The Moon was full at  17° 09 ‘ of Capricorn at 9:07pm PT last night ….and at 12:07am this Morning for the East Coast and Beyond. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is : A REPRESSED WOMAN FINDS A PSYCHOLOGICAL RELEASE IN NUDISM. This denotes a release of inhibition, stricture or societal constraint; a  break from convention, a liberation from harsh rules or suffocating parameters  imposed upon us by the Status Quo. This degree permits escape from bondage or attachment to  social mores and inhibitions , allowing a realization upon the inherent natural  wisdom of  our bodies. A major Epiphany, or  Revelation is at Hand.

          This is the dour, depressing, overly practical, solid Earth Summer Moon in Cardinal no nonsense Capricorn. It’s polarity is that it occurs with the Sun in emotional, intuitive, psychic, attached and watery Cancer . Mercury in Cancer, as well as Mars also in deep  cookie Cancer, bring withheld  emotions to the surface. We feel an almost manic pull or tug on our feelings and heartstrings. This is not an easy Lunation. Mars also opposes Pluto in Capricorn . This extremely tense aspect is one of power and passion. The push to succeeed at all costs is strong….whether or not you tread all over others to do so is the danger. Violence, Anger, Revenge, Warfare, and personal as well as World Stage confrontations can occur. Mars in Cancer is seething, steeped in water creating steam that can move mountains or burn something up in anger. Pluto planet of Transformation, sex and secrets in unrelenting and unforgiving Capricorn can cause shattering experiences… or earthquakes both emotional and seismic . These aspects can cause some seriously tense encounters in the next 36 hours. Please utilize ” Pause when agitated” and Think before you react to triggers or resentments.

      The July 9th 2017 Full Moon at 17°09′ Capricorn is one degree away from Lord of the Underworld Pluto. This dark planet of power, intensity , and  death as well as rebirth will transform through complete destruction followed by renewal. This is as powerful a full moon as it can get. Emotions, feelings, intuitions or paranoia  are already running high during a full moon . We now see that they can become all-powerful, all-consuming, all- or -nothing.  Moon in Capricorn is harsh , unyielding, ” weak” in emotion…the exact opposite of deeply emotive Cancer. Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn brings such deep and intense feelings to the surface that it can become dangerous. These powerful energies can blindside or overwhelm .Obsession, Frustration, and drowning in feelings may make it hard to focus on anything else.  Deja vu, Inspiration, Visitations, Clairvoyance, Dreams, Nightmares, Visions, Psychic Occurences, Intuitive  impressions , or  Profound insights now may have an enormous effect on your mood or actions/reactions . The Sun conjoining Mars can align heart and mind, drive with intellect. This can counter Sun opposing Pluto which brings power plays, control dramas, manipulation and hidden agendas to the surface.

          In brief please be aware, be conscious now of intense emotion, others agendas, and avoid temper outburst or being baited or manipulated into showdowns. Arguing is ill advised as ego and self righteousness can get in the way. By responding to provocation or  intimidation with like behaviors, threats, rage  or ultimatums….you  will only inflame or exacerbate any problems. Fights and conflicts in unstable, weak, or unhealthy relationships can turn ugly. Be leery or steer clear now of  agendas that involve power and control.  On the Transpersonal or World Stage we may see threats, violence, partisan shenanigans, seismic, volcanic, and weather instabilities. Any displays of  military power, threat of invasions, or threats of war are very dangerous at this Time. However, the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in loving and Unconditional Cancer permits healing and solutions to seemingly dead end problems. There  is a real chance of compromise and peace between governments or opposing  factions or nations. Relationships between friends and lovers can see compromise and resolution rather than break up or separation. The Choice is ours if we so desire . 

 At this midpoint of 2017 we turn a corner, but we don’t have to clip or jump the curb. Things progress upwards toward Solution rather than Problem /Reaction…if we allow it…if we want some Change. We can move toward the Spectacular and Life Altering Eclipses soon to Be experienced Worldwide in August. We can realize some long overdue dreams or aspirations this Summer. Let this Full Moon pull more up and out of us so we travel a little lighter, a little wiser…but no longer sadder. Namaste




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