Today Venus went Direct at  26° 55 minutes of Pisces  at 3:15am PT. It  will not move forward into Aries until April 28th nor leave its “Shadow Zone ” until May 18th. However the back and forth of the the last 42 days is 95% OVER!!! We can begin to see which areas of our romantic or financial arenas are solid, which are ” finis” or must be discarded…and we can begin to repair holes in our  financial portfolios and to actually move forward in matters of income. The money spigot is no longer trickling. Relationship matters settle down. Now  we can resume matters of the heart ..even  return to a ” normalcy” ( whatever that is ..) in all of our personal matters…albeit with a lot of Stones turned over the last 6 weeks.. Therefore it won’t be business as usual; Maybe something Better. Venus can now get back to her gentle loving self and World Stage matters can hopefully follow her Lead.

Mercury is however ferociously Retrograde in Taurus..and so matters of finance are not completely fixed. This is not the time to buy or to sign. Please watch your cars and electronics …all communications and contracts must be fact checked and fine tuned. These pesky influences do not leave until May 4th. It will be a time to Uncover, Discover, and to Discard any or all that do not contribute to stability, security, or longevity. We must look at how we promote, sustain or undermine ours or Others’ Status Quo. Look now to simple ways to put one foot in front of the other and hold off on major changes to living or working arrangements. One more month and we are out of the woods. The odd surprise or setback is here but nothing like 2016. Mercury Rx in Taurus is in the part of the Zodiac that rules monies, self worth, food, beauty, sensuality , sense   and sensibility, and all forms of loyalty as well as Physical Pleasure. Remember that Personal Interest takes precedence so take a look at some of these subjects and how they’re playing out…or not …in your life.

Tomorrow is Easter and we are in the midst of Passover. I wish all of you Peace, Light, And Love. May we all Meditate on the Protection of our Worlds. Sorry for not writing. This has been an inordinate time of challenge to me with so many planets in Pisces/Aries and Taurus..All in the nexus of the Retrogrades !!! I got hit with two sledgehammers. Now it is time to regroup and to reformat. Namaste.


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