfection so the polarity is powerful, the dichotomy difficult.  Full Moon brings problems to the surface, no longer buried or suppressed. They can only be unconvered, discovered, and ultimately discarded by facing them head on ( Virgo) …not by running away or falling prey to all forms of escapism ( Pisces). This Full Moon forces us to take a deep look at the multifaceted and complex issues at hand. These can be very involved , Even past lifetime cconnected , therefore  not easily recognizable or disentangled . Intense emotions, deep fated encounters and introspection along with psychological analysis lead to solutions if cooler heads are maintained. Now positive transformation is possible. The window  to peace , illumination, and harmony Opens. 

       Jupiter is still opposing Uranus . This Underscores an overwhelming  push for personal liberation , release from restriction, and the Will to go our own way. Rapid Change and excitement are Watchwords . We may  feel strong urges, now compelled to move toward  freedom….unrestricted or unhampered  license to do whatever we must to break free of limiting or constraining relationships or situations. A sudden epiphany or event can release built up frustration or tension leading to a big shift in the Status Quo.  The more held back or impeded you have felt, the more radical or upsetting the change. A tendency toward renewal or even to pick up, move on and start anew is strong. However, be apprised that the greater the Change…the greater the need to adapt to the New playing field.  This is especially so if partners, coworkers, or intimate relations  has been binding you, or holding you back. Please be forewarned of any financial ramifications or upset due to any big changes with Venus planet of finance in Retrograde motion through April 15th. Remember to err on th did of caution before taking any major Financial Risks. 

    Wounded Healer asteroid  Chiron, asteroid Pallas Athena, dwarf planet Eris and the Fixed Star DENEBOLA all figure into the mix. Fixed star Denebola, Beta Leonis, is a blue star in the tail of the Lion, Leo constellation. The name Denebola comes from the Arabic Deneb Alased, meaning Tail of the Lion.Denebola can convey windfall, sudden positive Events aand  is of the nature of serious Saturn and  also financial Venus. It is said to proffer swift and accurate intuition or  judgment. It’s negative affects are tendency to  depression, despair, regret, and the threat of fall from grace or public figure disgrace. The most disturbing association is that of  catastrophic events from nature…. this is a very potent SEISMIC WINDOW with DENEBOLA CONJOINED TO EARTHQUAKE ASSOCIATED VIRGO  here on the West Coast.

         In brief the Full Moon indicates unexpected events, dramas, tensions, or further exacerbation / aggravation of  long standing concerns that seem stalemated  or  blocked. The stressful energy is made worse by stubbornness, self righteous attitudes , religious, dogmatic, or political extremism, and the polarities of opposite belief paradigms or operating systems that seem irreconcilable or  incompatible. Only cooler heads should prevail.  Please resist any aggressive or confrontational actions. Use logic instead of emotion and utilize perceptive or intuitive ideas, dynamic energies, proactive stance skills, leadership , and a sensitivity to Others needs or opinions. The solution  to  problems that rear their ugly heads now are handled best by a desire to grow and a  will  to reconcile inner and outer differences through positive transformation.Namaste. 


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