Today the moon is still in watery , sensitive, clingy, moody, loving, loyal, and emotional Cancer .  Hunches, impressions, insights, and intuition come to the surface like water bubbles up from a Spring.  Information , hunches, and a “knowing” , drawn from the “ethers” are strong now . We can learn a lot from paying attention to our Feelings…not burying them , or  hiding from realities. Lunar influences run high ( mom, family, homestead, comfort, and some apple pie!) . It will go void -of -course at 11:58 PM Pacific time tonight. The major aspects today are Moon trine Neptune in Pisces 2:53am, Moon square Mercury at 5:54am, Moon oppose Pluto in Capricorn at 1:41pm, Moon Trine Jupiter at 4:32pm, Moon square Venus at 5:58pm,  and finally Moon square Uranus at 11:58pm, All times Pacific. This may be a Sunday but there are a lot of busy and conflicting energies swirling about! Especially with Mercury now Retrograde we see a lot of  rumination, deep reflection, a need to still our minds , a desire to slow down , and maybe a little Sunday melancholy . Overall this is a quieter day. We can gather our thoughts and regroup, repair, and rethink our strategies come tomorrow. Go within rather than without and see what pops up with some meditation or  lucid dreaming . We need all the peace we can get with a busy week ahead. Namaste.



     Today is a powerful day. Moon is in watery, sensitive, nurturing,  strong  and  secretive Lunar ruled Cancer since 1:53am PT. When Moon transits the Cardinal Water Sign of the Crab , elements of the personality, the subconscious, , instinctual behaviors, sentiment, and deep emotion predominate. Emotion trumps reason and security takes center stage. We tend to be more moody, vulnerable , and  prone to upset , or quick to take offense over real or imagined slights. Subjective interests take precedence over trans personal Concerns as the desire to protect, nurture , and  maintain hearth and home are strong. It’s no Coincidence that the United States of America is a Cancer Nation…We are under siege in so many ways and from so many directions that the desire to maintain “ normalcy” at all costs has become paramount .

          Sun in Aries  squared Mars now in Capricorn at 9:08am , all times Pacific.  Transiting Sun square Mars  will test you, push you ,or pull you in different directions as you may feel thwarted or bested by competitors or enemies. People may be looking to assert dominance or control, over you, or over a situation. Ego conflicts are Watchwords if you don’t use care where you tread. Watch out, especially with Mercury frustrated and Retrograde in Feisty Aries. Irritability, Impatience, Martian anger turned depression and disconsolation May cause us to react before we think things through. If our security ( Moon in Cancer ) is jeopardized …it can lead to provocation , threats, and open open aggression from you , OR to you. Our Character or True Grit May be on the line as Events beyond our Control May force us to defend our Belief Structures, Paradigms, and Desires. (Note the marches of protest Countrywide today) ….however strong the mental desire , our physicality is taxed and strained so a defensive rather than offensive stance is advised. If People in positions of authority demand submission, today is NOT the day to Fight City Hall….compromise even retreat are better options lest you suffer severe consequences . Anger, sexual frustration , resentment are all strong now. Do not court accidents or physical harm from built up angst or stress. Burn these energies off through safe exercise, meditation, masturbation, or good old hard work. A lower Profile without too much exertion is Best.  Not only people, but challenging events may force you to defend your goals or desires. A defensive position is advised. This is certainly no time for initiating a conflict or asserting your ego. Do not go on the offensive because your strength and stamina  are at a low burn. It is better to submit to authority, seek a compromise or retreat if you or your goals are challenged. This would be an ideal time to work Alone….

       Mercury Retrograde is hitting Aries , Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Virgo , and Gemini Natives hard. The Cardinal Signs are conjunct, squared, or opposed to Mercury and Uranus in Aries. This brings up trials, tribulations, anxiety, physical or nervous exhaustion, and a generalized  unsettled energy. We are in a very tense week in the run up to  A SECOND MARCH FULL MOON. It will be a very blue Moon indeed , with negative aspects galore, and serious relationship concerns thrown into the mix.The  Libra Full Moon is all about Relations. The dark energies this week are Dangerous on the Personal and World Stage. Real or  Fear Based , a flashpoint is at hand. We pray that cool heads not cold hearts, prevail.

         Taureans are sensing a closure, an ending in one very important part of their lives, and it can’t be easy as the Bull doesn’t let go. Pisceans need to make some money, and hold onto what they have!  Scorpio natives are feeling a pull in their House of Work and Health…either it’s too much or not enough, and this will not become right sized until Mid April. Sagittarius need to reassess their businesses , careers, and their Lovelives at this time; what would truly make the Archer happy? Freedom no doubt. Although Aquarians are not so affected by Mercury , the Poor Water Bearer is still in tatters, life seemingly disconnected or unclear while your ruling planet Uranus meanders through the final  degrees of fiery, bellicose Aries, mercifully leaving in May. Simply put, Your nerves may be shot . Leo must still contend with career and some health issues with  Mars transiting your Sixth House. Take care of yourself Dear Leo. Poor Mercury ruled Virgos and  Gemini’s are also out of sorts as Mercury crosses Virgo’s Eighth House of Sex, Secrets, and big Cash Big Prizes. Virgoan natives will feel a major financial Shift at the Full Moon in Libra. It will ultimately be for the Best but may be delayed until Early May with the Retrograde. Progress not Perfection are Keywords. Gemini’s are undergoing a test of their Eleventh House of groups, associates, organizations, higher goals, and new friends or interests . At this time it may be complete sensory or information overload. People may be simply driving you crazy and you know it is past due time for Change.  The Full Moon on the 31st highlights Spiritual Growth, Expansion, Travel, And Higher Goals for the Twins. Again remember that it will not become crystal clear until after the Retrograde shadow passes by Early May . For now hold onto your’s going to be a bumpy ride..Namaste






       Mercury is now Retrograde and we are starting to see the little things going wrong, misplaced items, bad traffic, miscommunication , protests, scandals , and overall  High Strangeness worldwide. I wrote yesterday that this retrograde occurs entirely in fiery Aries. Mercury Rx in Aries can bring angry, aggressive, and heated energies . Aries is a pushy, dominant, dynamic and in your face Cardinal Fire Sign; the First Sign of the Zodiac. We tend to be more egocentric, impulsive, thoughtless and impatient. Arian Energies want to leap first—- look later . Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater could’ve been coined by a Ram !  These Martial energies can get us into hot water in a flash, or cause us much chagrin and regret because we acted without thinking things through….Be careful. Operating solely from an emotional perspective can cloud the issues and push others away…or worse yet make them come at you full speed ahead.  WE MUST PACE OURSELVES AND RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO FORGE AHEAD AS WE MAY NOT GET THE DESIRED RESULT AT ALL…QUITE THE OPPOSITE WITH MERCURY RETROGRADE IN A COMBATIVE SIGN..

         Aries energy is often accident prone. Bumps, bruises, cuts and scrapes are par for the course . Extra care is necessary as we can be much more accident prone due to haste, and thoughtlessness . Please be perspicacious and diligent and maintain your car, computer and stairs!!! ( our elevator here started acting up a few days before the Retrograde started and the power in our neighborhood went out this morning! ) Worldwide we can expect some angry protests, accidents, fires, explosions, and general mayhem. Aries is also the Roman War God and with Mars very close to radical, revolutionary and unpredictable Uranus through the end of this month we will see violence, threats, anger and acrimony, unexpected damaging events and some Earth Movements. We have already had the Hostage situation in Paris, protests in Sacramento, and the strange explosion at Travis Air Force Base here in California. Uranus is mercifully near the end of  it’s 8 year transit of Aries but thankfully is not aligned with Mercury or we could really be in trouble. Uranus hit its critical degrees of the Zodiac yesterday and today so TENSIONS ARE HIGH. Rebellion is a Keyword. 

       Please be extra mindful of  temper , aggression, and impatience. We can feel flustered and frustrated, or ferocious at the drop of a pin now.  Look for healthy expressions of this aggression. Safe exercise, and  some quiet down time are very beneficial. By focusing on positive solutions to dilemmas and problems , by affirmation and  kindness instead of  lower realm emotions we can channel or redirect this energy.  Most of all WATCH WHAT YOU SAY AS SEEMINGLY SMALL SPARKS OF ANGER CAN BURN DOWN A MOUNTAIN.  

     Moon is in facile and talkative Gemini . Although there are no negative aspects today to planets  other than Uranus , Mercury ruled Gemini will play havoc with timing, communications, technology, electronics, and  automotives . Gemini is all about Communication so please be aware of what you or others are saying. Words can harm no matter what the old children’s Rhyme may State. Mars also rules anger turned inward based Depression. We may need to fight off a melancholy based on frustrated feelings, undelivered or undeliverable communications and unrealized expectations..Don’t give into fear, futility, or despair. Mars and Mercury will make it seem like things just won’t pay off or go our way and plans may be postponed…but this will pass . Mercury Rx will back up and cross  13° Of Aries which is a critical degree between  March 29th  and the 31st. This coincides with the enormously powerful Full Moon in Libra . Relationships are all over this Lunation …… and this may bring some very trying or difficult energy.  Impulsivity, recklessness, annoyance, provocation, frustration are all Watchwords and EXPECT some tension , and potential acrimony or even separation at this time. This will be a powerful Spring Cleaning in honest, sometimes naive, selfish, but ultimately idealistic Aries . Since the retrograde began at  16° 54 minutes Aries, Arian natives born around  April 4th – 8th  ( ME 😫) will feel the start of this retrograde into their bones…

          For the  other Astrological Signs; Capricorn, Cancer, Libra and Anyone with Mars, or Mercury in Aries, along with Aries Ascendant ( Rising) or Aries Moon …you too will feel something brewing, or feel the clash of energies. Please check the Zodiacal House that  Mercury will be retrograding through in your Natal Chart. This is usually counted from your other words Aries is the traditional FIRST HOUSE OF TWELVE, BUT IF YOU HAVE A SCORPIO RISING, ARIES BECOMES THE SIXTH HOUSE, A LEO RISING, ARIES IS YOUR NINTH HOUSE, A TAURUS RISING , ARIES IS YOUR TWELFTH HOUSE…AND SO ON .FOR EXAMPLE. If you know your Sun and rising sign please look up Aries in relation to both. It will shed a lot of light at this otherwise cloudy time so that you may fully comprehend how it will impact you personally and professionally through April 15th when it FINALLY TURNS DIRECT!! I’ll write more soon…Namaste and be careful.



 Mercury turns Rx at  16° 54 minutes of Aries at 5:19 PM Pacific time. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: NATURE SPIRITS ARE SEEN AT WORK IN THE LIGHT OF SUNSET. This denotes an  Attunement to the invisible forces of nature, the hidden world of the psychic or intuitive realms, and the Higher Mind of the Superconscious which links All Beings.When this Sabian Symbol reaches into our minds as we seek deeper meaning, take it as an invitation to open the mind to Undreamed of Possibilities. We can now approach Life’s vagaries  in a more inclusive , holistic , subjective manner as opposed to strict logic or ration. We are asked to follow our hearts rather than our minds for a spell .

         Yes yes I know all about Mercury Retrograde and how it will cause havoc in all forms of communication,  travel, car problems,traffic, misleading communiques,  money issues, relationship concerns, computer problems, anxiety, lost , stolen, or misplaced items; and of things miraculously reappearing. On the World Stage Issues regarding war, aggression, liberation, and truth seeking or obscuring will resurface. The key includes any unfinished business that needs tending to or closure, false starts and promises: this will  all come to the Fore. We’ll see three weeks of general mayhem cum brouhaha until April 15th when it turns Direct. It will dredge up the past especially with regard to unhealed problems, anger, frustrations, and perception of Limitations. It is already making it difficult to even use this iPad …so hold onto to your Horses.

       This will actually be a good time for friendships and new relationships ( as opposed to the old maxim of don’t start anything anew during Mercury Rx) . Sun now in Springtime Aries will encourage us to plan, and position ourselves to move forward. One CAVEAT : please hold off til the 15th of April before implementing Change if at all possible. Tend to business at hand, watch your temper and double, nea, triple check EVERYTHING!!! Don’t buy new cars, computers, electronics,  homes, or gadgets but DO repair , tend to , and revitalize any or all things that need it. Contracts or agreements CAN be finalized if they were in the making for a while and any opportunity from the Past that resurfaced should be examined for merit.

         Poor Aries …still in the doghouse until Uranus leaves Aries ( merciful Lord Krsna)  on May 15th, will feel this like a ton of bricks…please please slow down, go inside and reflect don’t rush hither and thither …you’ll get hurt emotionally or in a physical sense .  Libra, Cancer , and Capricorn as well will feel the effects of this Cardinal Retrograde. Mercury retrograde will  bring communication and technology breakdowns, some  nervous anxiety..especially with the Solar Storms and Coronal Holes we are experiencing. You can expect  travel delays and some disappearing items. There is a feel of a difficult Mercury ( mind) Saturn ( Karma) aspect about this particular Mercury retrograde. We may dwell on things, feel some melancholy or frustration, reminisce about the past, and  meet up with people from your past…..unexpectedly no doubt. While this Mercury retrograde period might be good for cleaning out the closets. Rummaging through old books or photos, catching up with long lost loves or relationships, it may be more Trouble than Value. Be Patient as This Too Shall Pass. We will go inward for a while because we must , only to emerge stronger , if a bit frayed on the edges due to the nuisance of a Mercury Rx , when we wish to Charge Forward  with the Aries Light Brigade. Easy Does It, pay attention, and Think before Acting..Mercury will turn Direct on April 15th . So Namaste! 






    Today brings the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Autumnal Equinox for our friends in Australia, South Africa, and  most of South America. The Sun crossed  0° Of Aries at 9:16am PDT. Spring has Sprung! Today is Equal Day/ Equal Night in Length . The Persian  No Ruz New Year welcomes the Light of the Eternal Fire. A new Solar Year now Begins .The Sabian Symbol for this degree Is : A WOMAN JUST RISEN FROM THE SEA. A SEAL IS EMBRACING HER. This denotes the Emergence or “Birth”  of new Life, new form, new direction,  and of the potential inherent in conscious application of a new way of doing things.

     Moon is in solid grounded earthy TAURUS. There are only two only aspects of note today. First is  Moon trine Saturn in Capricorn which brings attention to duty, obligation, our work, and the tasks at hand that must be finished in order to move on with our plans. Tonight the second aspect is Moon Sextile Neptune in Pisces which softens the edge, brings some peace or a meditative reflective, quality to finish the day. The Vernal Equinox promises a fresh start, a ne beginning, and give hope that Light will ultimately Triumph over Darkness..Namaste

MARCH 17th , 2018..NEW MOON IN PISCES…Happy St. Patrick’s Day

        The New Moon occurs today at 6:12am PDT at 27° Pisces . This watery New Moon falls on the Sabian Symbol (PISCES 27°): THE HARVEST MOON ILLUMINES A CLEAR AUTUMNAL SKY.  This degree is the light of fulfillment that blesses work well done. As this IS a New Moon or “No Visible Moon “ it is unusual that this degree of the Zodiac represents an Autumnal Meme, or illumination of the Highest Magnitude, similar to our Bright Harvest Moon in the Northern Hemisphere Fall .   This is the Stage Set for a Full Moon two weeks from today as a culmination to What we have so far Learned  and now can Experience in these next few days. It brings us messages, even Revelations vis a vis impressionable and Psychic Pisces  that the time has come to manifest the results of our Labors …to even to realize  some Cherished Dreams come True . On the flip side if we have not nourished or tended our goals, they may now fall or flatten like a cake in the Oven with the door flung open…

        The New Moon Brings intuitive flashes, deja vu, past life memories, a little melancholy, exposes deep sentiment or emotions long buried, promotes all psychic energies, and will expose painful wounds because of its close alignment with the minor planet Chiron also in the sign of the Fishes . Chiron the Wounded Healer lays bare our deepest cuts, our unhealed trauma, and Wounds that may bleed over from Other Realms, or other Lifetimes. Keyword is HEALING.

     The Moon will go Void-of -Course at 6:12 am immediately following the New Moon Degree and enter Aries at 11:57am PT . It will then make a Noontime hard aspect to Mars which leaves Happy Go Lucky Troublemaker Sagittarius for Exalted and determined Capricorn at 9:41am. Boy a lot of shifts today…am having trouble putting them all into perspective! Moon will be close to  Uranus still in Aries until May and we can have some unexpected shifts or events out of Left Field this Weekend. Conflict , Drama, or Crisis can rub your nose in the dirt or open old scars with salt poured into the cut at this time. However Pisces rules The Higher Realms of Awareness and a serious Epiphany or Catharsis  is At Hand. Do remember also that Mercury is “ slowing Down “ as well preparing to turn Retrograde in Aries on March 22nd. Sheesh! This is a very busy month indeed. Whatever occurs , planetary activity promotes Rapid Healing so don’t give in to disappointment, anger, doubt, or Fear. These lower realm energies will quickly pass

     What occurs today is known as a Medium Learning Triangle. It represents a crisis with a Problem/Reaction/Solution mechanism that will results in fear or anger based old behaviors …OR A BREAKTHROUGH  in our physical and spiritual development .  Once this three-pronged crisis or control drama mechanism is activated , we have an opportunity to transform and to transcend. Some Realizations may occur, new ground is broken , and balance / harmony and  a  steadier state are achieved. We may need to wash , rinse, and repeat if more than one problem arises . Chiron on the Fixed Star Scheat can bring natural disasters, accidents, or great misfortune and sorrow. However positive aspects to Radical and Revolutionary Uranus can change everything for the Better in an Miracles Happen when Pisces is involved. Therefore  Watchwords are  Eyes Open, No Fear. Namaste



       Jupiter goes Retrograde today at 8:46pm PT  at 23° Scorpio and will turn Direct on July 10 at 13° Scorpio. The great Big Planet Jupiter goes Retrograde every year for about 4 months and this year it occurs during the very very astrologically busy month of March. Jupiter Rx  internalizes the expansive Jovian energies and forces us to look inward rather than outward for answers. This can be a time of philosophical or spiritual introspection; and filter that through deep, dark, relentless Scorpio uncovering, discovering, and eventually discarding all that is outworn, or useless for the The New Working Pattern of Our Lives.  A  Jupiter in Scorpio transit occurs once  every 12 Years and is very powerful, so the Retrograde period tends to soften or to redirect the intense Scorpionic energies for a few months. This is nothing short of a Cosmic House Cleaning. The theme of Jupiter in Scorpio is Regrowth or Rebirth of Something very Different YET beneficial out of something that has been destroyed. Scorpio is Birth, Growth, Decay, Death , and Rebirth personified. Transformation is its middle Name. Rather than continue to be blindsided and  sidelined by all of the irrevocable changes of the last year or so…we now get some time to regroup, replenish, and to rethink just where it is we wish to be. I , for one , was leveled into dust this past year so HOPE is a Keyword.

         Jupiter is traditionally associated with , good luck, abundance, serendipitous fortune, expansion, Spiritual growth and is considered a Benefic . While Lord of the Underworld/ Sexy/ Secretive / Mysteries of the Universe Scorpio , is  associated with Death, Darkness, Control, Manipulation, Revelation, harsh Realities and  Illumination. It may feel like the two energies are Mutually exclusive as Jupiter in Scorpio is considered to be in its Fall or Detriment ( not its strongest manifestation)  , but this Transit will prove to be so much more lucky and fortuitous in unusual or unexpected ways than the last few years altogether ! This time around and in the coming year, Jupiter is going to be uninhibited. He’s going to get a helping hand from Neptune and a few others along the way. Scorpio will insure that some Healing and Undeniable Good Fortune shines into the deepest recesses of our Psyches and our Lives.

         Some themes or Topics associated with a Jupiter in Scorpio Transit are :

1) Anything of a Mystical , Psychic or Occult nature

2)Tarot ,astrology, mediums, hypnosis, past life regressions, channeling, Healing Methods, Near Death Experiences, Ghosts, Goblins…..and darker forces as well

3) joint resources, legacies, stipends, inheritance, lottery, big cash big prizes, monies earned or merited… even potentially from past lifetimes 

4) Gifts, resources, sudden financial windfall , and Tycoonery.

5) Relationships and their deeper more intimate expressions.

6) Desire, possessiveness , jealousy, violence, Control, cruelty, manipulation, sex without love, and STDs

7) sexual harassment, abuse, prostitution, and women and children as victims are all in this Powerful Mix

8) SEX

9) Suicide, all drugs, Drug Addiction or Recovery, overdose , transformative Healing from Substance Abuse, legalization of Marijuana or other drugs, pharmaceutical companies

10) Psychology  , Psychiatry,  Ponerology,  Forensics, Therapies ,medical breakthroughs , euthanasia,  and Mind Control ( MK ULTRA anyone ?)

11 Taxes, tax reform, tax revolt, and the re-evaluation of the Tax System, taxation without Representation

12) a major Shakeup in our Currencies and Financial Systems as Scorpio deals with BIG MONEY, Radiation ( REMEMBER FUKUSHIMA ??.) 

13) Deception , Anger, anger management, childhood issues, inner child work,  hostility or hostility reduction, war….or rumors of war.

 14 ) what pushes us to our Limits? And do we sink or swim because of it?

15) Realization, Actualization, and Liberation from the shackles of Society or of our own  Making

         The Sabian Symbol for 23°Scorpio Is : A RABBIT METAMORPHOSES INTO A NATURE SPIRIT. This is the figurative ( transformation) or raising of our baser lower realm energies, or primeval animal drives to their Higher and more Ethereal levels. Whether it is our deep sexual drives, or desire for recreation, procreation, or Control or Aggression…. this instinctual urge can be raised to a new level. Consciousness raising did not disappear in the 60s !!  The Path becomes more subtle and  yet effective through the process  known as TRANSUBSTANTIATION ( Shape Shifting ) . This is Soul Work on the Deepest , yet Highest Plane of Existence.

        Jupiter in Scorpio’s main theme while Rx is to examine your moral, philosophical, religious , or Spiritual values in order to detoxify, cleanse, and to heal any pollution or poisoning of your mental, emotional, physical, and Spiritual systems. The Retrograde of March 2018 denotes a  time of Healing, Revelation, and Purification. Start the process with some serious self evaluation. The Long Dark Night of Our Souls is almost Over. Namaste.