Today the New Moon occurs at  4° 46′ of Gemini at 12:44pm Pacific Time. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “HOLLY AND MISTLETOE REAWAKEN OLD MEMORIES OF CHRISTMAS”. This powerful degree denotes nostalgia, melancholy, rumination, and longing for the Past , Happier times , even a pre-intellectual state , or a  more simplified form of  Existence. The intellectualism and Duality of the Gemini air element yearns for one, yet runs away toward another …..Today is a turning point. 

    Venus and Mercury are not only Direct after months and months of shape shifting and disappointments, but also completely out of their”Shadow Zones ” which began in late January. Jupiter Rx in Libra will turn Direct on June 9th and we can truly resume business, expansive projects, goals, plans, and a realization of Dreams. For now we have a New Moon… that although is in Gemini …..because of the Precession of the Equinoxes ..has backed up almost Fully into the Constellation of Taurus the Bull ….specifically the face of the Bull in the Brilliant star Cluster of the Hyades. These stars are known as the Stars of Tears” and although they are ultimately fortuitous …first we must pass through our own VALLIS LACRIMARUM ( Vale of Tears) in order to stop doing the same thing over and over and over again…yet expecting a Different Result.

Powerful storms, seismic events, a Cosmic Storm occurring as I write , or  tempests and rain events( like out of season light rain predicted here in SoCal today!) are associated with these Stars. Upsets, Dramas, reversals of fortune, breakups or makeups are all aspected. Cool and Calm are Keywords.  If you are angered, hurt or betrayed, please address it quickly so that resentment and anger do not fester or cause health issues…particular with A Solar Coronal Mass Ejection or CME  on the Way tomorrow. However something will pop up or broad side us,  Financial or relationship dramas are to be expected .Remember although  action, or correction must be taken…please remain in the intellectual mind ( Gemini) NOT the reactive one ( Taurus) so that peace is the ultimate outcome. Note that after the Storm passes within two weeks of this New Moon…calmer seas prevail and a New Direction becomes Clear.

      For now we see that there are certain behaviors, attitudes, mindsets or paradigms that no longer serve us. Be Honest enough , Willing enough, and Openminded enough to look for a different way, an easier solution or healing  for those things which do often lie too Deep For Tears.  Namaste.


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