Today is the first full day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and conversely the beginning of Winter for our friends in the Southern Climes. Sun entered Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer at @9:24pm PT last night and at 12:24am ET this morn. The Moon went Void-of-Course promptly at 9:25pm and stays that way until it enters airy , clever,  and mercurial Gemini at 3:44pm PT.  Some important aspects that occurred were Venus in Taurus  sextiled Neptune in Pisces, Mercury in Gemini  Sextiled Uranus in Aries , and the Moon in Taurus also  sextiled Neptune and Mars. Mercury also entered Cancer at 2:58 this morning on our West Coast thereby aligning Sun with Mercury to give some direction to Purpose. In brief this was a magickal Solstice filled with dreams, promises of  good times, camaraderie, mystical notes, practical application and a benevolent start to Summer…or Winter..wherever you may be. We are in a period of Relative Stability that should last until early August Eclipse time.

Today is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. We see now that the Sun enters emotional, sensitive, intuitive, sympathetic, touchy feely , security conscious, real estate ruling, protective, nurturing, family loving, loyal, save- for -a -rainy -day , kind and resourceful Cancer. On the Other hand the sign of the Crab also proffers moodiness, restlessness, clinginess, secretive natures, passive aggressive behaviors, stubbornness , and difficulty in forgiving or forgetting . Mercury also into Cancer makes this an important time to get to the bottom of deep seated issues and emotional concerns…..without pushing too hard into something…or away from it in order to avoid a confrontation leading to resolution. This is not the time to dig yourself into a hole or to stick your head in the sand. You can uncover Truths now with less effort as the watery , impressionable , psychic, yet astute Cancerian nature can feel out or dig up a mystery with its Crab Claws !! Pay attention to Signs and Signals, messages overt or covert, body language and stop to read  in between the lines of what is said…or left unsaid. Flashes of Inspiration and a “Knowing” replace fear and paranoid thoughts..if you operate without fear, anger, or acrimony…..More is Revealed.

This is the run up to a wonderful New Moon  in Cancer this Friday. Powerful Communication or Messages of Importance are at Hand. Pay Attention to the World Stage as well as your personal Sphere. The energy of this week is all about communication, inspiration, and revelation. We can problem solve a bit easier now in areas of Finance or Romance with Cancerian Intuition guiding our Hearts and Minds. Now with Sun in Cardinal …soon to be Moon as well , Cancer the Crab..we can plan or build something lasting; Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, or Spiritually . More soon. Namaste and a Happy Midsummer’s Eve!!


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