The New Moon at 6°27′ Taurus occurred at 5:16am PT . Although a very powerful lunation , it makes no planetary aspects…none  at all! The Sabian Symbol for  6° 27′ Taurus is ” THE WOMAN OF SAMARIA AT THE ANCESTRAL WELL.” This denotes a confluence of the traditional past and a powerful signpost pointing to the future. Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well and revealed Himself to her…an outcast . Metaphysical, Spiritual, Occult Truths are Brought to Light while Hidden Agendas are exposed.

     There are two fixed stars in transit before the  New Moon that have a dark and sinister Effect. There is also a very strong planetary alignment occurring now that can transmute negative to positive, loss to gain, despair to hope, and can even lift lower realm energies, demons, up into the realm of Devas and Angels.

       Fixed star Hamal at 7°53′ and fixed star Schedir at 8°00′ Taurus are both associated with strong, protective leaders. Russia, North Korea, France, Israel,Turkey,  Iran, and the USA come to Mind.  A perversity, narcissism, sociopathy or other pathologies bring a lust for power to the fore. This can make for cruel and violent strongmen or dictators. Although stubborn, taciturn, headstrong or aggressive, they can hide much of their agenda while plotting or scheming for Power and Control. Then they slowly work their way to the top  through determination cunning and great patience. Inside a seeming benevolent man, even from a well heeled, noble, generous and loving family ….we can see  a ruthless killer instinct. This combination unleashes    demonic powers. Evil associates, egomania, War Drums, aggression, overindulgence , secret trysts or agreements, and love affairs can all lead to trouble, loss, being found out….and an ultimate fall from power or Grace. Heavy Stuff with Mercury in its toughest Retrograde stance before it turns Direct on May 3rd !

       Today the New Moon alignment with two nasty fixed Stars brings up the dark or nasty side in many. However the  major planetary configuration this year, Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries  is activated by the Retrograde Messenger Mercury. We get some relief, a window into Truth. This brings stunning revelation, like the Sabian Symbol , insights , liberating information, and a deeper understanding which ultimately leads to a positive transformation. More will be revealed. 

       Dealing with baggage, trauma, resentment , and  your inner demons can  be very very liberating. A Shining light appears and it can illuminate….ultimately repair or dispel dark or sinister energies . It will weaken the opposing Forces on the Personal or World Stage that wish to die power, control, and ultimately destroy Light.  Discovering and accepting your limitations, dark side, or fears leads to a rapid and  rejuvenating transformation. This airing out of negative samsaric patterns or karma will relieve you of guilt, shame, self loathing , self punishment, low self esteem, sorrows, and  lower realm negative emotions. Be apprised. Namaste. 


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