Venus,  planet of  Finance and Romance went Retrograde yesterday morning (after slowing down in its “Shadow Zone” since late January)  at 1:08am PT on  13° of Aries  . The Sabian Symbol for this degree is  ”   AN UNEXPLODED BOMB REVEALS AN UNSUCCESSFUL SOCIAL PROTEST.”  It represent the possibility of suddenly overthrowing the status quo. Yet with he Retrograde or backward motion of Venus , Violent or immature responses to TPTB can fall flat on their faces . The Deep State so often thwarts , defuses, or coopts any attempt to transform or replace  the Existing Power Structure. Venus can bring treachery and deceit whilst Retrograde ..yet can also bring a push for peace and harmony. The masses want more than bread and circuses. The symbol denotes a negative response, something out of synch with the desire to reconcile a transpersonal  goal or ideal with the mundane. Retrogrades can and will offset timing and bring a fated unavoidable quality to events . Something is Brewing. 

             This retrograde is not all negative. On a different note this is Adam and Eve, temptation, yet caution, looking beneath the surface for validation or emotional truths ;the polar opposites of male/ female, yin/yang, positive/negative . We see physical love versus unconditional love. Bizarrely it is in tandem with a potentially violent expression of the need for Change. This is not so  perverse or incompatible as it is Symbolic of  Venus’ tendency to bring out the Best ..or Worst  in us All. Venus is not just sex but a marker for transformation, evolution, and Ascension. Spiritual unconditional love is part and parcel of this Retrograde …even more so than frustrated, deceptive, or unrequited amor

      During a Venus retrograde period, which is rare and very powerful as it only occurs approximately every 18 or 19 months , we have a chance to review, revisit, , reevaluate, rethink, and rework our relationships..both financial and romantic. We see people as they really are without romanticizing or deluding ourselves. Our ways of emoting or of relating to others come to the Fore. Because Venus , ruled by Libra and Taurus is also associated with the myth of Narcissus. We may see more selfish, self absorbed , or self aggrandizing attitudes surface. We can look at the ups and downs of the Love Game. We may be dealing with past loves, relationships or eat someone new and exciting . We now move into into the relationship mix head first. Venus in Aries is determined so the search for love figures prominently during this period.   Aries is the polar opposite of Libra so we can Anticipate some fire and  feistiness in the first part one Retrograde in close personal arenas. 

     Venus retrograde 2017 is  6 weeks or 40 days and nights  regarding themes of love and money. Longstanding relationship issues can be resolved, or parting of the ways become permanent. Instant attraction, Whirlwind romance,and  karmic encounters are possible. The key to handling  this Venus retrograde is to choose your goals or battles carefully. Decisions  based on self serving or mercenary  motives can fall apart once Venus Goes Direct on April 15th.  You CAN  find true love  during Venus retrograde  but please wait til after it goes Direct to make final decisions. Be apprised that some hardship , disappointment or delay may arise as timing is a bit askew. Remember that perceptions may not be on target so Expect some bumps in communication or in feelings and emotion. We may feel on fire or strangely ccool or distant .  Unrequited Love rears its head as well.  Self awareness, unconditional love, serious patience and a push toward timing will increase chances of finding or repairing a loving and lasting relationship. Use the Venus retrograde to improve self esteem by doing estimable things. Reevaluate what really brings you contentment and pleasure. Now we can get to the core issues , the crux of problems in past or current relationships. Old lovers and beaus can  reappear. This actually can help you clear away the past . It may be time to make way for newer , healthier relationships. Even romanticizing, or reminiscing about past partners will uncover ways to move forward in our emotional lives. Venus Rx asks us to clean out the Past, to liberate ourselves from  karmic baggage and negative repetitive and damaging relationship choices. We lighten up and are relieved from heartache or frustration .

  Taurus, Libra and Aries people are particularly affected now. Be patient with loved ones and don’t be hasty in your desire to get what you want . Know that it is different from what you need.  As a side note please refrain from Cosmetic procedures, redecoration of home or office, a makeover, purchasing  clothes or a new wardrobe,  fashion accessories, tattoos, playing the market, investing or spending unnecessarily and buying g luxury items. Venus taints our perceptions of form, color, and esthetics while Retrograde. Be aware of food preparation as well as food borne illness spikes while the Planet of love and beauty Retrogrades. For now resist impulses to overspend or to sleep with the first person coming down the Pike!  More will be revealed and I will write again as the Retrograde strengthens. Namaste .


   The Solar Eclipse/New Moon at 8° 12 minutes of Pisces occurs at 6:58 AM Pacific Time this morning. Although visible only in South America and Southern Africa, this South Node Eclipse will be felt in a very , very powerful way. It is the culmination of the Pisces/Virgo axis of Eclipses we have experienced since March of 2015; now to be replaced by the Aquarius/ Leo Eclipse Cycles to Come in August. The  Sabian Symbol for  8° of Pisces is  “A GIRL BLOWING A BUGLE “. This is a call to participation in the service of humankind.  Pisces on this degree heralds an Evolutionary Advance due to a transformation from within. Sweeping and irrevocable Change approaches. The watery , psychic connection, delusion, illumination , and feelings dredged up from the deep are part and parcel of  Neptune in Home Sign Pisces’  tight conjunction to the Pisces New Moon. Whether or not we continue negative repetitions of behaviors that no longer serve us or are liberated from self / other destructive patterns is up to us All. This is a Call to Action . Free yourself from the binding, repressive  samsaric merry go round ! Choose Life  affirming action and release from sadness , relationship woes , and  sorrows. We can say  farewell to the last 5 years as the death throes of the horrific and shattering Uranus Pluto Square terminate with this Birth/ Growth/Decay/Death/ now time for Rebirth Eclipse. 

      Mars will conjoin Uranus , both in fiery Aries. They also oppose Jupiter Retrograde in Libra. The emotional push pull may feel intense. This will bring rapid, revolutionary, and possibly reactionary Change. Liberation and Independence are Key Words. Do not throw the baby out with the bath water in your haste to leave the Past Behind. Today no less than four planets are in Aries and five in Pisces. The First Sign of the Zodiac combined with the Last  Makes this Eclipse all about long overdue endings  and clean breaks,  fresh starts…a New Opportunity  is at Hand. A dream, a desire, a plan, a goal is now within reach. Powerful inner Resolve foments outer accomplishments  . The Shift , born of insight, self knowledge, acceptance and a piece of wisdom gleaned from past lifetimes along with present life experience , can free us from ties or shackles that are no longer able to repress or to bind.

      The culmination may not fit our preconceived notions or our expectations. It may upset The Plan.  Pisces can bring disillusionment or despair, drug addiction, or alcohol abuse and escapism if negatively expressed. Don’t make the mistake born of Fear or self doubt by  waiting for the New to manifest before releasing the Old . Running away from it won’t help. Trepidation, fear , or hesitation will not serve .  There is no way now to resist unavoidable Change. The time to let go , to move on in Life is long Past. Just remember with Venus Retrograde rapidly approaching..we will have 40 Days and Nights from March 4th until April 15th to process these sea changes, these sweeping shifts in our lives. Do not give up NO MATTER WHAT, and recognize that Faith will Move the immovable Himalayas now…

                 We have awaited SOME shift, some movement, some  type of change for so long that it has seemed all but unobtainable. The last 5 years have seen  unpredictability, pointless struggle, chaos, thwarted intentions, and unrealized expectations galore. Things have appeared forever stuck. If we’ve been stymied by old  fears or tapes, bad habits, unwholesome and unhealthy relationships, past perceptions of loss, unresolved pain, sad  memories , and sorrows too deep to process or to let go, we now realize in this New Moon a magickal window of opportunity to leap forward into a New Life without leaving ourselves Behind. Lest you think I wax too weird or metaphysical…remember that Pisces rules the Subconscious connection we all share to that which connects the Here and Now to the Great Beyond. It’s time for a an act of  G-D, some Good Faith, A lucky Break…a Miracle.

        The next 6 months promise profound Positive Change and a new ground or format  for operation in a happier and improved working pattern in our lives. Do not be afraid. Change is Stability…and we desperately desperately need something Good to Come our Way. Renewal is at Hand. Are you ready at this Karmic Crossroads to walk down the Yellow Brick Road instead of being led down the Garden Path? Please follow your heart, not your Fear. Happier Times are Near. Namaste.


    Today, after I fell in the shower, and narrowly avoided seriously hurting myself, the moon entered analytical, health oriented and practical Virgo at 5:52am while the Sun trined Jupiter at 7:25am ..all times Pacific . This magical air trine brings contentment, peace, good fortune and good news in the Shadow of a Major Eclipse. The Sun in cool, humanitarian detached yet compassionate, impersonal Aquarius aspected Pleasant, harmonious , peace loving, kind, and powerful Jupiter in Libra . The Vet contacted me and told me my dog was Cancer free…I cried and cried and cried, from Relief. It is now a new Day. Make the most of this extremely beneficial transit that harkens a New Life. Gratitude for what we have and bonhomie and camaraderie for all.  Thank You G-D and all my beloved readers. Today is the anniversary of my Father Rudy’s passing….and the name of my other beloved Vizsla who passed…Good news from Beyond….and how we needed some. Peace. Namaste.


   The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse today , Friday February 10th ,2017 occurs on  22° 38 minutes of Leo at 4:33pm PT. This eclipse is very powerful, positive, and brings Beneficial Change, for a Change. Although visible at Moonrise across the West Coast of North America.. much needed rain may occlude our View, BUT NOT ITS POWER. It is awesome, wonderful , long long overdue, and  welcome in its influence. There are so many positive aspects that fall into the lunar eclipse …..after heretofore non stop difficult and taxing times. Happy Days are Here Again…..We can finally be optimistic about the months ahead. The magnificent Leo Full Moon/Sun in cool Aquarius polarity is  involved in a very very unusual and fortuitous aspect pattern included within their Orb of influence.  Truly beautiful synchronicity with Saturn in Sagittarius  and Venus now in Aries (slowing down to turn Retrograde next month ) will turn plans  into reality and lend magic to talent.  This can truly bring practical results and lasting achievements begun here and now in early 2017. The damage, disappointment  and attrition of the last 5 years finally , mercifully waning away to dust. Spiritual application of a Practical knowledge reaps enormous results. 

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Leo, Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Uranus in Aries represent a ” Mystic Rectangle” WITHIN a Pyramid Pattern of intense yet positive shift in the Working Patterns of our Lives. Relationship dynamics , fated meetings, Financial success, realized dreams, New or chance encounters, polarities between partners, home , work, friends , family , even Past Lifetime dynamics come into play. One might think the opposition between the Sun and the Moon,  Jupiter and Uranus would bring tension, discord, or an undercurrent of fear and a  feeling of anxiety or discord to the surface. To some small degree this is true, but the overwhelming influences contained in the Mystic Rectangle create harmony out of  challenge and sow beneficial seeds of Change throughout this Eclipse. Magic and  Magnanimity are Keywords. Goals are FINALLY within sight, and within reach sooner than we might think. This is the first of the major eclipses of 2017 that challenge the status quo, erase the painful past and harbinge solid,substantive,  happy, events . The next Eclipses  on February 26, August 7, and ultimately on August 21st represent a continuity and a  New ( not World) Order …..a New Day. After having Lost our way in those un fathomable things that do often lie too deep for Tears…it is time for some Happiness and Joy. Namaste. 

Ps….my precious boy DANI, my little Vizsla had a low grade Mast cel tumor excised from his hind leg two days ago….PLEASE keep him in your good thoughts. The doctor says he believes he got it ALL….PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE..


 The New Moon occurs at 4:07pm PT  on   8° 15 minutes of the sign of the Water Bearer . The Sabian Symbol for this degree is  “BEAUTIFULLY GOWNED WAX FIGURES ON DISPLAY.” This denotes the excitement and inspiration one experiences from the  appearance of things that are strange, new , and wondrous. This is representative of pivotal shift in perceptions leading to a beneficial change of direction in our Lives. Exemplars , brings or situations presented now may lead to a New Life. Today we are envisioning. Therefore new ways, new ideas, and new forms are revealed . Our consciousness is Lifted Up . This Symbol also bodes well for the appearance of  new allies, new relationships, or new people now available in our social milieu. Hope and Positive Change are Keywords. 

We see the importance of wrapping up the last 6 months in preparation for something wonderful at the Leo Eclipse on February 10th. It is about time. The tension today comes from longstanding dilemmas or concerns that must be simply faced…and walked through…in order to make way for a major Change in the working pattern of our lives. Don’t be afraid by the complete shift of perception or direction. Aquarius vis a vis Uranus embodies sweeping, unorthodox, oftentime radical and irrevocable Change. Sun and Moon in the Sign of the Water Bearer of Knowledge asks us to look deeply within for ways to accept the Changes without…attachment or aversion. Simple acceptance and the determination to succeed are the Key.

Whatever has been blocked, suppressed, repressed, stifled, or unsupported breaks free in these next few weeks as Aquarian energies sweep away stale, and outworn ideas, agendas, or situations. If you go with the flow rather than resist you can be liberated from Old Patterns of Behavior, negative Engrams, and irrational fears. Courage can replace Angst and a New devotion to goals and dreams arises. Spontaneity with a dose of prudence is ultimately beneficial. The incredible Changes wrought at the end of last year now see the dust settle and we can begin to Work for positive Growth and Outcomes. The Saturn Trine Uranus aspect in full swing is joined today by Mars entrance in home sign of Aries. KEBANG!!!!!!

Mars in its home sign gives power, determination and true grit. We can moves mountains to accomplish desired ends( just don’t move them over someone in your way!) the Fiery Arian nature of warlike and aggressive Mars can actually be put to use like an engine with indefatigable charge. Remember to think things through and to pause when agitated this next month or two. Mars in Aries assures us that the job or task can be finished. MAKE SURE you know what you want. The fire nature of Aries blends well with airy Aquarius. Make sure your plans and fires are properly stoked, BUT MANAGED …Lest we suffer from a Bonfire of the Vanities! All things considered we are entering a major and  long awaited Shift…be at Peace. NAMASTE.




       Today the moon is full in the watery, intuitive, self protective, and very touchy cardinal sign of Cancer . It is now opposing Sun still in cardinal Earth, practical, rational, and relentless Capricorn. This first full moon of 2017 is extremely powerful. It is emotional, revelatory, upsetting , and filled with Change. Mercury now finally Direct is no longer playing havoc with our day to day activities,yet there is much ado about something . It feels like something big is brewing . This Lunation  at 22° of Cancer  opposes Sun in Capricorn and Squares Jupiter in Libra..which opposes Uranus in Aries. In the Circle of the Zodiac an enormously important aspect has formed. Now within the Circle of the Heavens we see a ( dreaded) Grand Cardinal Cross. The Moon/Sun/Jupiter/and Uranus are the points of the Cross. It is a similar configuration to that Grand Cardinal Cross that spared no one, wrought havoc, shattered our lives, caused so much discomfort, disruption, and destruction beginning in  December of 2012. Before you run for the Hills, this Grand Cross, although extremely tough, Potent, pivotal, harsh , uncompromising, and unyielding…is NOT a reprise of the last 5 years. Although it lends an element of feeling between a rock and a hard place, an overarching desire to break free while feeling bound up …it DOES offer Some Relief. It is NOT OUR PAST  COME BACK. Rather it is its last Breath, one more forced reliving, rehashing, remembering( painfully for some) , review of all that is gone, lost, wiped away, all that which can NEVER be resurrected. Not in this Lifetime. We see lots of tension on the World Stage. Wars and Rumors of Wars abound. On the Personal front the Fixed Stars of Castor and Pollux, one good , one Evil, add a polarity between all that is good and sacred..and that which be dark and profane. Do not let emotions run away from you. This is NOT the time to upset the apple cart or to throw the baby out with the bath water. Information comes to light and although some of it may be surprising, unexpected or depressing, ultimately it brings a Positive Shift. Asteroid Chiron,along with Venus and Mars in psychic, transpersonal and compassionate Pisces are close to Neptune also in Pisces . Our fog finally lifts, delusions fade…, destructive behaviors and addictions can heal.  Aspirations, Hopes , Dreams reappear or are Made Real. What do you really want vs. what do you feel that you need??. Purpose and Direction can reestablish themselves.  After the last 6 weeks this is a harbinger of Happier times to Come, however strange or uncomfortable the message. This is an extraordinarily powerful Full Moon , exact at  3:34am Pacific Time in North America. Mercury Direct reenters Capricorn. Now communications are salient, productive, and honest if we play by the rules and respect authorities and our parameters. Venus will conjoin Neptune so The Love Factor is also involved . There is great potential for it to bring healing and rapport in affairs of the Heart. Moon will also be Void-Of-Course from 3:34am PT until it slides into Leo at 4:08pm here on our Rainy ( Hallelujah after 6 years) West Coast. Anything can happen today. 

      The Sabian Symbol for 22° Of Cardinal Cancer is “A YOUNG WOMAN AWAITING A SAILBOAT.” This underscores the longing for transcendent happiness in a soul which has been opened to great promise , great  dreams. The symbol represents a sensitive, creative and imaginative youth. One who cannot be mollified or satisfied with what his or her day to day life, humdrum routine, or ordinary environment can offer . There is instead a deep longing for the new, exciting, or unknown . A manifestation , A visitation is in Order. This is the stuff of  Dreams and Wishes . These may spring From our own unconscious , or from the Beyond.  We can now actualize or concretize spiritual longing or imagination . Expect the unexpected. Our Heart’s Desire, our long set aside Beloved  wishes can come true. The silence of the inner world now  becomes  a part of the ocean of consciousness. A powerful Metaphysical  AND Physical turning point is here. Taskmaster Saturn in Sagittarius lends a hand, gives information that leads to a solution for longstanding dilemmas, roadblocks, and  deeply disappointing situations. There is a Breath of Fresh Air and we now Move On.  More will be revealed. Namaste.

PS..sorry for the long hiatus . The last week of Mercury Rx and the run up to this Full Moon slammed me hard. Three very ill dear friends, and one root canal later..I write to make things aright. A Happier New Year to All 



       Today is Christmas Eve and Moon is still in profound Scorpio, Mercury is Retrograde in Capricorn, and the Moon goes Void-Of-Course just after midnight here in the Land Of Enchantment at 12:22am MT. Moon in Scorpio trined Neptune in Pisces at 2:57am, sextiled Mercury in Capricorn at 8:58am, all times USA MOUNTAIN. The morning is calm, pleasant, with deep and hidden undertones as we move toward the Figurative Birth of the Savior or Messiah for multitudes of Believers across the Planet. This is about Peace on Earth Goodwill towards Men and Women. The message here is about the need for a new and sustainable platform for growth, change and stability here on Planet Earth. A desire  and a need for sweeping reforms in the socioeconomic and political arenas as well as A Spiritual Shift are At Hand . Today brings the greatest potential for positive change since 1929.

          Saturn trines Uranus for the first time of three at 5:17pm MT , bringing hope along with great promise of Order out of the Chaos of the last five years. Merciful Lord the Uranus Pluto square IS OVER! Finally, absolutely, stick a fork in it Done. The completely and utter destruction of the last 5 years  now opens up Undreamed of Possibilities for a New Day, A New Way…perchance a New Life. Dust and Debris are almost cleared away, some harsh ghosts of the pasts, BUT JUST GHOSTS, Linger during This  Mercury Rx  until January 8th, 2017. However the New Year brings Promise of construction, not obstruction, and no more Destruction. Hallelujah. 

         There will still be major changes in the Next few years. A positive note is that they will be much less fraught with chaos, shocking unpredictability and will cause far, far less drama and World Stage. upheaval. These less shattering, unavoidable, or erratic changes will be welcomed. They are ultimately more constructive. Now can begin major reformation on a Planetary Scale, incorporating some of the more brilliant, promising , and beneficial ideas or agendas cast aside or dead in the water from the last few years. Saturn In truth seeking, reform minded, and optimistic expansive Sagittarius trine Uranus in independent, pioneering, aggressive, courageous, egalitarian Aries …both compatible Action oriented Fire Signs…. will bridge the gap between the polar opposites, horrific divisiveness, and shocking extremes of inequality that have developed in this sick post industrial world . Finally we may see rapprochement between conflicting ideologies and forces in the next few years. Peace could actually be possible…or at least agreeing to disagree. The dates of this Transit are  Today, December 24th, 2016, then May 19th, 2017…and the third and final aspect on November  11th, 2017. Not since 1929 has the potential for revolutionary but stabilizing Change been available. Let’s see. Merry Christmas.