TODAY IS CHINESE NEW YEAR …THE YEAR OF THE DOG…LOYAL , STRAIGHTFORWARD, HONEST,  RESPONSIBKE  ,LOVING, AND FOREVER MAN’S BEST FRIEND.  The Moon is in ethereal, otherworldly, fey, compassionate, psychic , watery, maddening, illuminating, loving, and a little melancholy Pisces. Pisces is a mutable Water Sign , hard to pin down or to collar, sometimes in denial, but a truly beautiful and Creative Nature.  I overlooked an important part of Yesterday’s Solar Eclipse in my zeal to publish this column. Transition. Eclipses open doors, but also close them ….permanently. There is no going back after an Eclipse for better or for worse. My Nephew died of a drug overdose and his death hits hard. I have been estranged from his family…but that does not Change my undying Love or  forgiveness for all things , be they my fault ..or not. Pisces rules Compassion, Transcendence, Unconditional Love…and alcohol/ substance abuse. Where in your lives does someone you know suffer from the Bondage of Addiction? Please find time today to understand that it is cunning , baffling, and powerful….and all too Often ….Final.

      Most of the aspects today are minor ,bringing an overall quiet feel to the day…more like a Sunday than a Friday. Utilize the Pisces energies to get in touch with deep or underlying emotional concerns. Now is the time to acknowledge and accept rather than to run and to hide from our issues, pains, and sorrows. Neptune ruled Pisces gives strong impressions, deja vu, sensitivity to music and intangibles. Spiritual by nature there is a tendency toward sacrifice..self or Other. Vulnerability, sentiment, gentility, and Kindness are Watchwords. Be apprised though of a downside or tendency toward discouragement, vague memories of Past Lifetimes, and the desire to Retreat or to Withdraw from Life: To Be far From The Madding Crowd. 

  We are still feeling Electromagnetic disturbance from the Coronal Mass Ejection that hit yesterday. Lithospheric shift is still possible and interference with electronics is ongoing. Heart rate fluctuations, emotional instabilities, and social unrest are all still possible . This is a good day to get in touch with your proverbial Inner Child and to take a breather from stress or from uncomfortable situations. Tonight is  a good time to lay low, see a Movie, listen to music, hang out with close friends, and to Chill. Namaste




 WELL it’s a very busy week. Today we have the second Eclipse of a pair that began with January 31st’ Lunar Eclipse in Leo. The Partial Solar Eclipse  is only really visible in the Southern Cone of South America( Southern Brazil ,Chile ,Uruguay , Paraguay, La Patria Argentina )and Antarctica. It falls in the fixed air sign of Revolutionary Aquarius the Water Bearer of Knowledge and Change. The New Moon took place at 1:05pm PT at  27° eight minutes of Aquarius . These two Eclipses herald remarkable and Beneficial Change .  This is a turning Point…a new door opens ….will you have the courage to walk through it ??. It is about time we moved on in certain areas of the working patterns of our Lives. Aquarius represents a departure ( oftentimes Radical ) from the Orthodoxy of  Life or from a stagnant and corrosive Status quo. Remember as I’ve many times said ; CHANGE IS STABILITY.

     The Sabian Symbol for this degree is : AN ANCIENT POTTERY BOWL FILLED WITH FRESH VIOLETS. This degree of the Zodiac denotes the importance of  traditional HUMAN skills and creative, artistic values . Almost Esoteric in nature; They are deeply rooted in humankind’s  instinctual behaviors, desire to create, and our Feelings. The Collective psyche is as a frame of reference for Our most profound, and most authentic emotions. Violets are supposedly the flower that first bloomed When the Archangel Gabriel told Mary of the imminent Birth of her son Jesus . They can depict a person with deep spiritual insight yet possessing great modesty. In Ancient Rome they were used for funerals and in Medieval Europe as a Healing Herb. They were known throughout the Middle Ages as an Herb of the Holy Trinity because of their three primary colors. Their use was for heart or emotional disorders. How interesting that this Eclipse brings to the surface …..even in Cool Transpersonal Aquarius….some of the deepest Emotions and lays bare some of our Hearts desire  one day after St Valentine’s….During the Renaissance they were painted into many Classical works of Art  and depict the Struggles we all go through as we grow from the Personal to the Universal or Ascendant stages of Growth. This Sabian Symbol pictures some of the simplest , purest feelings of natural living . DELICACY AND PURITY OF  INTENT  ARE WATCHWORDS. 

     The February 15 , 2018 Solar Eclipse / New Moon conjoins erratic, unpredictable, and ultimately Liberating Uranus. Surprises, unexpected good fortune or opportunities occur. These can exert positive change , life affirming and supporting by changing direction or not being afraid to Walk the Road  Less Traveled. Be an individual but be aware of the Super Conscious nature of the interconnected fabric of our Universe. Now is a perfect time to plan for improvement in  your life. A Solar Eclipse this powerful in the opposite sign of Leo can bestow freedom, choice, and  Hope. Now  exciting new ideas , business/ personal plans, associates, new methodology or technologies will fall together in the coming months to lend  a  more causal , happier, healthier , enjoyable life path.   Working in tandem with the January 31st Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in magnificent Leo ….. today is a harkening to Change of the most Beneficial Type. We can experience powerful communications on this or other Astral Planes, and a heightened awareness of Social Problems or Concerns. There is desire to Affect Change with regards to Womens’ Rights, political  shenanigans, anti war  sentiment, and upheaval on the World Stage, and Game Changing Shifts in our Collective Conscious: towards a True Better And Sustainable World. This is a good eclipse for Human Rights, Mental Health, Social Welfare , Education, Communications, and  with the Leo influence….Love. The Keyword for this Eclipse is FREEDOM as endless , Undreamed of Possibilities exist for reformation and rebirth .

       So now about our Solar Storm… a CME ( Coronal Masss Ejection ) of importance but not major…so far  🤞 , has erupted  on Sunday from our Life giving Sun. It hit us early this am and with another burst of Solar Wind and Cosmic particles imminent. How a propos for a Solar Disturbance during a Solar Eclipse. As you may know, this will create high Latitide Aurorae in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres along with potential  satellite and radio signal disruption. Cell phone service, GPS , AND electrical Transmissions may be affected. Lithospheric  Effects may Follow .. (AQUARIUS / URANUS = EARTHQUAKE )  Effects are also mental ( disorientation, trouble concentrating, overexertion , emotional ( anxiety, stress , anger, sorrow,  vivid dreams or feelings ) , physical ( heart issues, circulatory concerns, emergency room visits, allergic response ) and Spiritual ( a True ability for Inspiration, Intuition, Revelation , and true Ascendance or raising of Consciousness) Please Embrace this Eclipse as a harbinger of  a Positive and Life Affirming  Shift . More Will Be Revealed in the coming Months as the Eclipse energies last through Summer 2018. Namaste. 




    Moon is in deep , powerful , sexy , secretive , no nonsense , fixed water Scorpio today. It goes Void-of-Course just after Midnight Mountain Time at 12:16am tomorrow. When the Moon transits Mars/Pluto ruled Scorpio strong passions come to the fore. People may seem sharp or critical due to Scorpian’s incisive laser like take on things. Impatience and moodiness , brooding or aggression are to be avoided. Intensity and sensitivity increase. Sexual relations or trysts are favored ….but be aware of game playing, jealousy, or manipulation . This is a great time for metaphysical , Spiritual or Psychic work. Now we explore the mysteries of the universe !

The strong aspect today is Moon in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter at 2:57pm MT. For the first time in a dozen years Jupiter in Scorpio aligns with The Moon , also in the deep Pluto ruled Sign. This aspect continues the wonderful energies of the Lunar Eclipse of January 31st. It brings new opportunity, plans or projects , contacts , business ideas, relationships, general good fortune and some  true Benefit and Bliss . Utilize the day for heart to heart talks, getting to the root of matters, psychic work ,some good times with good people and some healthy sex ! The next Eclipse on February 15th is a partial Solar Eclipse in radical and revolutionary Aquarius. It will support, augment, and further the powerful and positive energies we are FINALLY  beginning to Realize. Namaste.


   A Total Eclipse of the Moon occurs at  11° 37 mins of Leo at 5:27 am PT. This Eclipse continues the Aquarius / Leo Saros Cycle of Eclipses that began last year and is the Book End to the Enormously Powerful Total Solar  “American Eclipse” we experienced last August 21st. In addition to being the second or Blue Moon of January, a Supermoon as it is closer to the earth and therefore about 18% larger in our Night Sky , a Blood Moon as it will appear tinted with a reddish hue, AND a total Lunar Eclipse…we can expect some Sweeping, powerful,  yet Overall Beneficial Effects. It  is the First time in 150 years we’ve seen a Lunation of this Magnitude. Hold on to your seats as so much will unfold in the coming three months. Mercifully however the disruption and destruction wrought by the Path of Totality last August is now 99% over…THANK G-D . 

         The Leo Eclipse deals with matters of the Heart , Romance, Affection, Recognition, Dramatic Behaviors , Ambition, Career or Vocational goals, Leadership Issues ( yes Mr President Gemini – with -a -Leo -Rising ) , Independence, and a refusal to accept Limitations. A generous Moon falling in Heart and Sun ruled fixed Fire Leo our Life Giving Star …..it is generous but possessive , warm but demanding, extremely attractive but capricious, charming but catty. All in All Leo is the Driving Force of our adolescent desire as it grows and matures  into Adulthood. Where are you feeling devalued , unappreciated, underpaid, unrecognized, or unloved  ?? Now is the time to stand up for yourself, be counted, and be proud of who or what you are….Self Acceptance is the Key. 

       The Sabian Symbol for  11°  Of  Leo is : CHILDREN PLAY ON A SWING HANGING FROM THE BRANCHES OF A HUGE OAK TREE.  This represents the power of  playfulness and childlike simplicity masked in tradition as it shelters the beginnings of individual self expression. The Great  Avatar or Tradition of  Humankind is here  symbolized by a vast tree. This Tree of Life or Tree of  Knowledge bestows  Spiritual Revelation in all the leaves and all the branches of the Great Tree. As man begins his spiritual journey he is like a child in a state of  agitation or excitement. We are now playing with biorhythmic like  ups and downs…. there are many shades of grey that need clarity or focus. We  play with words and ideas which hang from the Branches of this Metaphorical  Tree like fruit hangs down from the branches of a real one. Tradition and the collective Knowledge of  the Ages is now revealed   —  but the great tree protects from the burning light of a harsh reality and grants shade and comfort from the vagaries of Life. Light of the World Shine on Me…Love is the Answer( Thanks Todd )  A Leo Eclipse is ultimately About Love as the Heart beats True Blue for Romance and resolution is at hand for torn up relationships…or New and Improved Ones fast Approach.

What is your “Herzenslust”  ( your heart’s desire) ?  In what are you in need of creating at this time ?  How can you better serve yourself , take care of  your  goals,  and desires?  Now you can handle some of the most critical  challenges in your personal or professional  life. NOW IS THE TIME TO SHINE SOME LIGHT ON YOUR TRUE TALENTS. Leo illuminates with the power of our beautiful Star Sol. Let this reflected light be a mirror on which the truth is revealed . The Moon reflects the sun’s light so how can you now reflect upon what needs to change in the working pattern of your life so that you can take your rightful place in the Hierarchy Of society ? How can you apply and shine your innate strengths or gifts in a manner  that is a true reflection of who you are , or are now becoming?? Today’s Eclipse will uncover and unlock a great deal of latent energy or potential for solid progress in the coming months. It’s about Time. This is a self expression and self improvement Moon. Utilize this Leo Energy as it falls on Stars in the Claw and on the back of the Crab Constellation because of the precession of the Equinoxes. Create Stability, some security, some Hope and some Love.Namaste



   Moon is in clever, glib, talkative, fast paced, mentally alert, kiss and then run away, sometimes superficial, Janus Faced, inconsistent, but always gregarious Gemini. This is a facile air intellect energy. Lots of communication, IT , mental work, or any projects that utilize reason more than emotion are favored today. Remember Mercury ruled Gemini is the Messenger of the Gods …so we should receive interesting information and/ or news that is beneficial ; especially with Sun in revolutionary, unorthodox and future oriented Aquarius …Gemini’s natural Partner. The Transpersonal Stage May be busy today…Do recall that Gemini also governs gossip and rumors so take everything with a Grain of Kosher Salt ! Personally we are moving headlong toward the January 31st Full Moon/ Blue Moon/ Supermoon Lunar Eclipse…oh my. This will be very very interesting falling in Leo ( yet due to The Precession of the Equinoxes ) ,on the Shell and Claw of the Crab Constellation..More about that Later.

The news today is that Mars , warrior Red Planet ; pioneer, feisty, innovative, rebel, aggressive, loyal , obnoxious, dynamic, pushy, courageous, selfish, hero, connected to all things masculine and Yang …left deep dark Scorpio it’s Karmic Associate for talkative, truth seeking, adventurous, intelligent, grass is always greener somewhere else, keep on trucking, jokester, sometimes a gas bag, pontificating , dogmatic, judgmental , Need to be right, cheerfully insincere, yet always exciting and liberating Sagittarius !!!  

Mars in the Sign of The Archer is in mutable or changeable Fire. It is idealistic, a little restless, very task oriented but loses interest quickly, sexually open and adventurous but not necessarily promiscuous . Mars transiting  this Jupiter ruled Fire Sign conveys power with purpose and a new and honest  direction  in our affairs. There is optimism and we make Big Plans….just remember to finish what you start and don’t promise anyone the Moon if you can’t even deliver Green Cheese ! Philosophical more than angry , You now seek answers to unsolved dilemmas and look for a good way around obstacles or road blocks to your advancement  and  freedom. Expansionist Sagittarius blends well with determined Mars…Aries and Sagittarius are naturally best friends; Combustible but Compatible. Use the dynamic energy of two fire nature’s to harness the upcoming Leo Eclipse. In other words ….Time to Act your Way into The Right Thinking Rather than Attempting to Think your Way  into The Right Action.Namaste






  Well we made it through a Mercury Retrograde last December, a quiet Christmas, a tense New Year’s and unpredictable Uranus turning Direct in Aries on January 2nd. We’ve also experienced a New Moon in Capricorn on The 16th. Now a few  days later the Sun left Capricorn  with its herald of a new year… a new ballgame entirely in 2018……along with Saturn in its Home Sign Capricorn for the first time in over 29 Years.

Sun now moves into avant- garde , intellectual, impersonal, kind, kinky, unusual, innovative, revolutionary, stubborn, and march-to- the beat-of – a – different- drummer Aquarius. Things are beginning to move in a more upbeat direction with some Hope on the Horizon. The Water Bearer is friendly in a transpersonal manner; bringing Knowledge from a Higher Plane of Existence into manifestation on our physical plane. Belonging to no one and yet to everyone Aquarius looks for solutions that benefit the Greater Good, rather than selfish personal aims. Very intractable once their minds are made up…only an Act of G-D can change their course or direction once they are determined in their uniquely ( almost perverse) unilateral way. Remember though that Aquarius Represents a radical  Departure from the status quo or norm and the Change that the brilliant air sign brings ultimately creates Stability.

Moon in ethereal, watery , dreamy , and compassionate Pisces until 10:27pm PT ( but first going Void-of- Course at 5:13pm PT) brings a soft and kind energy to the day ….but filled with plans and ideas for the future. Use this day to relax, regroup, and to get a handle on the Future. Things ARE looking up and the spectacular Lunar Eclipse on January 31st FINALLY wraps up the last difficult …horrendous 6 months North America and much of the a world have experienced since the August 21st Eclipse last Summer. February promises to be interesting but not shattering…For a Change. More Later..but for Now enjoy a quiet comfortable Sunday as a prelude to a Manic Monday!! Namaste


      Today the Moon went Void-of-Course in Gemini at 11:13am PT. It meandered about until 12:37pm  when it entered stable yet emotional, practical yet intuitive, loving sometimes clinging , loyal and watery Cancer. Emotions run strong today as the after effects rain down upon us of yesterday’s powerful Agenda/ Direction altering Full Moon touched by the Archangel stars of Aldebaran and Antares. More fallout on the personal and transpersonal stages as the Dog and Pony Show of World Affairs and the US  Body Politic unfolds with Mercury fully Retrograde. People may feel rubbed wrong, misperception and miscommunication abound , touchy or thin skinned reactions are possible and intractable energies may make communication difficult .

       The aspects today are not too heavy …thank G-D , but are emotional which contributes to the still tense nature of last night’s lunation. Moon now in Cardinal water sign of Cancer aspects strong personality traits, our emotive natures, instinct ….and the Subconscious.We may need to do a little digging today to uncover, discover , and perhaps to discard . What is real? What is imaginary or reactionary ? Is the Game worth the Candle? Are we punishing ourselves or someone else because of something else that’s eating Gilbert Grape? Only you can truly put your finger on it. Be careful not to tread too hard or too harshly on others. This can lead to a falling out or parting of the ways if emotion trumps reason. Emotional wounds can run deep so please do not permit a molehill to become a mountain. Easy does it. However please do not overlook seemingly insignificant matters;the smallest of sparks can burn down a mountain.This is particularly  apropos here in Southern California as we are under extreme Red Flag Fire Warnings for a WEEK….( unheard of for more than a few days) due to no rain or chance of it and 60mph Santa Ana winds…People are sensitive now and will respond emotionally rather than in objective ways. Easy going and sentimental energies wish to flow but may be blocked or misread due to Mercury Rx in the shadow of the Full Moon in perverse, flip flopping, and words that can cut Gemini. Utilize the day to repair and to nurture..Self or Others.. please Remember that when all is said or done …..Love Is All That Matters. Tomorrow is another Day . Namaste.