Moon is in fiery and noble Leo all day. Mercury is fully Retrograde and is wreaking havoc with communications, feelings, and finances. I’ve had to rewrite this as WordPress is normally extremely unstable and incompatible with safari on iPad …but now it’s out of control and erased itself TWICE as I was writing!!!!!! Moon and Mars sextile Jupiter in Libra today and can give optimism and hope in the face of Eclipse uncertainty and angst. Tonight at 11:23pm PT  Sun will trine Uranus  which can upset the apple cart on the World Stage as well as turn your world upside down . Don’t fret as you may actually be none the worse for extreme change that results from Sun in Leo and revolutionary Uranus in Aries  shaking up the status quo. They are a harbinger of tomorrow’s Great Eclipse. It may be crazy and unpredictable all over tomorrow . Refuse to be Be pigeon holed , limited, or put in a box….do not conform to the ways of the World; you’ll be lighter, happier and freer . Taking a break from routine permits a new attitude or fresh perspective to dispel the clouds of self doubt or  fear. Utilize a different approach to things tonight and tomorrow and much more will be revealed. Treat others with Leonine compassion, kindness, magnanimity, nobility, and love. Results will grow exponentially . My next post is about the Eclipse. Namaste.



       Today the moon reached last quarter at 22°25′ in  earthy , practical, hardworking, loyal, sensual, stubborn, self gratifying , and sometimes greedy Taurus. Most aspects today are easy and do not contribute to the angst a Mercury Rx, especially in Exacting Virgo can manifest . We do however  notice that Venus Ruled Taurus is not spreading the wealth around . This Retrograde has constricted, cut off , or delayed the flow of monies. The supply is constrained, almost stingy for the next three weeks…..and there is reluctance to spend or to splurge . It is advised against Speculation or engaging in risky investments . Take all financial affairs under microscopic consideration now, or please wait until Mercury stations direct on September 5th. 

       Some positive news about this depressing Retrograde is that Venus in loving, nurturing and cardinal Cancer conjoined the Brilliant star Sirius at 14°18′ Cancer . The brightest star in Earth’s night sky does give hope, and can improve our outcomes. The Dog Star in Constellation  Canis Major bestows comfort, succor, fidelity, faithfulness, devotion, passion , protection, and unconditional love…just like Man’s Best Friend.  It does however caution against anger or resentment. This very powerful placement of Venus heals and restores trust and  exposes manipulation or deception. We fight hatred and betrayal with love and devotion. ( ALT LEFT AND ALT RIGHT AGENDAS)  Mercury in critical Virgo sextiled Venus in unconditional Cancer. This brings truth, discernment, and fosters common ground  or rapprochement with honest and compassionate motives. Compromise is a Keyword… are you listening RUSSIA, USA, CHINA, NORTH KOREA ET AL.?, This peaceful , benefic aspect can rain harmony instead of invective or bombs down out of the sky …falling from the direction of our beloved Canine Star Sirius. ( and if the New Agers be correct…also from one of the ET allies in  that  binary system that revealed knowledge of the Beyond to the Dogon People of Mali ) . We desperately need some harmonious influences to alleviate World Tensions .            

           This can bring some realignment with reality and can reduce the delusion and insanity caused by Mercury retrograde in Virgo opposite Neptune transiting Pisces. Higher love, non judgment, and honest affection can prevail over secrecy , self seeking, dishonesty and psychopathic behaviors.  This also confers a practicality in matters of business or finance, a  good head for numbers , and clever negotiating skills. We hope that this  will help with strained or evaporating finances. Venus in Watery Cancer made a trine to Neptune . This permits an easier pathway toward compassion. We can sympathize with others plights and forego extremes of  antipathy and condemnation.  Be apprised of a need for a practical rather than unrealistic or over idealized sense of relationships. By adopting a more transpersonal, universal or spiritual approach to loved ones , you can avoid the pitfalls of self delusion, betrayal, or other mistaken views of Reality. Don’t let  loving kindness be mistaken for weakness during the Retrograde . Temper  your emotions with  reason. Honesty , Open Mindedness and Willingess can go a long way toward healing wounds or seeing others in the clear light of day rather than  the fog of  self deception or unrealistic expectation. Allow these soft Venus aspects to flow like water to lower ground. Relax, don’t push the river . There is so much to uncover, discover, and to discard with this Mercury Retrograde. A lot of depression, almost bled over from other Lifetimes after the sad Aquarius Eclipse ….and uncertainty causing confusion and misperception. Remember that Mercury stationed Retrograde on a very selfish and darky depressive  star….Zosma ….add in an  opposition to Neptune and lies, deception, frustration and setbacks abound in finance or romance. Know that by maintaining a positive attitude now and having  faith that Sirius, our Brightest and most Beloved Star, our nighttime Beacon through the Dark Night of the Soul  will bring a Solution. We yearn for stability,  faithfulness and loving devotion. Trust that these aspects can bring you some long awaited clarity and direction in dearly held and deeply felt areas of your Life. Watchwords are Honesty, Clarity, and Unconditional Love. More will be revealed .


     Mercury went retrograde today at 6:01pm PT  on 11° 38′ of Virgo and will turn direct on September 5 at 28° Leo. This Mercury retrograde is particularly powerful . It is quite significant as it falls just after one Major Eclipse on the 7th,  and right before another one on August 21st. This Retrograde is  one that could bring sweeping changes in close relationships, your love life ,  business ,  career and finances. Fear, anxiety, depression, disappointment, insecurities, suspicion, lying, deception, fraud , manipulation, separation, even infidelity are some of the problems or issues that can arise with Mercury, Messenger of the gods turning backwards for @3 weeks.  Whether you are single or in a relationship, you can expect this month to be all about love, finance, and romance. Keywords are Betrayal and  Trust.

      Mercury Stationed Retrograde at 11°38′ Virgo with moon transiting fiery Aries. The SABIAN SYMBOL for this degree is : IN HER BABY A MOTHER SEES HER DEEP LONGING FOR A SON ANSWERED. We now desire the power to bring one’s dreams, hopes, wishes , or ideals to actualization . There is a need for  clarity, and a focus of mental activity . Your plans may need redefinition or redevelopment after heartbreaking disappointments or stumbling blocks to the realization of cherished goals. Use your power of Creative Visualization  (In Sanskrit “Kriyashakti”  to give power to intention. A Watchword is one that Disney uses , coined during World War II: IMAGINEERING (“imagination” and “engineering.” ) Now Mercury in practical Virgo entreats us to make reality out of  dreams. It is possible by the end of September assisted by the spectacular upcoming Leo  Solar Eclipse. For now impatient Aries rules the head , so tension headaches or stress from frustrating and disappointing situations may arise . 

          Mercury Rx  begins on the fixed star Zosma  which is at 11°33′ Virgo but on the back of The Lion in the Constellation of Leo.  This brings  negative thinking, feeling down, self centered behaviors , hasty or nasty words,  and fear of attack, even threat of violence or of poisoned minds. Look at the horrible events in Charlottesville as an Example. The strongest aspect is Mercury in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces. This aspect reinforces delusion, drug addiction, flight from reality, and polarization of groups or factions . The already dark and depressing influence of Zosma is now heightened. We can see suspicion, distrust and more fear on the Personal or World Stage these next few days. Confused thinking , miscommunication , poorly timed or phrased words, and general Mercury Mishaps will increase the chance of personal and relationship problems. This is NOT the time for making important decisions or plans. Beware of lies, hidden agendas, deception, spying, gossip , fraud, or scandal. Remember Mercury Rx is not the time to Sign or to Buy. Refrain from purchasing electronics, computers, cell phones, cars, appliances, or signing leases, contracts, and legal papers if at all possible. Allow for misconstrued meanings, undelivered communications and unrealized expectations. Mercury will create havoc for three weeks so double and triple check your communications and allow for delays and/ or Change of Plans. Money issues are a concern with Venus opposing Saturn constricting the money supply . Be prudent and cautious in all money matters through early September. I will write more about this Retrograde as it unfold. So be at Peace and be discerning . Namaste.


   The Eclipse we are experiencing today is part of an Astronomical Saros cycle that  last occurred at the Aquarian Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of August 7th 1998. If you can think back to that Summer 19 years ago…you will get some clues or ideas as to the Effect of this Eclipse in your life. Change is the Keyword.  Some doors may close now in your Life, however a new one opens within a month or so. Allow yourself the grace of being open, and rolling with any punches you experience today or tomorrow. We will see where the cards fall by the end of the week and More Shall Be Revealed. The Answers will come if you look for them…. My angst peaked last night after being bitten by a rescue dog, same breed as my own, and narrowly escaping a much worse outcome as it only grazed me. This brought up my own fears of not being a good dog owner…     Well the Moon opposed Mars so this  dredged up melancholy, nostalgia, and  self doubt. I was  snapped back to Harsh Reality by a punch ( bite) from this Unpredictably Unstable Lunation . I recognized  that the poor thing was so abused…compared to my sweet Vizsla who is treated better than many Children in Pennsylvania !!  My  dear Friend, whose Birthday is today, had been pushing me to get in touch with the local Vizsla Rescue Society. Bizarrely the culprit dog’s new owner just lost her Vizsla ( like my Beloved Rudy) and  was the President of the Society!! High Strangeness common during an Eclipse. What this is all about is the Eclipse ” Madness ” that swirls around a few days before and after the exact Eclipse.  So Breathe easy and take a powder till the EM interference passes ….. as does the strange Karmic twists and turns …and ALL WILL BE ARIGHT. Peace* Light* Love.


       The Lunar Eclipse today, Monday August 7, 2017  occurs at 15° 25 minutes  of Aquarius at 11:11am PT. Therefore we won’t see this take place in North America but we WILL FEEL IT !  Sun is in Leo and this opposition of Sun and Moon is a mixed bag of  hard and easy aspects with some Aquarian surprises thrown in for good measure. The final Jupiter square Pluto of 2017  ( the previous two were in November 2016 and March 2017 ) directly impacts the Eclipse. Power plays, Political Dramas, upsets, surprises, and overpowering drives, both personal  and professional surface . A desire for success , sometimes at all costs will figure strongly into this Lunation . It can have a profound affect on our thoughts, moods, actions, and reactions. close relationships feel the brunt of this energy. Aquarius is normally a kind, and somewhat impersonal air element, but this Eclipse brings out its unpredictable  and revolutionary Uranian side. 

   The Sabian Symbol  for 15° of Aquarius is :  TWO LOVEBIRDS SITTING ON A FENCE AND SINGING HAPPILY. Here we see great  blessing bestowed upon us through Personal or Transpersonal  achievement. Love is expressed  by a spiritually fulfilled conscious awareness. This denotes a Turning Point in  Relationships or Partnerships . Joy is bestowed from Higher Realms. A representation of the Soul’s Evolution from the Mundane to the  Divine. The symbol foretells a state of being in which two complementary aspects , Spiritual and Physical result in true happiness or bliss ( in Sanskrit Ananda). As the two birds are “sitting on a fence,” and a fence can separate two fields , two pastures, two gardens, or figuratively two realities …..the implication is that perceived separation of body, or mind , is ultimately illusory . We can now become unified for the Greater Good  . This is a Just Reward for Karmic Merit . Long overdue Benefit and Bliss for hard work and sustained effort on some deeply desired goal now pays off.  Our Ego is soothed by collaboration for a Higher Purpose.

          Today’s Lunar Eclipse, although  in the Sign of Aquarius actually falls in the Constellation of Capricorn. The Sea Goat influences the status quo, finances, the Establishment, Lessons, Karma, and Wisdom. There is great aspect to World Affairs . It can bring major change to Weather, and Politics.  A lunar eclipse in the “Mansion of Kings” focuses attention on World Leaders. Having risen to power rapidly, against all odds,  ruthlessly or without legality they may now  fall  hard through overthrow , illness, impeachment, or even assassination …. Mars in Leo opposes this Eclipse in Aquarius so expect political or seismic Upheaval. This Constellation also indicates major storms, especially at sea. Kabbalah considers Capricorn to be A YOD or the tenth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet bringing shocking and unusual circumstances to the Fore ( I was bit by a rescue dog tonight, A  Vizsla , which are so gentle and NEVER bite, but it only clipped me, got my shorts instead and did not break my skin….whew..! )

        Within the next few months some True Success, Power , more Manageability, Financial Stability, and Influence are possible. Be aware though without honesty, integrity, and some  humility that there Can be a steep price to pay. Ruthless determination, avarice, recklessness, rampant greed , dishonesty, and corruption will bring short term gain…followed by much greater loss. Your personal life can be impacted . Take care not to alienate allies, business associates or loved ones as these are most likely to suffer from selfish or self serving Agendas. Remember that a lunar eclipse highlights and accentuates emotions, domestic affairs , and Personal concerns. Keywords are Cooperation and  Compromise . We see potential for Great progress out of initial Turmoil and Chaos. ( or as the Illuminati Freemasons might add “ORDO AB CHAO”-  “ORDER OUT OF CHAOS” . Let’s hope that TPTB pull no shenanigans in Saudi Arabia , Syria, Iran, Russia, North Korea, Western Europe, or Honolulu ! 

        The Eclipse path begins in Far Eastern Brazil from Rio de Janeiro and Natal, it covers all of Europe and Africa, most all of Asia except for small pieces of Northernmost Siberia, Australia and most of Oceania ending in Polynesia including Hawai’i . Overall this Eclipse brings shock or surprise, tension then release, problem and maybe resolution, confrontation then potential collaboration . Hold on to your Hats . This is the first of Two Eclipses this month, the Perseid Meteor Shower, and a Mercury  Retrograde !  More will definitely be revealed and be prepared for High Strangeness as Fortean Phenomena students would say. But for Now Namaste.


  Well today the moon entered bland, pleasant, humanitarian, impersonal, independent, revolutionary, future leaning, rebellious, detached ,brilliant and unorthodox Aquarius at 5:16am PT.  Aquarius rules technologies, seismic events, lightning, Uranus, Public Affairs, Transpersonal Events, social awareness or social welfare, desire for freedom , no rules or restrictions, and a love for upsetting the Status Quo.  The only aspect was early this am when Moon left Capricorn and squared Uranus in Aries at 2:22am. This brings an exciting yet tense, anxious yet  promising energy to the day. Yes one that appears at cross purposes with emotion vs. reason…logic vs feeling…ration vs passion. We are in the run up to a spectacular and unpredictable Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse  at 15° of the sign of the Water Bearer  tomorrow . 11:11am on the West Coast. Very Portentous. The degree is  the midpoint of the sign and signifies a turning point or great shift. With Aquarius we can always expect the unexpected . There will be some powerful news , an earthquake or two, and a revelation at hand. I will write about the Eclipse stay tuned. Namaste.


Today the moon is in Sagittarius all day. There was a trine to the Sun in Leo at 1:44 AM, a square to Neptune in Pisces at 8:44 AM, and a sextile to Jupiter in Libra at 3:55 PM, all times Pacific. This day is about undelivered communications or unrealized expectations, optimism tinged with angst, and a blurry idea of what lies ahead. This is due in part to Mercury’s “Slowdown ” as it prepares to turn Retrograde in Virgo on the Fixed Star Zosma which lies on the back of the Lion in the Constellation Leo. Doubt, miscommunications, relationship or financial concerns and a general lack of clarity all abound. We are also in the run up to the First of two spectacular Eclipses this month. They are Game Changers in every sense. So hold on and buckle up.

  But first Uranus the planet of Revolution, Earthquakes, Rebellion, Unorthodoxy, Futurism, Stubborn Iconoclast and upsetter of the Status Quo…turns Retrograde tonight in Fiery, Bombastic, Pioneering, Obnoxious, Loyal, Courageous, and Determined To Forge Ahead Aries. This is very  Tense. 

   Uranus shifts at  28° 31 minutes of Aries . This happens every year for 4-5 months, so no biggie like  Mercury, Venus, or Mars retrograde. However the time at which Uranus turns or stations retrograde is a very unstable and unpredictable time. The day before and up to two days after it’s retrograde movement are anything goes, potentially filled with Shock and Awe. Things then ” normalize” or slow down until late December …and around New Year’s through January 2 , 2018 when Uranus will turn direct ….we experience another big bump. 

       The Sabian Symbol for 28° of  Aries is : A LARGE AUDIENCE CONFRONTS THE PERFORMER WHO DISAPPOINTED ITS EXPECTATIONS.This Brings a  necessity for mature approach to perceptions out of alignment with reality, a heart/ mind disconnect, or  longstanding unresolved problems. Now by turning inward we find willingness to honestly accept a  preparation for the hard internal work needed to move  ahead at the end of the year when Uranus turns Direct. Self appraisal and self-criticism are necessary for self improvement. 

On the Transpersonal ( very Uranian ) Stage we see Aquarians , Leos , Librans and  Aries natives powerfully impacted by the Need for Change…which ultimately stabilizes. Uranus transiting Aries since 2010 has brought undreamt of  shifts, change, and alterations to the working patterns of our lives and now can bring  Undreamed of Possibilities for Happiness, Joy, Sustainability and Humanitarianism  through Revolution of Consciousness  and Subsumption of Ego. Fixed Star Vertex  at 28° five minutes of Aries is actually in the Andromeda galaxy racing towards the Milky Way and will be here in approximately 4 billion years. Andromeda bestows  great purity of purpose , clarity , direction , love , happiness and joy through all elevated fields of endeavor ( Universalism NOT Globalism ) and higher realms of Consciousness ( very Aquarian ) . This ought to be interesting on the World Stage in the Circus that passes for our Governing Bodies. On the mundane level expect a shake up somewhere in your life where change is desperately overdue. We are also in a big Seismic Window in the Ring of Fire… more will be revealed.  Namaste for Now.