Saturn stations Retrograde today, Tuesday April 17, 2018 at 09°08′ Capricorn. The Sabian Symbol for this Degree is : AN ANGEL CARRYING A HARP.  This denotes  a spiritual revelation. It signifies the meaning and purpose of any situation, the core or crux of Life. This Symbol  says that “heaven is within us.”.  All we have to do is to be open now. Please listen to  the sounds of life; the Harmonies, NOT The Disharmony. We play a critical role in establishing ..OR dis-establishing harmony . Remember that we play an important part of the Whole . In order to enable this , we must release or surrender our separate ego- identities or consciousness . Now the time comes to unblock or to unlock and to flow with the Universal current towards the Universal Mind. Heady Stuff , but in more simplistic or religious tones, which, This is Surrender to THE WILL OF G-D.

           From now at 6:47pm PT , until Saturn Turns direct on September 6  WE LEARN SOME IMPORTANT LESSONS, FROM THE LAST YEAR AND TO SOME DEGREE FROM THE LAST 29 With Saturn now in its Home Sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is all about the Status Quo, Karmic Lessons, Responsibility, Obligation, Work, Duty, and Limitation. Where have you faltered…or excelled in any of these areas? The Test for the next 4 months is to utilize , or use the Saturnian Wisdom born of hard knocks, and hard work or life experience to climb mountains, the Himalayas if necessary …to reach The Goal. Just remember …don’t step on anyone to get to the Top…or you may Fall Hard. You can Only receive the Benefits of Saturn if you have done all your homework, and now merit the Reward. We are NOT the Judge or arbiter of what we Receive. There is a Higher Order at Work here…there is only one powerful aspect today, Saturn stationary retrograde conjunct an intense fixed star makes …..but this is a very significant influence.

       Fixed Star Facies at 08°33′ Capricorn has an intensifying influence on Saturn retrograde. Facies is focused , driven, no nonsense, and full speed ahead for better or worse. It is Combined with Mercury in Aries now a direct square Saturn in Capricorn. Do not permit negative thinking to sidetrack or waylay you or your plans. Keep your thinking positive and focus on the Goal…don’t stand in the results of your actions. This is a dangerous aspect on the World Stage. Taken to the extreme by ruthless political , religious, or corporate leaders, drama, persecution , and aggression on a large-scale is possible.

        Saturn retrograde 2018  will assist you in recognizing self defeating behaviors, depressive, or negative thought patterns. This presents a powerful opportunity to uncover, discover and then to discard any negative and destructive ideas . This is a good chance to erase negative mental engrams that are counter productive, or destructive. These tapes may have played over and over in your brain for years. Now you can really get to the bottom of some life damaging ingrained patterns. Once Saturn turns direct , you’ll move forward Stronger , Wiser, and with a More Positive Mindset. Namaste.  



A brief post before I go to bed. I was writing my column for today, knowing that Mercury goes direct at 2:21 AM Pacific time on April 15. This is a powerful day , A New Moon and Sun Conjunct Uranus. This is a fantastic day for a New Beginning especially after a hellish three week Mercury Retrograde in Aries . but I thought I’d write this before I went to bad and yet  Mercury is still in the very last degrees of retrograde motion. My iPad is normally incompatible with WordPress.  On a good day it is very hard to write! I wrote most of my article was getting ready to wrap it up, and it erased itself completely by juxtaposing something from another page! LOL, too tired to pull my hair out therefore I’m not to write about this till I wake up! One good last ( I hope) slap in the face by Mercury…..until  tomorrow but for all of you now Mercury is going direct hallelujah and this brings some much much needed positive energy…


   Well I’ve survived another year ! Now with Mercury Rx in my Sign of fiery Aries until April 15th, and Uranus transiting the latter degrees of Aries until May 15th..relief is on the Horizon…sheesh. It has been a roller coaster. This Birthday month has been a write off with only the barest minimum of plans or projects congealing or coming to fruition. There has been great difficulty in getting anything off the ground even though it is critical to do so with The Spring Forward season of the Ram . Mercury in Aries has made impatience, frustration , aggravation, and detours, delays, and disappointment rampant. Setback has been the norm. Tension and anxiety run high as Uranus runs Its shocking and  powerful current through Aries for one more month. This has felt like living on the edge for 8 years .Uranian Energy has been almost too much for the physical vessel to handle… let alone process. What does this all mean? When you reach your Birthday or Solar Return( the yearly reprise of the astrological point of your birth) it is your New Year, your rebirth, your chance to begin anew….one more year. Now things can improve , albeit slowly until Mercury goes Direct. Clarity of purpose and direction are on the horizon. We get recharged and  revived. This is why our Birthdays are so much more than cakes, candies, and parties!

           Moon in Capricorn today is down to earth, practical, and a little tough. This is a no nonsense hardworking energy. Flights of fantasy are replaced by cold reality. Don’t look for favors, loans, or compassion but DO look for rewards based on merit and a satisfaction from work completed or a task well done. Moon in Capricorn accentuates the need to succeed, get ahead in life or to feed our ambition. Just be careful of any dishonesty  or  disingenuos behaviors. Self serving or mercenenary actions are to be avoided. They will backfire or fall flat , held up to the bright light of Truth. People in positions of authority or the status quo may not be sympathetic to your plans or  desires . Keep a rational non emotional approach or attitude. You will achieve more by  attending to the business at hand with no expectations . Keep things simple and  straightforward . More later . I’m going to get myself a cake and candles!! Namaste



    Moon is in deep, transformative, mysterious , and sexy Scorpio all day. The Moon is a bit heavy in this powerful, no nonsense Mars/Pluto ruled fixed water sign. Still waters run deep. Passions and desires, moodiness, and impatience are Themes . There is a noticeable increase in sensitivity, psychic energies, and intensity now. Suspicion may overtake intuition, or paranoia reason..Secretive by nature dear Scorpians do not always forgive…or forget…so please watch out for miscommunications, unintended slights, or martial and aggressive behaviors. Vengeance is Mine sayeth  the Lord…not ours. Sexual intimacy or relations are aspected and the desire to merge with another may be strong. Jealousy, anger, spite, manipulation, retribution, dishonesty, or other lower realm emotions are to be noted and/ or avoided lest they get out of  Hand. Keep it Simple

    Mars in Capricorn conjoined Saturn also in Capricorn at 8:44am PT.  Moon in determined and relentless Scorpio is a good platform , as  Mars and Saturn are compatible with Pluto the Lord of the Underworld…however uncomfortable.  Truth rears its head, dispelling fantasy or mistaken views of reality . Mars and Saturn are odd bedfellows; Status Quo vs. the Underdog , TPTB vs.  a New Operating System, Inertia vs. the desire to fight City Hall, The Establishment vs. Independent Action. Needless to say when they hook up it is not always a comfortable thing, but the potential to move the Immovable Himalayas is strong. Just please be aware of  the need for fire to use earth as a Hearth not as dirt to stifle a flame.. 

           The lesson or challenge of this transit is  to apply discipline . This is not only self discipline but also accepting duty,  obligation, and responsibility for yourself, or from outside sources . People in positions of Authority may seem intractable. Today it is crucial to apply directed energy in very practical , methodical, and organized ways . Please be discerning, perspicacious,  cautious ( not overly ) and aware of detail. Utilize the Martian and Saturnine energies to think and plan ahead. The  inherent problem is  you may not want to have any restrictions placed on your intentions or actions. You may wish to forge ahead, without clearly defined plans . You may even act out in the desire or push through or to break free of perceived limitation, obstacles, or barriers to your desired objectives. NOT NOW!!  Unfortunately, people places and things will be less than cooperative.  There can be frustrating delays, roadblocks or obstacles . Mercury Rx contributes to the interference and this can impede your progress. BREATHE! This too shall (quickly) pass.  

           If you act or react out of anger, futility , frustration, disappointment, or fear  you’ll have a more difficult time. The business at hand still must be finished on this Monday , so easy does it. Concentrate on the practical or on  mundane tasks. Analyze,  Organize, Strategize are Keywords.  Patience and forbearance will go a long way in channeling the aggressive, dynamic, and impulsive Martian energy into climbing a mountain with Capricorn’s steady and inexorable climb to the Top.  This transit may signal the beginning of  new business project. It will have enormous potential . Success can be realized if you take the step by step approach , rather than a helter skelter one . This is also a good time in the shadow of the Full Moon to retire or discard a plan or project that has outlived its purpose. Time to move on… This is also a good transit for legal, business, or Spiritual  counsel. Talk to someone that you trust , an expert or respected intellect  and get some feedback on how you feel. In all matters physical …work , activities, exercise, you may have a tendency to push harder than you should. DON’T  try to push the mountain; carefully climb it. Stress, thoughtlessness, lack of caution or overwork can cause accidents or harm. Taking care of your body, mind, and soul are important.  Stay calm , try to be centered , and as collected as you can during this time. You’ll  experience the much more productive effects of this Transit. Namaste


We still feel the effects of  yesterday’s Blue Moon as The Moon in calm and placid Libra strives for equilibrium. This has been an emotional time and today we enjoy  a little peace before Monday’s Mars/ Saturn Conjunction. The Sun in Aries will Conjoin Mercury Rx in Aries this morning at 10:53am PT.  There is a strong need to communicate and it may be a busy day for phone, text, email, or personal communiques. Do remember that with Mercury Retrograde in Aries that patience is thin,  tempers could flare, and miscommunication is possible . Please watch what you say and be certain of what you hear…lest there be any misunderstandings! Double Check all correspondence for content and/ or error as well.

      Moon will go Void-of-Course at 11:29am PT and meander until 3:57pm , when it enters deep, mysterious Scorpio. This also emphasizes the need to just let things happen, don’t push or pull today. The Day of Resurrection will take on a transformative energy as evening settles in and a heavier or more  ponderous cast shifts the tone of the Easter Holiday. This is the Stage set for a strong Mars/ Saturn interaction on Monday .

       The Scorpio Moon is intense and will be coupled with two normally incompatible planets. They are  now both in Capricorn which can bring mishaps or  even accidents if you are not paying attention to your surroundings. The Moon in Scorpio will demand answers, so please exercise patience and caution Sunday night and Monday when dealing with lack of clarity, honesty, or opaque situations. Remember this is still not the time to force issues. Breathe and count to ten before you lose your cool! Namaste 


     The Moon waxes Full in Libra at 5:37am PT . The Sabian Symbol for  10° 45 minutes of Libra is : HAVING PASSED SAFELY THROUGH NARROW RAPIDS, A CANOE REACHES CALM WATERS. This degree showcases quiet determination, self-control , balance , skill, and the poise necessary to reach a steady state . Keywords; INNER STABILITY. We experience a Revelation which leads to emotional catharsis, inner harmony and outer balance . The Aries / Libra polarity of Relationships can now realize some equilibrium ..IF we are willing to use all the tools at our disposal to navigate treacherous waters toward a calm harbor. This represents safe passage from our difficulties .

        Today’s Full Moon , Saturday March 31, 2018 occurs at 10° 54minutes of  Cardinal, Airy, relationship oriented Libra , in opposition to Sun in Fiery, Aggressive, Aries. This is a blue moon because it is the second full moon of the calendar month. Remember February had no Full Moon but March experiences Two. The astrology chart for this Blue Moon  has challenging aspects and one very helpful aspect.  This Lunation brings emotions to a very high level out of the depths of loneliness , fear , or melancholy. If we lose control now this will truly be a “ Blue Moon”. 

          Mercury Retrograde in Aries opposes the Moon. Therefore it may  be hard to connect with, or to even understand  the deep upwelling of emotion at this time. Feelings will run very deep, and they may be difficult to comprehend or to explain to others .  Mars and Saturn both in Capricorn will be squared by  the full moon . Tempers are short, tensions are high , and patience is thin….while duty and obligation may seem overwhelming. Mercury Rx can cause doubts, uncertainties over how to proceed,  negative mindsets or self defeatist attitudes , along with miscommunication , misunderstanding, and  unclear thinking. Sorrows, a sense of loss or ending, and loneliness are powerfully aspected.  Worry , apprehension, and fear  are aspected from the fixed stars Vindemiatrix and Porrima which are at  10° Of Libra. The Moon has already passed over these two stars in  the Constellation Virgo and can make for particularly troubling times.  This is truly time to get into action, however difficult it may appear to tackle the tasks at Hand. Doing nothing and  staying in any depressed or  miserable state will not solve anything. Take the Aries Fire energy to heart and act your way into Right Thinking.

     The extremely powerful turning point represented by this Full Moon is just that; A Point of No Return. Mars conjoining Saturn is potentially dangerous, warning us to keep a calm and level head.  This is NOT the time to go to battle …or on the World Stage ..to War.  The challenging aspects impel or compel , but either way we are channeled toward Change. The key is to improve yourself and your relationships through diligence , hard work, and an honest approach to your goals. Reality may not always be easy to handle but running away from it now shirks a greater responsibility than you may easily see. This Moon will transform your life in powerful ways and  the result is incredibly beneficial and ultimately happy circumstances.  This is a full moon to face your fears head on, and to release the bondage of self destructive behaviors or negative paradigms that withhold , edit, and restrict our Growth.  

         Jupiter in Scorpio will sextile Pluto in Capricorn . It is the one very positive aspect during this Blue Moon. This transit lasts until the end of April 2018.  Jupiter brings success and Pluto positive change. This is not Change you need to chase or force, it simply appears on the personal and transpersonal Stages . Hallelujah!, You don’t have to do anything for once…kind of like winning lottery…you just have to be in the Game.  The natural life affirming energies of this aspect relate to  development of a Higher Realm Connection. This is also associated with a sense of real and increased personal power. The Full Moon supports A Spiritual Shift for the Better , if we are open to it. No Contempt prior to Investigation are Watchwords. Namaste . 



       So far March has been a very intense month. We have two Full Moons ( the next one is Saturday and is a True Blue Moon) , a triple conjunction between Venus, Mercury and Chiron, all in Fiery Aries, which dredges up every wound, every fear, every  feeling of “less than “ , and self doubt or disappointment galore. Two  planets begin their Retrogrades (Mercury in Aries and Jupiter in Scorpio). Aries energies , along with a little bit of Unpredictable Aquarius will dominate this last week of the month. Therefore dynamic, impatient, aggressive, forceful , and fiery Arian emotions  abound. Do note  that they are stoked by Airy ,detached, unpredictable, radical, reversal- of – fortune , sometimes perverse Aquarian ethers. The roller coaster is in full swing :up and down ,all around , and with a few loop -de-loops thrown in (with no seatbelts to hang on to ) just to make matters more exciting ( or depressing) . 

       March therefore has lots of  piss, vinegar, and fire …which is promptly doused or thwarted by the Retrograde of Mercury , and Uranus’ unpredictabilities in its latter  degrees of  Aries.  This Cardinal Fire/Fixed Air mixture can bring down a mountain if we lose our heads , or blow our cool. All the passion and  oomph of the Sun in Aries is wasted this year with Uranus and Mercury steering the ship  onto the rocks. We must be very perspicacious  because reason , logic, and a clear head are almost nonexistent now. Plans and long term projects are on hold or unrealistic to attempt at this time…at least until April 15th when Mercury Goes Direct. 

           Translation : This means that  March , however promising will not likely green light desires, new projects, new jobs, new starts, or new adventures…without a lot of labyrinthine detours and seeming Dead Ends. The push for Change is almost inexorable but With Mercury Retrograde…we cannot yet proceed .Things may seem on hold or in Limbo  , but this is  temporary, not permanent: it just seems interminable. BREATHE. Rather than give in to anger, fear, and frustration, recognize that the right timing is not yet here to start a New Life. You will see a marked change for the better after the difficult Full Moon in Libra on Saturday.  It’s coming soon, I promise you.          

          Venus conjoining Uranus today brings excitement, and not necessarily of the Best Kind. Surprising news, change of venue, reversal or shift of word or deed ,  and a slight sense of anxiety or fear may taint the day , especially with Moon in Edgy Virgo. This is the time to withdraw, regroup, look to  Plans B, C, and D  if possible. Finances may be unstable or unreliable, as will people. Stress levels are high and unusual events occur. Exciting encounters or situations out of left field can arise. This is the changeable and revolutionary nature of Uranus coupled with dynamic and  feisty Mars. As long as you keep things simple, attempt to reign in your fears, or expectations and keep a low profile.you’ll get through the rest of this  Month. Please do not throw the baby out with the bathwater , hold onto your deepest wishes, longings and desires…they Can still Manifest. Keyword : Faith. Namaste